The ACADEMY Part 2: LIGHTWORKS (Complete Version)

WARNING: The following story material may contain acts of violence and adult content. This is not intended for audience below the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

“But I will remind you of this……some of you may not make it out alive as most of them will kill you, either by force of nature or your opponent might do the same. You can leave out of here. It’s your choice and no one will condemn you for it but do you really want to go home? Back to your miserable existence? Your crappy lives, jobs or being damn near homeless? You can but you might regret it. Sure, you might die here but do you really want to go home knowing what could’ve happen here. Thinking if you had the balls or ovaries to do it? Well, there’s your choices.”

“You can still stay here for your enjoyment and leisure and we can find more people to do this. This is your choice if you want to join our games. You got 24 hours to decide.”


“Enjoy your stay at the Academy in Thailand. Good evening and good luck, my people.”


After Tiberius left the stage, he was greeted congrats by Admeta. “Well, you sure put up a show today.” She said, “You don’t think they might overreact at the whole ‘you might die during this’ part?”

“Admeta, my dear.” Ellis said in a smooth voice. “I’m confident that they’ll be convinced. It’s not like there’s going to riot out there.”



And……yup, they’re panicking alright.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK!?” Kellogg screamed the first response.

“MOTHERFUCKER!!” Trench said, “We got to kill motherfuckers in this bitch to be part of the Academy?” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT!?” Bobby said. “Daria, what in the fuck are you thin—“ “Um, I didn’t know about this part!! Why are you yelling at me for!?” she shouted back at them.

Charlie was rocking nervously, saying ‘Oh shit’ repeatedly in a silent panic while Hana is trying to help calm him down although she seemed to be surprised and jittery at this, too.

“Que se passe-t-il? Nous devons lutter contre ces scories désolé de connards et les chiennes à atteindre le sommet?”(What’s happening? We must fight against these sorry bastards slag and bitches to reach the top?) Éclair questioned, “Je voulais juste avoir facilement le pouvoir, mais noooooooo, je suis arrivé à faire un travail de grognement avec le reste de la racaille.” (I just wanted to easily have power but noooooooo, I got to do grunt work with the rest of the riff raff.) “Je ne crois pas cette merde !! Est-ce fou ou quelque chose?” (I don’t believe this shit!! Is that guy crazy or something?) Oz shouted in anger.

Cobalt then went over to Black Freighter, “Hey….um….Black Train, Knight Rider or whatever you name is?”

“It’s Black Freighter, motherfucker, and I know what you’re about to say.” He spoke. “Like I said before, the time will come and it did.”

“So…the time is most of us are going to a death match?” Cobalt said. “Disguised as a game?”

“Bingo.” Freighter said, “That’s part 1 of the answer. Part 2 will come on later…..”

“Nari……” Mai said. “Is what that man is true? You may not come back alive?” Nariaki wanted to assure Mai and Emi that he’ll be fine but yet he’s not even sure about this.

After the panicking, all of the contestants and their guests went on their designated hotel rooms for lounge and relaxation. Leona did the courtesy to show them the luxuries that came with it.

“Allow me to show each and one of you your own personal rooms.” She said, leading everyone in their rooms. Each room in there has two beds, an Ultra HDTV, a snack bar fridge filled with many treats and a liquor cabinet stocked with the world’s finest liquors, craft beers and various alcohol delights. There is also a grand view of the city aboard from every one of the rooms. “I hope everything is up to your standards, everyone. And if you have any questions for me and the rest of the Academy, you can reach us at the main office but make sure you go through me first.”

“Any other questions?” Leona asked.

Bobby was about to reach his hand but Daria knew what he was going to say and she slapped him across the head. “No. Not as of now. Thank you for showing our rooms, Miss Sasaki.”

“No problem, Miss Hopper.” Leona said, “Our phone number should be in your rooms in case you need to call.”

Leona soon left the building and everybody got settled into their rooms, despite having to compete in a death competition. First, we went over to Ari and Kellogg about they are going through.

“Well, isn’t this a bitch?” Ari said, “The first time I got into a competition and they actually want us to kill each other. I thought once we got into this group, we wouldn’t have to do shit like this anymore.”

“I’m not really that worried about that.” Kellogg said, going into the liquor cabinet.

“Of course, you’re not!!” Ari said, “You’re just a guest!!! I’m the one that got to fight people!” Kellogg got his hands into some Johnny Walker Blue Label. “HOLY SHIT!! They got some Johnny Walker, man!! You want a glass, man?” Ari sighed and said with some unsure. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“I heard from a friend in Philadelphia in the States that it’s some good shit.” Kellogg said, “They kept teasing that one friend about it and I see why.” They both take a glass and Kellogg made a toast to him competing. “Between you and me, you got the balls to take down half of these people in here.”

“Thanks for the pep talk, Kel.” Ari said.


“UGHHHH!!!!” And that was the ravaging groan from Rose. “Oh, goddamn it!”

“I can’t believe this.” Hiromi said, “We could get killed doing this….and no one thought of reporting this to anybody?”
“Do you think we have to fight each other, Hiromi?” Rose said, “I mean, those other guys….I don’t know them at much and I do want to beat the fuck out of those French assholes. But killing them?”
“They might have us kill each other.” Hiromi said. “I mean, I do want to win but I don’t want to kill you in the process.”
“Hiromi……..I think I have something up my sleeve when that happens.” Rose said. “What do you mean?” Hiromi said. “Rose, what are you thinking of?”
“Hiromi, my half-Portuguese/half-Japanese sister, I got a plan that can’t fail.” She said.

Rose and Hiromi were scheming up a plan for one of them to win the games and also trying to survive it as well. “Look, one of us just needs to win this, right?” Rose said. “Yeah.” Hiromi said. “And all we got to do is toughen up, beat those guys and take the win for ourselves.” Rose said, “And that way, you and me, my dear friend, will become part of the Academy and will live in the life of luxury.”

“OK, that’s sounds good….” Hiromi said, “But you still forgot one thing….”
“And what’s that?” Rose said.

“We might have to fight each other (I.E. me and you) at some point.” Hiromi said. “That’s a glaring issue right there. Rose, they might suspect something and could boot us out of it or worse….”

“Hiromi, Hiromi, Hiromi….” Rose calming her down, “I will assure you that we’ll be fine, we’ll win the competition and you and me……we’ll become Academy Royalty and whether one of us win or lose, we’ll always have each other on our side, right?”

“Well….” Hiromi pondered that for a minute, “All right. I’m a skeptical but I have enough faith to believe in you.”
“ATTA GIRL.” As Rose hugged Hiromi, “And don’t worry, if it does happen, I promise I won’t try to hurt you that much.”
“Thanks……I think.” Hiromi awkwardly said.


In their room, Nariaki and Emi were also having their talk about this while Mai was taking a bath. “To the death.” Emi kept saying to him. “To the damn death!! You signed up for a death match!! Nari, what in the hell you got yourself into?”

“Well, I—I—I….” Nari kept stuttering at the devastation. “I mean, I didn’t think anything like this would happen.”
“I know you didn’t.” Emi said, “And I know everyone else feels the same way but this? You may not make it out alive! And what about Mai? If something were to happen you, how would you think she’s going to react?”

“I know, I know.” Nariaki said, “I know the dangers of what’s about to come but for whatever feeling, I still want to get through with this.”
“WHAT!?” Emi shouted. “We come this far hell to compete in these games and we did went through hell and high water to get here. Not to mention almost being blown part at sea and I’m not just going turn back home for nothing.” Nari said.
“NOTHING!? I rather go home with you and Mai alive and safe than coming back with you in a body bag!!” Emi screamed.
“What makes you think I won’t win?” Nari responded in a pissed-off tone. “I never said that.” Emi said. “You were thinking it though.” Nari said back at her. “Mainly because I’m worried. You don’t know what’s going to happen here.” Emi said.

“Emi…” Nariaki said in a calm yet patronizing voice, “Don’t worry about this too much. I’m sure they might train us to the battles later on.” They then noticed Mai getting out of the bathroom.

“WOW!!” Mai screamed, “The bath in there is actually relaxing! It’s better than our tub back home.”
“OK, that’s good to know, Mai.” Emi said. “Hey, were you guys talking about something when I was in there?” Mai said. “Not much…” Nari said, “But I’m about to take me a shower and head to sleep.”
“All right, I’m just gonna play some games before I sleep.” Mai said, “Emi, you wanna play, too?”
“Yeah, sure.” Emi said before Nariaki went into the shower. “Nari……that talk we had…this is a pause for now.”
“Talk?” Mai said. “It’s nothing important.” Emi said.


In the night hours, The Academy staff was all discussing about the upcoming battles and statuses on if people left. “So, any of them decided to am-scray yet?” Staley said, “You know after that bomb you dropped on them, some of them didn’t want to stick around?”
“Oh, I think they’ll be no dropping out from any of them.” Tiberius said.

“What makes you think that?” Terri said. “That speech at the end is surefire to make them convinced that this is worth doing.” Tiberius said, “And if a few people gonna die to get to the position that we got now, so be it.”

Admeta added in the conversation and said, “You better hope that no one leaves or—“

“Or what?” Tiberius said, “It’s not like anybody else is gonna know about what the Academy really do to its contestants. We’re clear that we’re going to award one of them and the others go home in the public eyes.”

“So we make them swear that they don’t actually tell what we do in here?” Admeta said.

“Exactly,” Tiberius said, “We got them in easily. We know some of them don’t really have much a life outside of here. Being here is practically the best highlight of their life and they’ll know they can’t screw with us…..or else.”

“OK then.” Staley said, “Now that’s settled, it’s getting close to 10 and I got a bottle of Amaretto calling my name and I don’t intend to miss it.”

“Hey, save me some!” Terri said, “You know you can’t drink that whole.” Outside of the building, we see Black Freighter carefully lurking in the shadows for what was going on in there. He had to run out of there as he saw Staley and Macias going to the lounge and as he went back to his room, Cobalt was up getting some ice for his room. “So……you found anything unusual with them yet?” Cobalt asked. “I saw you sneaking in there.”

“Yeah…..I got jack shit.” Freighter said, “It was mostly about them talking about if we’re going to leave or not.”

“Um….isn’t that something?” Cobalt said. “Yeah.” Freighter said, “But I think they must if we leave, they would kill us anyway.”
“So, in other words, we have to stay and not die.” Cobalt asked.
“Basically.” Freighter answered. “Well, damn it.” Cobalt said. “We really have to go through this?”

Freighter just shook his head and continue to went on to his room and sleep.



“THE TIME IS 9:00 A.M.” As the A-Key’s alarm clock was going off. It kept shouting “TIME IS 9:00” over and over until Nariaki hit the snooze button. “Wait, 9? Why am I awake at 9 in the morning?”

“It is breakfast time, Mr. Kanemoto.” A-Key said. “They serve it around from 8 A.M. to 12 Noon.” “Wait….breakfast until Noon?” Nari said.

“Yes.” A-Key said. “I have already awoken Ms. Sato and Mai and from the looks of it, they are enjoying themselves.” In comes Emi and Mai with a big plate of food for themselves. “Oh, Nari, I see you’re awake finally.”

“Emi, Mai, I take it you got back from the breakfast line?” Nari said.

“YES!!!” Mai said, “Nari, the food is so DELICIOUS!!! Especially this stuff called Khao Neow Moo Ping! IT’S SO GOOD!! Especially with the rice that comes with it!! Never knew I find something pork-related other than bacon and sausage to be tasty.”

“I never knew Thai food could be so good,” Emi said, “Especially these Paton go. These are so sweet! You should hurry before all the good stuff is out.”

“OK……nice to see you’re enjoying yourself.” Nari said, “Especially you, Emi, after the way you talked to me last night.” He soon left after that. “Talked last night?” Mai said, “What were you two talking about?” Emi didn’t want to say anything about it but Mai did somewhat knew what they were talking about. “Oh…’s about the competition. And hoping that Nari actually makes it out alive.”

“You’re worried, too?” Emi said. “Emi, of course I’m worried.” Mai said, “I want to show some faith and support for Nari. I want to believe that he can survive this and as much as I don’t want to say it……I’m really scared for him. I don’t wanna be but…”
“You want to assure yourself of that?” As Emi filled in the blanks for her. “Yeah.” Mai said. “Does worrying too much make it seem like I don’t believe in him?”
“No, Mai, it doesn’t.” Emi said, “It means you obviously care about your brother…..the two of us do anyway.”


Nariaki was at the breakfast line, ready to fix his plate as he sees Charlie and Daria behind him. “Oh, hey Daria and….your name is Charlie, right?”
“Oh…um, yes.” Charlie spoke. “Good morning to you, too.” He said in a fidgety way. “OK, you can relax around me.” Nari said, “Right now, you’re among good people.”

“Well……” Daria said, “You’re with us and we really don’t know much of each other but you seem decent enough.”
“Thanks….?” Charlie said confusingly. “I know one other person has been kind to me since I got here.” And speaking of that person, Hana is just arriving at the line right now.
“HELLO!!!” she said in a cheery voice. “I see everybody is up for breakfast! I heard the food is really good here, too!! CHARLIE!!” She rushed to him and hugged him from behind. “How are you doing today?”
“HANA!” Charlie said with a little smile to him. “I’ve been okay and a little hungry. Although still a little surprised from yesterday.”

“Yeah….that caught me off-guard, too.” Hana said and then she directed this question to Daria and Nariaki. “You guys felt that way also?” They nod in agreement. All of them got their food and sat at a table near somewhere with the others eating as well.


“Do you think we should be chatting since we’re basically enemies?” Charlie asked. “I don’t see the harm in it.” Nariaki said, “I mean, yeah, we’re competing for our lives and a chance to become royalty but nothing can hurt from being civil between one another.”

“And at least, you among the ones being civil.” Daria said. “That French couple bumped me to a wall twice and laughed like assholes after they left.”

“Oh you mean Éclair and Oz?” Hana said. “I never had any problems with them.”
“Same here.” Charlie said, “At least, not yet.”

However, Rose and Hiromi heard everything as they were about to sit down. “Don’t worry, it’s gonna happen soon enough.” Rose said, “I sense something bitchy about them, like they have something up their sleeve to fuck one of us up. Also, hi, my name is Rose, nice to meet all of you and this is my partner/friend Hiromi.”
“Hi” Hiromi said. “Same here. Most of you seem decent so far.”
“What about that drunk and his friend?” Rose said. “You told me you had a bad time with them.”
“Yeah, but at least they weren’t being hostile towards you.” Hiromi said. The intercom came on and it was Leona making an announcement. “Attention, Academy participants, there will be a scheduled fitting for your battle outfits at 1:00 P.M. today. Guests are welcome to observe. The men and women will have their separate changing rooms and there will be no peaking of either one. Be ready by then, everyone! Miss Sasaki out.”

“Battle outfits?” Daria said. “Um…this supposed to be like American Gladiators or something?”

“I have no idea.” Nariaki said.
“I get the ‘no peaking’ rule. Especially with my brother and Bobby around.” Daria said. “Although I don’t think they’re dumb enough to peak in the girls with me around…and I hope you’re not gonna do that, too.”

“Um……I wasn’t.” Nariaki said, “I know better.”
“Oh, I’m just messing with you.” Daria said, “At least 50% of it. I’m still serious about that. I mean, I like you but don’t fuck up a good thing we got now.”
“OK, I gotcha.” Nariaki said. “That goes double for us.” Hiromi and Rose said. Rose then directed herself to Daria, “And for your brother and his other drinking buddy…..if they peek at me naked, I’m cutting them both.

Hana said, “Charlie….” Charlie knew what she was going to say to him and he said, “Hana, don’t worry, I’m not gonna—“ “Well…..I know you’re not that crass but I was thinking…” Hana then whispered to Charlie about something that got him a little happy. “Oh….you mean that?”
“Yeah.” Hana said, “Later on tonight. You feel like it then?” Charlie shook his head. “Of course.” The rest did start to notice what’s going on between Charlie and Hana. “I see those two are hitting it off alright.” Rose said to them. But then it got interrupted when Oz was coming down the line and blew some cigarette smoke at Hana’s face. She coughed at the foul smoke he blew and Charlie went to confront him, “Excuse me, you just blew your smoke all over her face.”
“Yes?” he said with a smug attitude, “And?”
“Wait, you speak English?” Charlie said. “I thought—”
“That I can only speak French?” Oz said, “Yeah, way to assume that, you dumbass and just for that…” He gives one more puff and he blew a smoke ring to his eyes.

“Charlie, let’s not make this any worse.” Hana said. “Maybe you got a point.” Charlie said as he was coughing from the smoke.

“Wow, dickhead.” Rose said directly to his face, “The guy was just asking you nicely to stop smoking and blowing it in someone’s face. You didn’t have to act like that to him.”
“Look, I’m just here for a quick bite and a smoke.” Oz said, “Also, you can smoke in here. Just look at the signs they posted.”

“And yet that gives you the right to blow it on her face like that?” Daria said. “Well, her breathing isn’t my problem.” Oz said. However Nariaki took the cigarette out of his mouth and just balled it up in his hand.

“The fuc—You just took my joint and—“ Oz said. “Fuck it, fuck it…..I can’t do shit to you now but wait until Éclair takes care of you fucks during the competition. You’re gonna regret doing that shit to me.” He walks off in a huff. Éclair was coming from the restroom and see Oz in a bad mood.

“Oz, what’s the matter?” she said. “Some of those whiny bitches complain about my smoking and one of them just snatched it and threw it away.” Oz said. “Who?” Éclair looked at the people sitting down. “Those bitches over there?”
“Primarily the Japanese one.” Oz said, “He was the only one to step up. The other American couldn’t do shit.”
“So he’s a—“ “Pussy? Yeah.” Oz said, “I know you can take him down easily but as for that other guy…..definitely fuck him up.”
“Hmmmm….yeah.” Éclair said, “Don’t worry, baby, I got something for them.”


Black Freighter was busy with scoping out places to put wire taps in one of the offices. He found not much luck in placing them anywhere, just about behind some trophies but then he spotted Tiberius coming down the hallway and went to act casual.

“Ah, Mr. Freighter. Having a good day so far?” Tiberius said. “Mr. Ellis, um…yes, I’m enjoying my time here.” BF said, “I was just looking around the offices and such. I was entranced by all the surroundings to it.” “Well, thank you, man.” He said, “All it takes to earn this is by both hard work and knowing the right people to get you ahead.”

“I heard that, man.” BF said, “Well, I better be going off to rest.”

“Oh yeah, do that, man.” Tiberius said, “We got a fitting scheduled in about an hour and a half.” They left each other’s sight with Freighter whispering to himself, “Got you now, motherfucker.” Then Tiberius silently said to himself, “You better rest up… fucking bastard.” As he thinks there is something suspicious to him.

Cobalt was in the other room, doing his own search for answers by looking through in one of these rooms but then he got stopped by Terri. “Um, excuse me?” she said to him. “You’re Cobalt Anderson, right?”

“Yes.” Cobalt said. “I’m sorry, sir, but this area is restricted to participants.” Terri said, “You have to vacate out of here and to your designated area.”

“OK, OK, I’m sorry for the troubles. I’ll leave peacefully.” He said. It may seem like it was all for naught but what Terri didn’t know is that he placed a few bugs inside some of the offices without her noticing.


1:00 pm


“Welcome ladies and gentlemen!!” Admeta said to everyone in attendance. “We are here to pick out what battle outfit you want to wear for the arena. Choosing a style that represents yourself and when you play out in the battlefield. The men will follow Mr. Staley while the ladies follow Ms. Sasaki. Any guests are welcome to observe.”

“So…..Emi, what do we do?” Mai said, “Just go back.”
“Well, we got nothing better to do.” Emi said, “It couldn’t hurt to witness some of this. I do wonder about what type of shit they used in these battle outfits.”

“Oh, Emi.” Leona said, “I see you’re willing to participate in our little activity. Plus, I wonder how you’ll look like naked considering back at high school, people thought your boobs were fake.” The look on Emi’s face was very pissed off and annoyed at what she said. “Yeah….don ‘t remind me.” Emi said with her teeth gritted. “Um, Emi…are you alright?” Mai asked. “Do you need some space?” She immediately calmed down in front of Mai and replied, “I’m fine, Mai. I’m good. Although I feel like choking somebody by now.”


The men began with their showcasing with Delrio showing what goes on top first. “First, we’re gonna show you the armor for your torso. You have your first-grade ready armor that has a 100x heat-resistant technology that not even hot lava can penetrate it. It also includes a bullet-proof shield….” While he was still going on about the armor, Oz was secretly taking pictures of the armor by using a secret camera hidden on his person. “Fire-proof armor?” Ari said, “Maybe this won’t so bad after all.”

“But you see, this armor is probably the most expensive in our arsenal.” Delrio said, “However, we do carry our cheaper alternatives although not as effective but helpful.”
“Really?” Cobalt said, “You show us a good piece of armor that we can’t afford and then we have to settle for lesser crap?”

“Well….” Tiberius was leading him on to this, “If you manage to climb your way to the top, you can get the armor once you have enough points.”

“Now gentlemen, LET’S STRIP!!” Delrio said in a boisterous voice and every guy removed their clothes to get their sizes. Most of the guys looked a bit awkward looking at each other in their underwear, especially Charlie, who was a bit shy when it comes to this. Hell, he was hiding his crotch from view of others and in briefs.

“Don’t worry.” Nari said, “It’s just us. I don’t think anybody is gonna—“ Before he can finish that sentence, Trench and Bobby was lurking around as they saw him naked. “Hey Bruh.” Bobby said, “You think you might want to think your choices in drawers.”
“Yeah,” Trench said, “What motherfucker you know wears briefs?”

“Does that tell you anything?” Charlie said.

“Hey, it’s not like you’re wearing a speedo or anything.” Nariaki said, pointing to Staley. “He can pull it off though.” Charlie said. He even had Trench and Bobby in agreement.


Meanwhile in the other room, Leona was busy showing off the ladies’ armor to the women contestants and guests. Pretty much, they went through the same thing with the men about the superior armor being the most expensive and the cheaper ones are only available to them.

“So….to get to the better armor, we just got to go win?” Daria asked Leona. “Why, yes, Miss Hooper.” Leona answered. “That’s the key to get to this.”

“Well, at least the armor looks like actual armor and not something some horny teenager would make.” Emi said.

“Well, ladies.” Leona said as she is starting to undress herself, “Let’s time to get into our outfits!” Most of the girls looks shocked as she stripped with a lot of pride. “Didn’t think she was that much of an exhibitionist.” Emi said. “You didn’t?” Daria said, “Did you said you and Nari knew her?”
“Yeah…but not like that.” Emi said.
“Although…..” Daria leading on to saying this, “She does have a nice body…and lovely tits, too.”
“Really?” Emi sternly said.
“What?” Daria said, “I can’t appreciate a woman’s body or nothing like that? Or from what I heard….it’s jealousy?”

“JEALOUSY!?” Emi shouted. “Where you get the idea of…… Nari told you, didn’t he?”
“Yep.” Daria said. “I’m gonna kill him.” Emi said.

We see Rose and Hiromi getting into their outfits and they’re having a little trouble getting into them. “OW!!” Rose said, “I think it’s a little tight in the one area.”
“Man, this feels….really hot as hell.” Hiromi said, “The hell is this made of?”
“Oh, it’s our special-made battle leather.” Leona said, “But I wouldn’t go anywhere hot with it…it also helps that you lose the bra once you wear that.”

“But….I’m not wearing one.” Rose said. “Hiromi?”
“OH…..” Hiromi said, “I wonder about that.”

“HA!” And of course, Éclair weighs in her opinion, “You girls try to pull that off? This material and fabric is made for people who can actually them sexier than the outfit.”

“Well…” Emi said as she points to Hana as she tries it on and got no problems with it. “Hmmm….I like it.” Hana said. “And it looks rather slim on me.”

“Hmmm….can‘t argue with that.” Emi said. “That and I think I’m one of those girls that can eat what she wants and don’t gain much weight.” Hana said, “And please don’t throttle me because I said that. I’m just saying what people said about me.”


First Challenge

“Everyone! Gather around!” Tiberius said as everyone is at the first challenge of the day. “What you see here is our state of the art death-defying crash course! We just need two people, and only two, to give a trial run for this course.”

Ari stepped up to the challenge. “I’ll take that up.”

“Oh, Mr. Minor.” Tiberius said, “The brave fighter that you are and quite the opponent to whoever gets you. Any other takers?” The rest stood silent to be Ari’s opponent…….except for one. It looked like Black Freighter was going to do it but he got interrupted by someone.

“I’ll DO IT!!” And it was Éclair that accepted the challenge. “I think I can prove my worth here.”

“Great!!” Tiberius said, “Staley, do the honors for them.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the Academy: Ari vs. Éclair!” Staley announced loudly to everyone. “5 Minutes!”

“Well, well, well…” Éclair said in English, “Mr. Ari Minor. I heard a lot about you once looking info about you.”

“Oh really?” Ari said, “And what info that be?”

“That you were a former fighter in the States that was training for a next fight but you and your boozing manager of a friend got caught throwing in some matches to earn some more cash.” Éclair said. “You’re basically a failure before you had a chance to succeed.”

“OK, first off, how the fuck you know that information?” Ari said, “Are you a fucking stalker or something?”

“My boyfriend Oz got all the details on everyone in here.” Éclair said, “During the first night. We got every good and bad detail that’s listed from you being a cheat, that girl Daria apparently has a 3.7 GPA but still stuck in her little shitty town in New York, and I read something about that girl Hana but it—“ “It doesn’t matter right now.” Ari said, “Just prepare to see me win this round.”
“That’ll be the day.” Éclair said.


The two were getting ready at the starting line, waiting for the signal to go. The bell rings and they were off.

It was Ari that got in first ahead of Éclair as both went through the brick wall climb with throwing knives. One of them almost got Ari but he managed to dodge them, especially one headed for his ‘area’. He ducked and rolled fast down the other side as the knives are now flaming.

“What the fuck?!” Ari shouted, “Fire KNIVES!?”
“I guess so.” Éclair snidely said as she passes him. She is now in the lead.

She got through the knives and now she’s at the area where she needs to avoid trap doors and falling in a pit. “A pit? The hell?” she almost fallen if it weren’t for her cat-like reflexes on doors like this. She got up running and jumping over the traps and eventually got into the next phase and…….it’s arrows.

Not 5 seconds in there, and one got her in the hand.

She screamed mercilessly as an arrow just shot her hand straight in her. “OW!!! Fuck!! My hand!! Oh no!” She quickly pulled the arrow off of her and continues to run the race but she sees Ari already gotten out of the trap stage. “HA!!” he scoffed as he passes her but completely stopped as he saw the arrows coming at him.

“The hell? ARROWS?” Ari said, “And let me guess? One of them is green…..”

“HA-HA!! Very fucking funny!” Éclair said, “I hope you find this funny!” She punches him then went on ahead to the next to the final stage. “OK, this next one shouldn’t be this ba—“ She passes a sign that says in bold letters NOW ENTERING IN TEMPERATURES ABOVE 100 DEGREES.

“Oh, come on! MORE FIRE!?” She screamed. The stage was surrounded by shooting fireballs and hot coals. The worst is yet to come for her as her shoes is starting to melt to her feet and the heat was becoming unbearable for her as she starting to feel like the heat getting to her. She starts to slow down and trying not to get burned or die of dehydration.

“Oh, shit.” She is on the brink of just giving up. “No…….I’m not gonna die in this fucking heat.” She kept limping closer to the end of it and as she does, it seems like the line is very close. “What the—HOLY SHIT!! I’m gonna make it!! I’m gonna win!! I’m gonna—AAAHHHH!!!!” Turns out it was another trap door and it led her into a pit of sticky and sharp needles.

Ari was just getting out of the heat and he was getting tired as well and as soon as he was about to cross, he saw the pit of needles that incapacitated Éclair and possibly could put her out of the running. “Oh, shit. That must’ve hurt.” He has no other choice than to jump over the pit and get to the finish line. He leaped over the hole and as he was about to lose his grip, he instantly got up and went to cross into the final stage. There was a huge guy with a chain-swinging brick and he was swinging it towards Ari.

“What the fuck? Who’s he?” he shouted.

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” the swinging guy shouted, “Unless you want to die!!” He kept swinging it at Ari in every turn but Ari dodges the hits and blows. He grabs the brick and used it to beat the other guy down along with stringing the chain with the guy’s testicles.

“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!” The guy said, “You’re not supposed to kill me!! OW!! OK, you passed! Just don’t beat me anymore.”

“Thank you!” As Ari got to the final run and finished the race.

“Mr. Ari Minor!!” Tiberius said, “You won our little challenge! You have done well for you first try.”

“Wow, thanks, Tiberius.” Ari said, “That was some hell to go through but….what’s going to happen with that girl?” Admeta filled that in with, “Éclair is suffering a few injuries with some spine damage but she might recover for a bit.”

Oz rushed to see how badly injured Éclair was. “Oz……I…..I really fucked things up, didn’t I?”

“Baby, baby…” Oz fearfully said, “You shouldn’t strain to talk. I know you did your best…but damn, I didn’t want this to happen.”

“I think I might be able to heal so I can come up strong.” Éclair said while still in pain.

“You didn’t see that guy doing anything suspicious?” Oz said. “No…..” Éclair said, “But fuck him anyway.”

Then we cut Kellogg congratulating Ari for finishing and surviving the race. “AAHHH!!! Kid, you did it!!” Kellogg shouted to the skies. “You got through on one stage and you kicked ass!!!”

“Yeah…” Ari said as he was panting and sounding tired from the race. “…But I know this is just the start of things. I don’t know how I will last in here. That chick Éclair almost got my ass for a minute there and I guess if it wasn’t for that pit, she would’ve won.”

“You kidding?” Kellogg said. “That girl wouldn’t stand a chance against the likes of you. Keep up the good work, kid. Now excuse me while I’ll celebrate with a drink or four.”


“Well, well, well.” Cobalt said talking to Freighter, “One day into this and we got one person injured from this shit. We got about 6 more of these challenges and we found jack shit about them. I put up the bugs like you said and nothing.”

“Well, to be fair, I don’t think they’re just going to be say outright on the spot.” Freighter said, “They might be smart on that. We’ll just need to keep a closer eye on that.”

“Fine. I suppose so.” Cobalt said as he and Black Freighter split for the next round but little do they know, Tiberius seems suspicious of their actions. “Admeta?”

“Yes?” she said. “Do me a favor and keep close watch on those two.” He said, “I might have some plans for them.”


Second Challenge

A day later and the contestants are now at the shooting range. “OK, people!!” Tiberius shouted. “The next round will feature 3 contestants this time around and the objective of the game is you must fire 10 shots to your target and precisely 10 shots.”

Terri filled in with, “You will have 20 rounds of bullets. If you fired more than 10 shots, you will be disqualified immediately. The bullets we’re using are special made bullets that performs the accuracy and realization of getting shot without damaging your organs. There’s 30 minutes on the clock and if you can’t get all 10 shots within that time frame, then no one wins. Got it?”

All nodded their head or agree accordingly to Terri. “Great. Now will be our 3 contestants for this round?”

A few minutes later

“AAAHHHHH!!!” As Nariaki screamed for mercy as he’s being hunted down by Cobalt and Rose in the maze. Plus, he’s gotten shot about 5 times going in the round. “Oh shit!! HELP!! HELP!! Fuck, I suck at this!!”

“RUN MOTHERFUCKER!!” Rose said. “Before I put another bullet in your ass!”

“The fuck does this teach us?” Cobalt said, “That crazy bitch shot me 4 times since the shit started.” Both of the fellas were busy running from her to shoot each other. “OK….um, Japanese guy…..Naru something?”

“Nariaki.” He said, “And what?”

“I think there’s something suspicious going down here.” Cobalt said, “I can feel it in my bones.”

“Wait…..” Nari took a pause, “You too?” Cobalt took a notice in that line.

“Yeah. I and Black Freighter have been trying to figure out their deal with us.” He kept talking to Nari. “But we keep hitting dead ends. We know something’s going down in here and when the eventual deaths come, it could get worse.”

“WORSE!? Than this?” Nari questioned.

“At least that’s what Freighter told me.” Cobalt said. “We need to figure out a way to expose them for the frauds they are and maybe walk away alive with all of their money.” They went and got out of the hiding spot, not knowing that Rose just walk into their line of fire and that’s when Nari took a shot at her.

“OW!!” She shouted as Rose was shot in the ass. “Really? An ass shot? And only one?” Nari went to fire again but he was out of bullets. “What about you, Blue Steel?” Rose said aiming her gun at Cobalt but he was out of bullets also.

“Oh, look. I got 10 left.” Rose said, “Whatever should I do with the—“ She immediately shot them both.

“…AND THE WINNER IS ROSE!!!” A boastful Tiberius announced. “Congratulations!!” Hiromi went up to her, congratulated and hugged her for surviving. “HEY!!! I’m glad to see you alive and in one piece.”

“Oh, I easily took on this challenge.” Rose said, “Especially since those other guys were no match for me!!”

“You think they’re still alive?” Hiromi said.

“Yeah, just a few bullet wounds but I think they’ll survive.” Rose said, “I didn’t even hit them in the vital organs. They’ll be fine and they should be lucky I didn’t execute them.”


In treatment

“Well, you surely fuck up today.” Emi said as her and Mai are in hotel room as Nariaki is resting up from his botched challenge. “I thought you would’ve at least gotten that.”

“Emi, I’m not much of a shooter.” Nariaki said, “Hell, you know I don’t like shooter games that much.”

“Well, maybe if you did, you would’ve done better.” Emi said, “And not be in bandages.”

He got up to explain something else that happened there. “To be honest, my head wasn’t exactly in the game. You see, that guy Cobalt told me that something is going down in the Academy.”

“Wait, another one?” Emi questioned. “That guy Black Freighter said something about that, too, and now that other guy? Wait, was that the reason why you got bullets in your ass?”

“Primarily.” Nari said. “But those two may have something there.”

“Even if we do find something about them, how are we going to get out of this alive?” Emi said, “What if they are watching our every move? What if they know about us? They could kill us!!!” She was starting to panic a little thinking about what might happen to her, Nari and especially Mai. “I knew staying here was a bad idea!! We should’ve left the first chance.” In her panicky stress, she took out the A-Key and said to her, “Hey, A-Key, did you hear any of that? ARE YOU WATCHING US?!”

“Excuse me, Ms. Sato?” A-Key said, “I’ve been on sleep the last few hours. I have no recollection on what you’re talking about.”

“EMI, IT’S JUST A KEY!!” Nari shouted, “It can’t do anything to us!”

“DON’T BULLSHIT ME!!” Emi said, “If you can detect people’s smells and scents, I know you can track most of our thoughts and discussions!!!”

“I’m assuring you, Ms. Sato, I don’t know anything I’m not supposed to know.” A-Key said.

Mai walks in the middle of the conversation and wonders why Emi is screaming at the A-Key. “Emi…….” Mai said with an obstinate tone of voice, “… Why are talking hostile to a key?”

Emi didn’t know how to respond that to Mai without looking like a crazy person. “Uh……” That’s all she can muster at this point. “I…..actually have no idea.”

“Emi, you can breathe now.” Nari said trying to calm her down and helping her relax.

“Is it because of Nari losing that challenge?” Mai said.

“Well, that’s part of it.” Emi said. “But I’m just he’s still alive and safe.”

“Yeah, I’m just hope he can survive the next events coming up.” Mai said, “I heard they were going to be deadlier as they advance and I know that one girl got it the worst when she fell down the pits.”

“Oh, you mean Éclair?” Emi asked. “Yeah. At least Nari didn’t end up like that.”

Both stood silent for a moment as they heard a knock on the door and it was Daria in a black bikini. “Hey, Nari, Emi and Mai! I got pick for the next challenge!!”

“Oh, hey, Daria!” Emi said, “That’s great, that’s good. I hope to join but we got to take care of Nari because of his injuries.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Daria said, “I heard Nari and that other guy got their asses whooped today.”

“HEY!!” Nari shouted, “We didn’t die!!! No one’s saying that!”

“Hey, dying is easy.” Daria said, “Surviving the near-death experience is hard.”

“Daria, you look pretty in that bikini you got on.” Mai complimented her. “Aw, thanks, Mai!” Daria said with a smile. “Yeah, I was just relaxing by the poolside when I got the news. The challenge starts in an hour or so and I’m going up against that girl Hiromi. Remember her? The chick that always hangs with that Rose girl?”

“Yeah, I remember her.” Emi said, “I don’t know if I can make it the—“ Nariaki interrupted her and said to them, “Emi and Mai, you two should go and cheer for Daria. I’ll think I’ll be fine up here by myself.”

“You sure, Nari?” Mai said.

“Yeah.” Nariaki said, “And if any trouble happens, I can call up the nurse for anything. Now go on, I’ll be good here.”

“Alright, we’ll be by the pool and hopefully Emi will be a bikini by then!” Daria shouted. “WHAT!?” Emi screamed. “See ya, NARI!” Daria and Mai said. The girls were on their way out and as they were, they were passing Leona in a nurse’s outfit and Emi looked a little suspicious at that.

“A bikini? Really?” Emi said. “What?” Daria said, “It’s no harm showing off your body….and I think in secret you do.”
“And what makes you say that?” Emi questioned. Daria mentioned this to her, “Remember the changing room with Sasaki stripping her clothes and showing her body?”
“And you remind of that why?” Emi said. “You’re jealous of her!” Daria said. And that led Emi to scream at her. “NO, THE FUCK I’M NOT!”
“Yeah… are.” Daria said, “Why else did you look at her like she’s going to do any wrong?”

“Look, I just don’t trust this girl with our lives and especially Nari’s.” Emi said. “She’s that person who you think has your back but she’s just about as treacherous and underhanded as the ones against you.”
“OK……that and she might have a thing for Nariaki.” Daria said.

“I wouldn’t go that far.” Emi said. “I think she might do some shit to him.”

“You’re not saying that because you got a crush on him, do you?” Daria said.

“I’m looking out for him. I’m practically big sister to him and Mai ever since we were young and even after their parents passed away. Yeah, there may have been times that I think of him more than my friend but I sense so many things going wrong with that.”

“OK, Mai,” Daria said, “It’s clear that you have some feelings for Nari and yet you’re keeping them hidden like you’re in a bad romantic drama. Sooner or later, you’re going have to tell him about how you feel.”

“Last time for challenge #3! LAST CALL!” Admeta said on the intercom.

“Well, that’s my cue to get ready.” Daria said, “But for real, think about what I said. At least say something to the guy.”

“Fine.” Emi said, “Maybe you have a point. I should probably talk to him about it.” Daria was just leaving as she said that, “OK, you do that!!”


Third Challenge

The setting of the third challenge is now taking place in one of the Academy’s privately-owned lakes with the waterfall, flowing river, basically it’s all the works. This is a martial-arts based competition where two fighters must battle it out in the middle of the raging river. Two fighters enter and fight in a special ring. One can easily win by knockout if you get the other to fell in the water. Each round will advance as you play. Round 1 will be by fists, Round 2 will use weapons like brass knuckles and if there’s a Round 3, swords come into play.

Each round will have over a minute and if you’re the last one standing, you automatically win.

Terri just explained the rules to them and now Daria and Hiromi are ready to battle it out.

“You ready?” Daria said. “You bet your ass I am.” Hiromi said, “May the best woman win.”
“Don’t worry,” Daria said, “I plan on it.”

The sound of the bell rings as the two girls begin sparing around when a few hits and kicks thrown in there. Daria got the edge when she double-kicked Hiromi close to the edge but she rebounded at the last minute when she landed a direct punch to Daria’s jaw.

Daria’s down for the count but not out yet… least until Hiromi flipped her to the ground and did a haymaker on her for the finishing move.

And that was the end of the first round and Hiromi got the first point and now it’s Round 2 and they now get to use brass knuckles for extra damage and that was the first thing Daria did…..she immediately punched Hiromi square in the stomach and even started to choke her a bit.

“Wait, wait, wait…..why in the hell are you choking me?” Hiromi said.

“No one said that I couldn’t.” Daria said.

“IN THAT CASE…” Hiromi spring back up and gotten her brass knuckles to knock out Daria by pimp-slap/punching her directly in the cheek but as Hiromi looks like she was about to win, Daria blocked her move and head-butted her down for the count also punching her down for the count.

Now it’s the end of the 2nd round and now we are at the finale where they now have to use swords to beat their asses. Now, Hiromi is really pissed off as she comes charging deep to Daria and both were going at it as they kept dueling with the swords, matching each other’s moves and blocks. However, Hiromi got Daria cut in her arm and as soon as that happen, Hiromi pushed her close to the edge of the ring and it looks like the round could go to Hiromi…..but there was a strange vibration sound as Hiromi was gonna knock her out and not only that, it causes Hiromi to lose balance and now she’s hanging at the edge of the ring to not fall down the river.

Daria got from there and was thinking if she should rescue her or let her fall to the water and flow away. However, she eventually slipped and fell down into the water, thus making Daria the winner of the game.

“DARIA IS OUR WINNER!!!” as the announcer said. Admeta and Terri went over there to congratulate her. “Good job there, Miss Hooper. You really held your game back there.”

“Yeah.” Daria said as she’s panting, “I thought….I was a goner for sure.”

“It really did look like a close one.” Terri said, “Well, that’s about it for challenges for the day. You can now relax for the rest of the day, hang out with some friends or do whatever.”

“I think I’m gonna lay do—“ Then her brother came to mind. “Wait……I forgot. Is Trench and Bobby around?” Admeta filled in that answer, “We sent your brother and his friend to one of the local gentlemen’s club to keep them busy. You should be able to relax.”

“OH, thank you!” Daria said, “Because I can’t stand up any longer.” She immediately fell down to the ground.



Leona went into Nariaki’s room as he was resting. “Hello. Nariaki?” she said.

“Oh, Leona.” Nariaki said as he was resting. “What are you doing here?”

“I was told that you might need some medical treatment.” Leona said, “I mean, you just got shot a lot of times. I’m surprised you’re alive and kicking.”

“Thankfully those bullets aren’t exactly real.” Nariaki said, “Otherwise, I’d be a dead man.”

Leona was walking around the room, just looking at outside where the battle was happening and she began to shut the curtains. “So, Nari….”
“Yeah?” he asked. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something since you got here.” She said to him, “And I hope it doesn’t turn you the wrong way.” The tension feels like Nari might know some juicy info, whether it be on the Academy and their doings but he is going to find out soon. “OK……Are you and Emi….” And he knew where this is going from those 4 words. “Are you two dating or something?”

“Wait, what?” he said, “Dating? Me and Emi? No, we’re not dating. We’re just friends.”
“Oh.” Leona sounded relieved for a minute. “OK, I just thought you two seemed like you are gonna hook up after she graduated or something.” She puts her hand next to his leg. “No. She just been helping with some things ever since what happened to my parents and all.” Nari said. “She’s been supportive of that and me and Mai.”

“Yeah, I heard about what happened to them.” Leona said, “I’m really sorry about that. Damn, I know that was really fucked up. Did they ever caught the guy who—“

“The guy who did it?” Nari said, “Well, a few days later, the police said that somebody ended up shooting him in the back of the head because of some money he owed to someone.”

“I don’t know whether to say if that’s a good thing or bad thing.” Leona said.

“Me either.” Nari said, “One hand, he got what he deserved but I wanted justice. In my bones, I wanted to do him in but I know I couldn’t.”

“You were younger back then.” Leona said, “No one would blame you for wanting to kill the guy that fucked with your parents.”
“Yeah….” He wanted to change the subject to something else. “I also got something else to say to you.”

“Oh, and what is that?” Leona said. “Well, I hope you don’t slap me for this, but I—“
“I had a crush on you since high school.” Nari said. “OK, that’s harmless.” Leona said, “I know lots of guys that got a crush on me.”
“And I also wanted to see you—“
“Naked?” Leona guessed. “Come on. Admit it.”
“Are you gonna hit me?” Nari said, getting into ‘don’t hit me’ phase. She laughed.
“Not really but….” She turned off the lights, got Nariaki into bed and puts on some music. She slowly undressed her nurse’s outfit to her lingerie. “I have a feeling after this, you feel like it’s a dream.”


In the hallway, we hear Mai coming down to get something from the vending machine and she hears a lot of moans and groans coming down from where their room is at. She wanted to check out what was that noise but then she got interrupted by Staley, who was just getting out of the restroom.

“Hey, aren’t you one of the guests here?” Staley said, “Kanemoto, right?”
“Yes.” Mai said, “I’m Nari’s sister. I was just getting something to eat.”

“Oh, OK.” He said, “Just checking. Enjoy your stay, miss!!” As he walks downstairs but then Emi came up stairs looking for Mai. “Hey, Mai! Where you at?”
“Oh, she’s upstairs.” Staley said and then he took a glaze at what Emi was wearing. “And I see you visited our swimsuit Shoppe today.”

“Mai, are you here!!?” Emi called out for her. “Right here, Emi.”
Mai took a long look at Emi and sees her in a white flower bikini. “Oh wow….Emi, you look so pretty in your bikini.”

“Really, you think so?” Emi said, “Yeah, I figure I should splurge on something for myself. Plus, I don’t look too shabby in this and I pull it off well.”

“Oh, definitely that.” Mai said but then she looked back at the hallway and heard a big pleasurable scream in the hallway. “What was that?!” Emi shouted.
“I don’t know.” Mai said, “But I don’t want to find out.”
“Game room sounds good?” Emi said.
“Yep.” Mai said. “You read my mind. Let’s go.” As both of them went on there.


In actually, what really happened with the moans and hollering was that Leona and Nariaki was having sex in their room with Leona playing striptease to him at first with Nari feeling her up, touching her tits whether by hand or kissing and licking them. “I see you like to lick them.” Leona said. “I don’t blame you.” He keeps pleasuring her body, even so far to taking off her panties and giving her oral sex. “Oh…god. Nari. I didn’t know you were good at this.” Leona moaned at that moment, feeling herself up. “Oh shit…You’re not gonna tell anybody about this, aren’t you?” He shook his head that he wasn’t going to tell.

“Oh, good. Because I really don’t want to lose this job or get into some shit.” She said. He kept going down on her and the pleasure is so intense for her, Leona felt like she wanted to let out a big scream as she climaxed (and yes, that was the scream that Mai and Emi heard.)

“Now I think I should return the favor.” Leona said as she then got down to her knees and started to give him a tit-fuck. “Oh my….” He wasn’t believing what he was seeing. A woman he had a crush on is doing this to him. “I don’t blame you if you want to moan.” Leona said. She kept massaging his dick with her breasts and he kept on moaning in ecstasy from the pleasure.
“Oh…Leona…..Oh shit…..” His constant breathing seem like he was about to let it all out on her.
“Wait, don’t do anything yet….” She said as Leona is now performing oral sex on him. She kept doing it to him and he is really enjoying this but he can’t hold it in any longer. “Leona……I think I’m gonna cu—“
“Oh, all right.” She kept doing it faster so it can happen. The speed increases and increases until he finally let it all out on her. Both sighed at relief and of exhaustion. “My god… were amazing, Leona.”

“Oh…. That was good.” Leona said, “And I really meant that. Most guys I had sex with didn’t pleasure me well as you did.”
“You think so?” Nari asked. “YES!” she said, “Personally, any woman would be satisfied to have a guy like you as their boyfriend, which I was surprised that Emi hasn’t taken you as that.”

“I never saw it that way before.” Nari said, “You think she might go for someone like me?”

“It can work if both of you do something about it.” Leona said as she gave him a kiss. “You take care now, Nariaki Kanemoto.” She got dressed back to her nurse’s outfit, straight everything up and left without someone noticing her.

Or so what both of them think.


It was close to evening and we see Charlie in the game room having some downtime playing an RPG game on a PS4 with no one to distract him. Then Hana came into the room, bored and looking for something to do as well and she sees Charlie the first glance. “Hello?” she said. He turned around and see Hana behind him. “Oh, hey Hana!”
“Charlie!” Hana said, “Hey, thought I found you here. Everyone else is either in a challenge or in a hospital from said challenge.”

“Yeah.” He said, “I figured that before I eventually get my ass kicked, I should kill some time here. Plus, I’ve been wanting to play this game for some time now.”

“Well, you mind if I spend some time with you?” Hana asked. “I don’t mind at all, Hana.” He said. “I enjoy your company.” She smiled and laughed, “Thanks.”

So for the next hour and a half, the two have been playing a lot of video games and been chatting about whatever goes on their lives before coming to the Academy. “So yeah…..I’ve been pretty much a loner for almost my whole life. I was that shy guy that doesn’t speak much, doesn’t talk much or stay in exile from everyone.”
“Do you think this trip might’ve made you less shy?” Hana said.

“Well, I met you.” Charlie said, “And I’m not shy around you so it must be working so far.”

“Yeah, I say its working.” Hana said. “And I also see you’re not shy in one area.”
“What do you me—“, Charlie then noticed Hana was pointing out his instant boner and immediately hides it.

“I did notice that from the first time we met.” Hana said, “But I know that you were trying to be nice and respectful and you are.”

“Thanks.” He said, “It’s nice that someone thinks of me like that.” He paused for a minute and he felt like he wanted to say something else to her. “Hana…..” he said without hesitation. “Yes, Charlie?” she said. “You feel like doing something later on?” he said. “Like seeing the town and all that?” Hana liked the idea of sight-seeing. “Charlie, I would love to do that.”


Later on, the two went on to view the sights of Thailand from visiting the landmarks to just walking around and talking to each other. The more the two talk to each other about their lives, the more they become close as friends. Maybe even more than that.

“So, Hana…” Charlie said. “Yes, Charlie?” Hana asked. “I really don’t know much about where you’re from.” He said, “I mean, since we’re friends, I like to know something about you.” Hana looked a little nervous at that point about telling herself about Charlie. “Oh….yes. About me. Well, like you…..I wasn’t really close to anyone at all.”

Hana sounded uneasy telling him about this. “Charlie, I’ve been alone ever since the day I was born. Or at least alone in the sense of companionship.” She said. “I never really knew my parents so I’ve been in an orphanage after orphanage until I was old enough to venture out of my own.”

“Oh…” As Charlie sounded concerned from that. “Damn, this makes my childhood seem less shitty.”

“Maybe.” Hana said, “But I don’t like to say ‘MY PAIN IS WORSE THAN YOURS!’ like it’s a competition or something. Just makes me look like an asshole. We both gone through a shitty past but look at us now, we’re in the deep of Thailand, staying in a lavish hotel and meeting new people!”

“And you know what’s been the best thing about this trip for me?” Charlie said.

“Oh and what’s that?” Hana asked. “Meeting you.” He said to her.

“Oooh… well, I’m glad to know I’ve been your favorite part of this.” Hana said. Then the two laugh and they began to get close to each other. So close that the two looked deep into their eyes and they begin to lock lips and kiss.

“Wow….” She said, “Damn, that was quite….”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Charlie said, “Did I go too far or…” Hana leaned up and kissed him again square on the lips and both was really into it.

On the way back to the hotel, both went up to Charlie’s room and they immediately start to make out on the bed with both stripping out their clothes with Charlie first kissing Hana from her lips to down to her belly. She then got on top of him, kissing him and licking his chest and stomach. “Oh, Charlie!” she then got to unhooking her bra, took it off and Charlie got up to kiss her more, holding and caressing her breasts.

Both of them were getting into the heat of the moment as the two moan each other’s names as they really got intimate as Hana got down and started to perform oral sex on Charlie. “Oh…..Hana.” He said her name as she continued to blow him. “Oh…Damn.” She then got into position where she was laying down and Charlie went to put his dick inside her and continue to fuck like that.

“Charlie……Charlie….” Hana moaned his name several times as her pleasure is rising high and both shared a deep sensual kiss that enhances it more.

The two continued fucking for the next 30 minutes and eventually the two climaxed together as the sex definitely ended with a bang. Both are now resting in each other’s arms in tenderness and embrace.

“Hana….” Charlie said to her but she was sound asleep from the sex and soon Charlie decides to do the same thing.

However, Hana did hear Charlie call her name and she tightly clutched on to him as they sleep. “I love you, too, Charlie.” She said softly into his ears.

Fourth Challenge

In one of the offices in the Academy, Black Freighter was once again infiltrating for some info on the Academy and he’s doing double the work since Cobalt was still resting from the 2nd challenge. However, as he went in there, somebody already beat him to it.

“OH SHIT!!” And it was Oz doing the work. “I was just….um…..wait, you’re not Tiberius. You’re…um, Freight Train, Soul Train, Black Light?”

“It’s Black Freighter, motherfucker, and just what in the hell are you doing here?” he said.

“I’m doing my own search on all of you motherfuckers.” Oz said, “All of you are gonna pay for what you did to my girl!”
“Um…” BF said, “Last time I checked, your girl got cocky and lost. That’s her own fault.”

“Whatever.” Oz said, “I’m just going through some shit and that’s in the sense of dramatic and what I’m doing now.”

“Fine.” BF said, “Anything you got on them?”
“Well……” Oz said. “I looked into some archive and looked over some former participants of the Academy.” He went into some random files and see a familiar name of there and it was Kanemoto. “Wait….Kanemoto? What the–?”

“What? What?” BF said. “You know the name Kanemoto?” Oz said. “You mean that guy and his sister and that girl he might be more than friends with?

“Yeah. Only this is the guy’s mom.” He said, “Her name is Hazuki Kanemoto. Turns out she was one of the first competitors of the Academy and she won hands down at the age of 24. Got married 4 years later with her college sweetheart and gave birth to 2 kids.”

“So they live happily ever aft—“
“UH…let me finish.” Oz said, “Unfortunately, 3 years ago, she and her husband was killed in a home invasion robbery and that’s all in here.”

“I do think that is mostly strange.” BF said. “How so?” Oz said. “It seems that most of these former Academy members have been killed in the same timeframe that was years after they participated in the games.” BF said, “One guy named Aaron Snyder won the games back in ’94 but was shot to death by two gangbangers in 2001. Another one, Paula Willingham, she won back in 1986 but died in a car explosion in 1996. Jerry Morgan, won in ’79 but died by ODing on cocaine in ’84.”

“Holy shit.” Oz said, “But I don’t get the long gap in years of them dying. It is a curse or something?”

“I have no ide—“ BF got interrupted for a second and he saw a file that’s titled Future Deranged Cases and he saw a picture of somebody that really freaked him out. “What the fuck…wanted for assault and battery, murder a past lover with a chainsaw and lit them on fire? What in the flying hell?”

“What? What?” Oz said. “Whose record you’re on?”

“It’s that—“ But BF got interrupted by someone coming into the room. “Oh shit, we gotta go!!” He and Oz vanished out of that room before anyone could find them.


It was in the middle of the afternoon and Nariaki was all healed up from the wounds as he was in the game room along with Emi, Mai, Daria and Hana and Charlie both getting cozied up after last night.

“Nari, I see that you’re up and feeling a lot better.” Emi said. “Yeah….yesterday I got a lot of healing done.” Nari said, “And thankfully, I also thought of a lot of things, too.”
“You’ve been thinking, huh?” Emi said, “About what, exactly?”

“It’s been a lot of things.” Nari said, “From back home to what we at now, the whole Academy thing and …” He paused as the next thing we was going to mention might be a deal breaker. “About us, Emi.”

“Us?” she said. “Yeah,” he answered, “By us, I meant you and me. Like… a couple?” She froze up, too, as he brought up that. “Oh…….that thing. OK, Nari, you mind if we talked about this alone?”
“Yeah, sure.” Both of them went on their business but the others did notice.

“I wonder what’s all that about?” Charlie said. “I got no clue.” Hana said. “I think I know.” Daria said, “Thank goodness both of them are gonna settle it.”
“Oh…you mean they might finally become boyfriend and girlfriend?” Mai said. The rest looked a bit surprised that she knew that. “Well, I live with them practically my whole life. I figured it was bound to happen.”

Someone else came into the room and it was Staley. “Attention, one of you has been chosen for the next challenge. Get ready as it starts in about 30 minutes. Anyone available for it?”

“Well….I haven’t done one yet.” Charlie said. “Maybe I can be up for one. Staley searches his name up and sees, “Oh, Charlie Connor. Yeah, you are up for a battle but you’re not the person we thought of this one.”

“Then who’s your next one?” Daria said. “Well, we thought of Black Freighter and also—“


We cut back to Nari and Emi talking. “Look, Nari, I don’t think this is the time to talk about this right now.” Emi said, “I mean, I do get why you wanna bring this up and well….to be honest, I don’t blame you for that.” She looked a bit starry-eyed for a minute but got back to normal. “But now, you are fighting for your life here and you can’t have anything else distracting you.”

“I wasn’t.” he said, “I thought in case something were to happen to me…” Emi said, “STOP SAYING THAT!! I thought you were sure of surviving this.”
“I was…until I got shot many times.” Nari said. “Emi, now I’m just as scared as you and Mai are about this. I don’t want to end up dead here but I can’t go back accomplishing nothing and broke than before.”

“I didn’t want to admit it at first.” Emi said, “But fuck, I’m really scared for you and I don’t want to be. I just can’t imagine if the next day we’re going to be around for us.”

“I know, Emi.” Nari said, “That’s why I wanted to say something now before it’s too late.” He was holding her hand and pulling her real close to each other. “Emi Sato, I—“ She stopped him at his tracks. “Nari, I know what you’re going to say and I feel the same way, too.”


“Welcome to the Fourth Challenge!!” Tiberius announced to the stage. “And this is where things get really exciting. We are going to have a classic gladiator duel! The rules are you have to last 5 minutes in the arena, armed with a weapon like the swinging blade, the machete and the claw knives. And this time…….you will actually die in this competition. There’s no going back.”

Then he went to introduce the competitors. “The two fighters in this competition are The Black Freighter, Academy Participant born from England and raised in New Orleans.”

“Wait, that guy from Louisiana and he’s British?” Bobby asked while watching this live on TV at their hotel room with Trench and some local hookers they were hanging out. “I guess he got that Idris Elba look to him.” Trench said, “Motherfucker looked like he came out of Pacific Rim or some shit.”
“Whoever going against him, they probably pissing in their pants right now.” Bobby said. “True.” Trench said.

“And in the next corner, we have…..” Then the camera pans up to reveal that it’s Hana. “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!” Bobby said, “That little girl? Fighting him? Well, her ass is dead.” At that moment, Cobalt was watching the event from his room and saw that exact moment. Then Oz showed up at the door. “Hey, other guy that hangs out with that dude!”
“OK, do you know anyone’s name here?” Cobalt said, “Oh, and my name is Cobalt, dammit.”

“Whatever. Listen, Black Freighter is in danger!” Oz said. “He’s gonna get killed.”
“Killed? By that girl?” Cobalt questioned, “Man, are you out of your mind?”

“No.” Oz then showed him a file. “That girl is a warranted killer and it’s all in her file.”

“What? Let me see.” Cobalt grabbed the file. “Assault and battery. Killed a guy with a chainsaw and it was a former lover. Set someone on fire. This girl?”

“YES!!” Oz said.

“Wait, what do you expect me to do?” Cobalt said. “Aren’t you healed up by now?” Oz said, “That other guy is feeling better and he’s probably doing everything from jumping high or having non-stop sex.”

In another room, Nari and Emi was having sex in one of the private room unguarded by anyone and decided to have a chance before anything else can happen. The two were roughly kissing each other and feeling on themselves. Emi got Nari’s shirt off and give him a tongue kiss, getting lost in the ecstasy of the lovemaking. Nari then got Emi in her bra and panties as he grabbed her ass and kissed down to her breasts. She moaned a little from that. “You know, I imagined someone holding me like this for a long time.” She said, “I’m glad to know it was you.” She continued kissing him deeply. “Yeah, I don’t think I wanna stop.” Nari said. “Well, we don’t have to.” She said slyly as she took off her bra and Nari saw her breasts in full. “Now I really want to apologize for saying—“ “Your reaction is good enough.” As she shoved his face into her tits.

After a while, the two laid down naked in bed with satisfied looks on their faces. Emi smiled a bit at him as she went and kiss him again. “That was amazing.” He said. “I never felt like this around anyone before.” Emi said.

Nariaki then got up, kissed Emi one more time and then he went in the bathroom to take a shower. Emi was just lying in bed with a good feeling after spending time with Nari but then as she tosses and turns, she notices something from the A-Key lying on the floor. “Huh? Recording?” she noticed and it read the time date from yesterday. “Wait, when was this? A-Key?”
“Yes, Miss Sato?” A-Key said. “Could be play this recording you got on there?” she asked her. “Affirmative.” A-Key said and as soon as she plays it, she heard a strange noise of a woman moaning. She was a bit confused at first but then she called out Nari’s name and that’s when it all got suspicious. “A-Key, who was in the room when this was happening?” Emi said. “I believe it was Mr. Kanemoto and Ms. Sasaki.” A-Key said. Emi was very shocked to hear that. “HE……he didn’t. He couldn’t have. He wouldn’t……..He shouldn’t have.



Meanwhile at the challenge, Hana chose her weapon of choice and it was the swinging blade. She swung the first try and got BF in a bind. “Oh shit, this girl knows her shit.” However, he went and charge at her with his weapon, the machete but she caught on that move and evading him and then kicked him square in the leg. “OH shit.” BF groan. “That was almost to my balls.”
“Sorry for the pain but I’m just going my job.” Hana said with a fucked-up smile as she came slamming Freighter down. “If you want to win, you really have to fight me.” Hana said. “Fuck it.” He went in screaming with rage to attack her as he leap up in the air and attack her. He actually got one bleeding cut out of her but it was only her arm. Hana got the upper hand and got his legs while he was in the air.

“Oh shit!!” How did you do that?” BF said. “I have some sneaky ways.” She said. Hana quickly rushes into Freighter and used her bare hands to one-two punch him over and over again and since she was smaller and more flexible than him, she had the upper hand to attack every center of him.

“Oh fuck….” BF felt weaker as he could get. “I didn’t think that girl could kick my ass. At least until—“ “UNTIL WHAT?” Hana screamed. “That’s the problem with most of you people. You assume I’m some frail little girl because I’m not some damn body builder or anything.” She continues to beat him like a piñata and slammed him against the wall. She got the blade and cut deep inside his arm. “AAHHHH!!!” he screamed, “Oh GOD!!! You crazy-ass girl!!! Oh shit!!”

Oz and Cobalt got into the ring armed to the teeth.

“What the fuck is this?” Terri shouted. “What the hell are they doing there? It’s not their challenge yet!”

“It looks like two other fighters jumped in to help BF.” Staley said. “Wait, should we stop them, Tiberius?” Admeta said, “This seems to get out of hand.”
“No.” Tiberius said, “This actually got more interesting.”

“Come here, you crazy-ass psycho bitch!!” Oz said with a buzzing chainsaw. “Now I don’t feel bad blowing all that smoke in your face!!” He went to aim the chainsaw at her as he ran dangerously with it but Hana threw some dirt on his face. “I can’t see shit!!” He accidentally cuts Cobalt in the arm. “HEY, Watch where you swinging that motherfucker!”

Oz got mad as hell and went and grabbed Hana and give a massive strike punch to her eye. The rest were stunned to see this, especially Charlie, who couldn’t watch anymore of this.

“You psycho bitch!!” Oz said. “Look what you made me do!!”
“WHAT I DID?!” Hana shouted. “You fucking PUNCH ME IN THE EYE, YOU DICK!” Then she grabbed the blade and deliberately cut off Oz’s hand. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Oz screamed in horror as his hand was sliced off. “Oh….Oh….Oh, fuck me!! My hand!!”

“Your other one is next!!” she shouted.

“HANA!!” She heard a voice coming from the sky and it was Charlie with a switchblade. “Hana, are you OK?”

“Charlie, what are you doing here?” Hana said in a worried state of shock.

“Wait, another one in here?” Admeta said, “Tiberius, what the fuck? Are you going to do something?”
“OK, OK.” Tiberius said, “No one else is gonna get in here!” He then locked the doors from them getting out.

“Wait, no!!” Hana said, “Let him out!! LET HIM OUT!! LET HIM THE FUCK OUT!! Charlie, you shouldn’t be in here!!”

“Why not?” he said. “I can help out!!”
“It’s not that!!” she said, “You really shouldn’t be in the middle of this round right now.”

“Oh, WILL YOU DUMBASSES QUIT BICKERING ON AND ON? It’s not like you two are fucked anytime soon.” Oz said but yet Hana and Charlie didn’t respond as she thought about last night and how she didn’t want to lose him. “WAIT!! You two did fuck!!” Oz said. “OH MY GOD!! This is hilarious and this isn’t even the other half to it!! Your girl is a straight-up killer!!” At that point, Hana looked discouraged and broken as soon as Oz spilled out her secret that she didn’t want to tell Charlie. “Hana……” Charlie said, “Is that true?” She didn’t want to say but she did confirmed it. “Charlie…..I didn’t know how to tell it to you. I really like you and part of me didn’t know how to—“

“GET LOST, YOU DUMBASS!!” Oz interrupted the two. “Your little girlfriend costs me a hand and unless you want to help replace it, you better get out of the way before I fuck you up, too.” Oz then pushes Charlie out of the way but then he felt something in his leg and it was Charlie’s switchblade stuck to it. “YOU LITTLE SHIT!!”

He kicked Charlie hard in the stomach and began stomping him there as he screams in pain and Hana is begging him to stop. “STOP! GET OFF HIM!!!” she screamed with sadness and rage. “YOU WANT ME TO STOP STOMPING ON YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND!? Well, fuck you! My girl is still in intense care and I’m not letting my guard down because of her.” He continued stomping him until Charlie took out the switchblade out of his leg and stab him again in the foot. “AAAHHH!!” he let out one more scream as Hana shoves him down, grabs Charlie and tried to bust the door open.

Black Freighter and Cobalt wasn’t even trying to do anything at this point but Oz is still in a blind rage at both of them that he wasn’t going to let them escape alive. Oz got a sharp claw knife and he was aiming it at Hana and so he threw the knife but then Charlie tried to warn her about it. However, as the knife got close, he blocked it with his hand and the knife went through it. Oz threw another one and he got Charlie down. “CHARLIE!!” Hana screamed.

Then she threw her blade at Oz’s neck and sliced it, causing him to spurt out blood, bleed out and immediately died. “Charlie, no!!” Hana cried out. “Oh no, Charlie.” She cried out his name in panic as he got a knife deep in his chest.

“I think I’m not gonna make it.”
“Charlie, we can make it to the infirmary and get you fixed up all good.” Hana desperately said, “You’re gonna be fine.”

“I’m losing a lot of blood and it’s getting colder.” He said in few of his last breath. “Charlie, please no!!” “Hana….being with you really made this trip worthwhile.” He said, “And last night was one of the best nights I had with you. I really think you’re beautiful and the sweetest.”
“You think I’m beautiful and sweet? Even though I’m a killer?” she said. “Well, you didn’t try to kill me.” Charlie said. “Hana….”
“What? Charlie? CHARLIE?” She sounded tense. “Hana….I love you.” And that was his last words.

Tears came running down Hana’s face as she knew what just happened. She gripped his lifeless body and screamed out, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”






©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The A-Key Project.



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