Stories beyond the Hybrid: JOURNEY through the BLUE

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence and graphic language. Reader Discretion is advised.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” One man said via Skype. “As of recently, our newest drink of Chatana, the Chatana Supreme, is set to be released this week in only these three countries. Japan, New Zealand and Australia. We’re only testing them so if we get good reception about it.”

“Should be good enough.” One executive said, “It’s the new blue raspberry that people have been clamoring about. It’s like crack to them. We’ll make millions within the first hour!!!”

“Now the thing is there will be a lot of people coming in from the States to try this stuff and these are some fanatics that really want to try this shit!” The Skype guy said. “But we need to pick some stooges we know to try the drink for the first time. People that we can track and make sure that they won’t sell or claim it as their own.”

“Yeah. But what people can we get coming to either of those places are fool enough to let us use them for our good?” One guy said.


“Mars? Mars? MARS!!!” A red-haired girl said in the cab, slapping him out of his sleep.
“OW!! Damn, Kate! What?” Mars said.
“We’re almost at the airport!!” Kate said. “We need to get our shit ready and not be late!! We can’t miss that plane!!!”



They arrived at the airport in time for their flight to get their bags checked in. “A 3-Week vacation to anywhere we want! HOT DAMN, I needed this vacation for the longest.” Mars said. “That and we can finally try out that Chatana Supreme Blue Raspberry.”

“I know, right?”  Kate said, “This is gonna be so good!! Who would think that they picked us to try it out?”

Kate and Mars get stopped at security to be check for suspicious activities or items. Then there was somebody who was casually spying of them. “Sir, we need you to empty your pockets for anything metal.”
“OK, sir.” Mars said.

The spy contacted her contact and report to her higher-ups and said, “We got our first target. I see two people. One of them is female, white, red-hair, age 24, about 5’4 in height. Then we got our male, black, afro, same age as the girl but looks older, he’s 6’1 or 6’2. Their names are Kate & Mars as they said.”
“OK, I think you checked me out enough.” Mars said, “Now get your hand off my balls, please.”
“Sir, I don’t think we’re in any position to tell me what to do.” The guard said.

“Mars, they’re almost through.” Kate said.
“Easy for you to stay.” Mars said, “They hardly did this shit to you….and we’re more dangerous than I am!!”
“Oh, I know.” She said. “And also a bitch but you knew that about me.”
“OK, sir, you’re all clear.” Then the guard slapped his ass. “HEY!!!”
“Enjoy your flight, sir.”


The two went to proceed to get in the plane and the spy was following them on their way. “I’m on the plane and I’m two seats behind them. I should probably get closer to—“ Then she got blocked by a two guys as they sat in their sit and she can’t move.
“Oh great.” She said.
“What? Agent, report? Is something blocking you?”
“Two guys just sit down and I’m at the window seat.” The agent said, “I can’t move.”
“Do you still have visual on them?”
“Thankfully, I do.”


Meanwhile, Kate and Mars are talking about what they are gonna do on their trip. “So what we got lined up?”
Kate said to Mars, “Well, we’re going to the Chatana factory for the unveiling….That and basically hoard some for ourselves because IT’S BLUE CHATANA!! There’s also looking for some local Japanese candy and maybe some plushies and other things.”
“You and your plushies, huh?” Mars said.
“Yes, and shut up.” Kate said. “I like my plushies.” As she hugs one of them.

“Yeah, when we get there, we should have nothing but paradise in there.” As Mars said.
“Dude, don’t stress about it too much.” Kate said, “I’m sure we’re gonna have a great time there. We’re going on a world trip to anywhere we want and I know you for the longest, you wanted to go to Japan and hey, so do I! We have that now, so all we need to do is relax and enjoy our time away from our hellish Home.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.” Mars said. “I have been a bit anxious lately and I do need to relax.”
“It’s OK to get anxious.” Kate said. “It’s normal for that but I can assure you that we are going to have fun. Anyway, I’m gonna get some sleep. You should, too.” Kate soon went to sleep and Mars went to do the same thing. However, unbeknownst to the both of them that two other people are watching their every move.


“You see those two?” And surprisingly it was actually those two guys coming out of the bathroom that were blocking the agent’s way. “If that leave Japan with those bottles of Blue Chatana in their hands…..we execute them immediately.”
“Gotcha.” The other one said. “We must make sure no one knows about the dangers of Blue Chatana by any means necessary.”



It was 5 minutes until Noon for the Chatana Factory Tour and the reveal of the new Chatana Supreme. Everyone at the crowd was ecstatic to try out the new wonder in the world before anyone else. The president and the CEO of Chatana got up on stage, ready for welcome the tour guests into the factory to try it.
Kate and Mars are among the hundreds of people in the crowd, anticipating for what was going to happen next.

However, the agent was also in the crowd with a subtle disguise that might fool some people.

“Well, we are at the tour.” She said, “I see the two ahead in the line about to get to the tasting room. I think this might be where they’re unveil the flavor.”
Meanwhile, the other 2 guys are tracking them as well. “OK, you got the gun on you?” The gun was hidden underneath his jacket. “Present and accounted for. Good thing I made this out of a 3D Printer. No one can detect this on the metal detector.”

The CEO brought out the Blue Raspberry Chatana bottle out to everyone. “Here it is, folks! Our newest creation, Chatana Supreme with our newest flavor Blue Raspberry. Who shall be the first among many of you to try it?” Many people raise their hands in excitement to try out the drink including Kate & Mars. However, they… not get pick but instead this guy with blue face paint all over himself.

“Congratulations, sir!! You can try out the first sip of this.”

“YAY!!” The blue guy said as he went up to the stage to sip the drink. However, one of the guys was subtlety aiming for the bottle but yet he accidently misses and hit him in the arm. “OH! My ARM!! AAHHH!!” Soon the whole audience panicked and began to run out of there like wildcats. Kate and Mars also ran for their lives and while they did, Mars accidentally knocked out one of the shooters as he made something fell on one of them and it was a giant metal bottle.

“Is that guy dead?” Mars shouted.
“Who gives a FUCK!?” Kate screamed, “I’m trying not to get shot at.” The agent quickly pulls them both out of the way and into a private area.

“What the—“
The agent covers Kate’s mouth to shut her up.
“Who the—“ She keep struggling to speak and then she got a hold of her and said, “What in the hell is going on?”

“Look, you two was in immediate danger not too long ago.” She said.
“Um….no shit.” Mars said, “Somebody shot that guy in his arm. We’re trying to get the fuck out of here.”

“You better be lucky they got that guy because if you or she were to take that sip, you would’ve been dead.” She said, “And that someone might still be out to get you.”

“Get us? For what? Drinking a soda?” Mars said.
“Drinking something that could spell danger for the company.” She said. “A formula that wasn’t supposed to be released to the public. Look, I’ll explain later once we get out of here.” They quickly escaped out of there without those other guys noticing.

“Excuse me but….”, Kate said, “before we get further with you…..who are YOU?”
“I’m Agent Shireen Kane.” She said, “I’ve been assigned to eliminate the drink before anyone can taste it. Mainly because there’s an ingredient that’s proven to be hazardous and could lead to fatal consequences.”

“Wait, you’re trying to get rid of it?” Kate questioned. “What about those other guys?”

“Those guys are rogue agents named Yelnats and Coffee. They…..are trying to get rid of it, too but……” Shireen left off in silence.
“But what?” Mars said.
“They want to get rid of the people, too.” She said, “They don’t want to leave evidence around.”

“But lots of people know the flavor by now.” Kate said, “They can’t just eliminate every one that knows the drink.”

“True.” Shireen said, “Just the ones that actually drank it. Thankfully, no one did…..yet. But right now, I need your help for put a stop to Yelnats and Coffee and save the lives of millions.”

“…….I don’t know.” Kate said, “What will we get out of it?”

Shireen looked a bit irritated, “….You mean besides saving the lives of people, maybe even the ones you know and love?”
“I mean, yeah, there’s that.” Mars said, “But…..we could end up risking our lives to—“
“I compensate you over $20,000 for each of you……if the plan goes well, that is.” Shireen said.
“Good enough for me.” Mars said as he agreed to that but Kate is now that easy to please.

“WAIT!!” Kate said.
“Yes?” Shireen said politely.
“….Can I get penguins?” Kate said. Shireen looked a bit confused.
“Actual penguins?” Shireen said, “Really?”

“Yeah…” Mars said, “She has a thing for penguins.”
“OK….Maybe I can draw out something for that later.” She said, “Now then….”
“WAIT!!” Kate said again.
“WHAT!?!?!?” Shireen said in an angry huff.
“….I just need to tie my shoe.” Kate said. “That’s all.”

Shireen calm down a bit and got herself handled. “OK, here’s what you two need to know….” So the 3 traveled back to their hotel room and traded it in for a better room with higher security and more features. As that happens, Shireen told Kate and Mars that the Chatana company is having their Supreme launches starting in New Zealand two days from now and what they needed to do is to get in there to sabotage the factory before anyone can taste the drink.

She bought them two tickets to New Zealand along with a break-in kit filled with two bomb packs to strap to the concoction.

“So….we have a bomb in our hands and we have to blow up a factory?” Kate said while they are in the hotel room.

“Yup.” Mars said, “That sounds like oodles of fun and the risk of also being killed.”

“Hell, all I wanted was to try that damn drink.” Kate said, “And now its fate is at our hands…..and why this agent want us to do it for? We’re a couple of dumb motherfuckers who came to Japan to taste a soda!”

“Yeah…..” Mars said with a distant pause, “……Although I admit that agent did looked hot.” As he was glazing hard at Shireen a few times.
“I did noticed that about you with her.” Kate said, “Although to me, she’s cute and all but she seems like kinda uptight.”
“Well, you can’t blame her.” Mars said, “The world could be in danger…..mainly because of a tainted drink and we could be heroes!!”
“OK, I’m gonna to sleep since we have a flight in a couple of hours.” Kate said, “You should sleep, too. I know how out-of-focus you get when you got no sleep.”
“Katie, Katie, Katie…” Mars smugly said, “I can handle one more hour before sleeping. I’ll be fine.”



Mars was feeling a bit drowsy as he didn’t get enough sleep last night and he looked like he was going to drift off anytime, especially when he was being debriefed by Shireen as him and Kate needed to explain the specifics with the bomb.

“Hello….Um, Mars…” Shireen politely shouted and then she slapped him awake, “HEY!!”
“OW, WHAT!?” Mars shouted back but Shireen looked like she was going to kill him. “Had a good night sleep….or did you watch a lot of porn last night?”
“HEY!!” Mars said, “I…..was watching more than just porn last night.”
“Told you to sleep early.” Kate silently said.

“Look, we can’t afford to mess up on this mission.” Shireen said, “There’s only one chance we got with this and if you want your penguins and your….well……”
“Just the money.” Mars said.
“That. If you want any of those things, you need to really pay attention to what’s going on.” Shireen reiterated as she brought out the blueprints of the New Zealand Chatana building. She pointed out the entrance that they need to sneak in unnoticed and that they should sneak in before the factory opens at 10 A.M.
“What about those two guys? Yelnats and Coffee?” Mars said. “Won’t they be gunning for us since we did wreck their operation?”
“I’ve placed two trackers on them.” She said, “We’ll know if they try to make a move on us.”

“You two need to get in there 2 hours prior to the factory’s opening, set the bomb and blow it up before anyone else finds out. Got it?” she said.
“Got it.” Mars said.
“I got one question.” Kate said.
“No, you can’t torture anybody unless we call it.” Shireen said.
“Wait, how di—“
“I know you were going to say that?” Shireen said, “We check everything about the people we’re working with.” Kate gulped at that thought. “Oh……..”

“You are one fucked up woman.” She said, “Now we need to get on our flight.”


NEW ZEALAND, 20 hours later…

“OK, we’re almost there.” Shireen said as the plane is landing but Kate and Mars were already fast asleep. “And I see you two are passed out, even using each other as a pillow.” She immediately woke the 2 up and both reacted in a grumpy way.
“WHAT THE FUCK!?” But she threw water at them.
“Yeah, we’re here.” Shireen said, “I see you have plenty of sleep during the ride. It’s 6:00 A.M. right now and we have about 4 hours until the factory is open. We’ll go in 2 hours, the bomb has been made and all you two have to do is plant it, run and you’ll get your money—“
“And penguins?!” Kate shouted.
“Yes, your penguins, too.” Shireen said.
“YAY!!” she said, “Let’s get this shit over with!!” As she drags Mars with him en route to the Factory.

They arrived there as they see 5 guys on security watch, guarding the place like Fort Knox.
“OK, we’re here.” Mars said to Shireen via walkie-talkie, “But we got some bumps ahead…more like 5.”
“Yeah, security will be all over us.” Kate said, “Don’t we have a distraction?”
“Hold up. I got one coming up.” Shireen said. She got herself a toy RC car and monitored it to get the guards’ attention. They got the bait as the car was busy firing pellet bullets at them and even got some of the people viewing the cameras distracted for them to check it out.
“I got them distracted. GET IN THERE! NOW NOW NOW!” Shireen shouted at them two as they quickly jetted their way in there.

“That was kinda close.” Mars said, “Now we just need to find that vat.” The two walked down the hallway to locate them. They checked every room and they have found nothing so far. It’s either restrooms, vending machine rooms or private sex rooms they kept entering.

“Where the hell is that vat?” Mars said with a pocket full of condoms and candy. “It gotta be somewhere.”
Then Kate came in from one of the sex rooms. “Well, nothing in there.”
“Wait….you’ve been in that room for 20 minutes.” Mars said, “What in the fuck you do—“
“Not important!!” Kate yelled and then proceeded to looking for the vats.

After 5 more minutes of searching, they have finally found the vat of where they keep the Chatana formula. They gaze at the amazement of a soda being made…..all for 4 seconds. “OK, let’s blow this shit up!” Mars screamed.
“OK!” Kate agreed.
They set up the bomb and got the timer set to 6 minutes, which is enough for them to run and get the hell out of there.
“HEY, HEY, SHIREEN!!” Mars said, “Everything is set to blow!! We got to get the fuck out of here!!!”
“Yeah, in 5 minutes and counting, this place is gonna go boom!!”

They run out of there with surprisingly no one out there to stop them and they quickly went into the van to jet out. “Hey, girl!! Hey, dammit!! It’s time for us to mo—“
However, that plan wasn’t going to go smoothly as Shireen has a gun to her head from those 2 guys Yelnats and Coffee. “Yeah, um, guys……help.”
“Excuse me, folks, but you happened to know something that you really shouldn’t ever knew about.” Coffee said.
“And I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when people know about shit they aren’t supposed to know.” Yelnats said.

“Yeah….well….” Mars said in hesitation, “Um….” He then throws a rock at both of them, grabs both of the guys, threw them out with Kate grabbing the same rock and knocking them out again and they began to ride out of there.

“Let me guess…” Kate said.
“Yes, those are Yelnats and Coffee.” Shireen said, “I don’t understand it!! I thought I had them tracked and ready. I never suspected this shit to happen!!!”

“Well, that doesn’t matter now.” Kate said, “We got the bomb ready and it should blow up in about 5….4….3….2…..” As they await for one big blast to happen, it didn’t.

“Huh?” Mars said. “Shouldn’t there be a big boom by now?” However, Yelnats and Coffee are not too far behind at they shot the tires of their getaway ride and they flipped over, causing them to crash. The two went to get the unconscious three, tied them up, and threw them in the trunk as their ride explodes.



Kate woke up in a blurry daze wondering where she was after that crash and she felt something moving as she was still tied up with Mars and Shireen. “Mars…..Mars, wake up!!!”
“HUH…” Mars was also a bit dazed. “Ow…my head. Last thing I remember was being in a—WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE?!?”

“Do you have to yell so loud?” Shireen said. “I think I have a headache.” She looks around at their location and sees that they are actually in a plane. “The hell? We’re moving?” They are now in a plane en route to Australia. “What the fuck is this? Where the hell are we at? What’s going on!!?” Coffee came in there and he slapped her, “How about you stop screaming and I’ll tell you!”

“HEY!!” Mars said, “You better be watching where yo—“
Then Coffee pulled out a gun, aimed at him. “You want to say something to me, boy!?” Mars slowed down and he put his hands down but then Coffee pistol-whipped Mars to the ground.
“YOU MOTHER—“ Kate was about to hit him but he punched her in the stomach.

“Yeah….no, bitch. You two are heading down to land down under for your execution.” Coffee said, “You know about the tainted formula and we can’t risk you telling the world about it and so…’re going to the snake pit once we land and as for you, Agent Kane…..well, you can join them as well or we can cut you in on this deal.”
“SNAKES!!?” Kate said, “Oh, FUCK THAT!!”
“Yep.” Coffee said, “And I see you have a fear of snakes, too, ya little pancake.”
“PANCAKE!?” Kate angrily shouted but then cooled down when she had a gun to her face. “OK, Pancake’s good.”
“Oh, FUCK YOU!” Shireen shouted as she spit on his face.
“You expect me to accept that deal?” Shireen said, “I’m not gonna wipe out 2 innocent people for a little pay.”
“You did get them involved, haven’t you?” Coffee said.
“After you was gonna shot them!” She screamed at them. But Coffee slapped her, too. “We got your bomb out of there and it’s been disarmed. Next time, set a timer faster than 6 minutes.” We threw it at them and spit across their faces as he walks back to the front.


“All the hell I wanted was a good vacation.” Mars said, “And yet, I’m dragged into this shit right here.”

“Guys……I’m really sorry I got you caught up in this mess.” Shireen said. “And you know I didn’t want to leave you at the hands of these guys.”
“Well……it’s not completely your fault.” Kate said. “You were trying to protect people from a deadly outbreak and hey, at least you die with honor and not being a treacherous bitch.”

“Yeah……” Shireen said with an annoyed slant. However, Mars wasn’t going to go down without a fight as he was trying to break open the door but ended up busting his foot. “OW!!! The fuck? Is that door solid steel?”

He got pissed off that he then kicked the defective bomb around and then they were sounds from it. “The hell was that?” The bomb now reads that it has 3 minutes until it explodes. “I thought that was defective!” Shireen screamed.

“WHAT!?” Kate screamed, “A fucking kick and now it’s gonna blow up?”
She then came to the full realization that the bomb is now active.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Both Mars and Kate screamed.
“Oh great!! Now we’re gonna die quicker than before!” Kate shouted.
“Well….there’s one thing….” As Shireen was pointing out the door and saying that they should jump out of the plane.


“WHAT!?” Kate said, “You fucking serious!? No way in hell I’m jumping out of that damn plane!”

However, Mars was thinking different as he thought of actually doing it. “Fuck it! We’re jumping!”

“The hell? Mars?!” Kate screamed.
“LOOK! Kate!! Either we jump out of there or we wait and die by a bunch of snakes!” Shireen warned her, “And do you want to be around snakes?”
Not even for a minute, Kate decides to go with jumping out of the plane. “FINE!!! But if I die, Shireen, I’m choking you for eternity. If we live……I’m still doing that.”

Shireen shoots the door while being handcuffed to Mars and Kate as the bomb has only 1 minute to blow. “Ready…..3……2……”
“SHUT UP AND JUMP!!” Kate shouted as the three of them jumped out of the plane in fear and screaming (although most of the screaming came from Kate and Mars) with none of those guys knowing that they escaped.
“Hey, Coffee!” Yelnats said.
“Yeah?” Coffee said.
“Check on our little friends. We got about 20 minutes until our destination.” Yelnats said.
Coffee then went to check on them but as he got there, he noticed that they were gone. “WHAT THE FUCK!! They’re gone!!” The worse is soon to come as Coffee find the bomb and it was on 5 seconds.

The plane then blew up, killing the two guys in a fiery death.

“AAHHHH!!!!” Kate was still screaming from falling. “OK, Shireen, I hope you got a parachute ready!!”

“Parachute?” Shireen shouted in confusion, like she didn’t have one.

“WHAT!?” Kate shouted, “You stupid bitch!! YOU DIDN’T GET A PARAC—“

“HA!!” Shireen screamed, “I was fucking with you!!! I got one!! Just latch on to me!” Mars and Kate quickly grabbed on to her as she pulls the cord. “OK, which one of you grabbing my ass?” It was actually Kate doing that.
“Hey, you said hold on to something!” Kate said.
“MY ASS?” Shireen said.
“Hey, Mars was trying to get a titty grab off you.” She said.
“Like you’re one to talk!” Mars said.
“HOW ABOUT YOU TWO GET OFF MY BODY PARTS BEFORE I LET YOU DIE!?” The three of them soon landed in a safe place although it was at somebody’s house with Kate landing on the pool, Shireen on their lawn and Mars on their dog.

“WHAT The—“ Kate shouted.
“OW!!” Shireen moaned in pain.
“HELP!!!” Mars screamed as he woken a pitbull.

“Um…..who are you people?” As the owner of the house said to them.



Shireen got back to her handlers and told them all about Yelnats and Coffee’s betrayals and in actuality, the Chatana Supreme was never released until they find a way to release it without any harmful substances as someone in their QC department found the deadly strain in there.

“So….the two of you not only helped save the millions of lives but also saved a company from a major disaster.” Shireen said as they are now on the beaches of New Zealand relaxing with both Kate and Mars. “And you have really earned that money.”

“Oi.” Mars said, “It was all worth it for all my pain and suffering. Especially my pain with that dog.”

“I see your friend is really enjoying her gift.” Shireen said.

Kate was busy in glee playing with a gaggle of penguins as she was promised. “YAY PENGUIE YAY!! This vacation is actually getting good!!”

“She’s gonna be like that for days.” Mars said, “You know she isn’t gonna let go of them, right?”

“Well, I can’t blame her.” Shireen said, “Those penguins are pretty adorable.”

“So……I guess after this, we’ll have to not see each other again.” Mars said.
“I wouldn’t say that.” Shireen said, “Although I don’t think you want to keep doing what we do.”

“Yeah, you got a point.” Mars said, “Maybe we can become good friends or something like that.”

“Hmmm…that can work.” Shireen said. “You got a Skype account or something?”
“Yeah, I do.” Mars writes it down and passes it on to her. “OK. Nice but why is your number there, too?”

“I……Um……..” Mars looked a little on-the-nose with that.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll call you on that, too.” Shireen said as she smiled. “And I want to tell you one more thing.” Mars came in close to her and then she pulled him by his collar and said to his ear, “Yeah, if you ever grab my tit like that again, I’m doing the same thing to your balls. Got it?”
“OUCH!” he quietly shouted. “OK.”

She then got back to her normal smile and then gives him a hug. “Great! Then I hope to talk to you soon, OK?”
“Yeah…..” Mars said in a weirded-out voice as he awkwardly laughs, “Real soon.”
Kate went to see what was that all about as she has a penguin on her head and holding another one. “So….you and Shireen? What was that?”

“Oh, yeah…we decided to be Skype friends……” he said, “And I think she both excites and scares me.”

“Geez, every one of guys seems to fall for the craziest or dangerous girls. I don’t get it.” Kate said.
“Yeah…..”Mars said, “….and one of them is my closest friend.”
“If you referring to me……” Then she slapped him in the head. “Well, you’re not wrong.”



Kate and Mars are getting ready to go back home.
“Well, this vacation was worth it. Got me some cash and a number from a girl at that.” He said reminiscing the trip. “And now, I’m going back to my shitty little town……yeah, this is depressing.” They got stopped at airport security and Mars expected to be patted down as last time but fortunately for him, it didn’t happen.
“Huh? OK, I didn’t get treated like some crazy guy.” Mars said, “Maybe things are turning up Mars.” But then when they went for Kate, it was a completely different story.

“Miss, you do realize that we can’t put pets or wild animals on the plane, right?” She actually had to dress up all the penguins to get them in as she wanted to take one or two….or 10 home with her.

“But these are my very short and hairy cousins!” Kate said, “That waddle around and don’t know how to fly but can swim!”

“OK, miss, you need to come with us!!” the guard said.
“NO, FUCK YOU!!” She hits the guy and decides to run and carry some of the penguins with her. “RUN, MY PENGUIE FRIENDS!! RUN!!!”

Mars witnessed the whole thing and said to himself, “Well, I guess we may not be going home as soon as we thought.”



©2015 KATANAPlus+ / Blue Chatana Project. All Rights Reserved.

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