TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2015 Edition: PRISON School

Most people have sometimes say that school is like prison from the nasty cafeteria food to the cliques you hang out with to doing nothing but trying to survive, maybe read a little and the worries of getting stabbed…..actually, in schools, you have to worry about that and getting shot (as sad and depressing as that sounds).

Yeah, school is a bitch but prison will make you its bitch!!!

This is it!! The anime many of you have been waiting for just for the pure curiosity of it.

This is an anime that I really bugged one of my friends about since she read and hated the manga (and I reference it now and then to torture her.)

This…….is……PRISON SCHOOL!!



Director: Tsutomu Mizushima

Series Composition: Michiko Yokote

Music: Kotaro Nakagawa

Original creator: Akira Hiramoto

Character Design: Junichiro Taniguchi

Art Director: Maki Morio

Chief Animation Director: Junichiro Taniguchi

Sound Director: Tsutomu Mizushima

Director of Photography: Yoshio Ookouchi

Animation Production: J.C. Staff

Internet Streaming and Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: There was a time when the Hachimitsu Private Academy was a revered and elite all-girls’ boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo but a recent policy revision is allowing boys into the student body. On his first day, Kiyoshi Fujino discovers that he’s one of only five boys enrolled at the school. Completely overwhelmed by the thousands of girls on campus, the few boys find that their situation is less than ideal.

First Thoughts: So…..I watched a lot of stupid shit this past year in anime and even from this season, I have a fair share of watching dumb shit like Chaos Dragon, Absolute Duo, World Break and even Overlord and I can definitely say this is one of the dumbest and fucked-up anime I’ve seen in a long while but here’s the major difference…..at least it knows it’s dumb as shit and not trying to make itself seem smart. First episode in, these 5 boys tried to sneak a peek on some girls, they got caught and normally, they would be called ‘perverts’, right? Well, that and being PUNISHMENT AND GETTING THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF THEM by these councilwomen….although to be fair, I beat the shit out of them, too, as they (except the normal one in the group) annoyed the fuck out of me. Yes, fan service galore in here but you see a lot of white bright flashes since they censored the ever loving hell out of it.

I…..I baffled by this. Yes, this show is bad but I actually want to see how shitty it gets. It’s not like Chaos Dragon where it’s meant to be taken seriously but the humor in here is too stupid and kinda nauseating in some way but…..fuck it. This is AN ACQUIRED WATCH….much like Acquired Taste, I’m not gonna recommend this show to anybody unless you really want to experience this for yourself.

Oh, and this show is scheduled to have a Broadcast dub alongside Gangsta.

Well, at least Gangsta. Is getting a broadcast dub.


Whelp that was an experience. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and this is why we have porno…..at least you won’t get beaten to a pulp.

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