TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2015 Edition: SNOW WHITE with the Red HAIR

OK, another anime that I haven’t originally put on my list. Well, Chaos Dragon was a real dud and looking at this title.

Snow White with the Red Hair?”

OK, I’ll watch it. At least this’ll be better than those two shitty movies 3 years ago.

And since I already said the title, here’s the first impression of said title.

Director: Masahiro Ando

Series Composition: Deko Akao

Music: Michiru Oshima

Original creator: Sorata Akiduki

Character Design: Kumiko Takahashi

Art Director: Erika Okazaki

Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi

Theme Song Performance: eyelis (ED) Saori Hayami (OP)

Animation Production: BONES

Internet Streaming and Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: Shirayuki is a beautiful girl working as a medicine woman with red hair, a color that is considered very rare. When she is proposed and chased after by the prince of her country, she cuts her hair and runs away, only to meet Zen, the prince of a neighboring country. Finding respect for the young man, she decides to serve at his side as his court doctor.

First Thoughts: This…..is a beautiful thing to witness. This show feels like a Disney Fairy Tale but as an anime and it actually pulls some interesting twists from the original tale like the charming prince is actually an asshole that wants Shirayuki (Shiro = White, Yuki = Snow, you get it now?) to be one of his wives and you know she’s not having that shit. She is also somebody who wants to help people by being a medicine woman, which helped out during the first episode with one particular scene. Plus, it did the impossible. It made me interested in watching a show with a HIGH FANTASY aesthetic and the characters are interesting and likable and comic timing was great. Thank you, BONES for animating something that has a chance to be great.

OK, you see, Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers? You could’ve made a better first impression but you didn’t. You were boring.

Oh, and you too, Chaos Dragon! You were just convoluted as hell.


This is a CONTINUE WEEKLY. I want to see how far this show can go. This and GANGSTA could be the best anime of the summer.


And you people were bitching about how the summer season was gonna suck. Try and have some faith sometimes, people!

Anyway, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and always wash your apples before eating them. Otherwise, you get poisoned.


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