Well, I didn’t really intend to review this particular title but what the hell?

I wonder how this will end up.

*23 minutes later*


This is Chaos Dragon.

Director: Masato Matsune

Series Composition: Shou Aikawa Ukyō Kodachi

Music: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Original creator: Gen Urobuchi (tabletop game player) / Izuki Kōgyoku (tabletop game player) / Kinoko Nasu (tabletop game player) / Kiyomune Miwa (Red Dragon game)  / Makoto Sanda (tabletop game DM) Ryohgo Narita  / (tabletop game player) Simadoriru (tabletop game player)

Character Design: Shoko Takimoto

Producer: Katsushi Oota

Theme Song Performance: Haruka Terui (ED) Maaya Uchida (ED) Miyuki Sawashiro (ED) Natsumi Kon (OP)

Animation Production: CONNECT / SILVER LINK

Internet Streaming/Licensing: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: In the sparkling era year 3015, the great nations Donatia and Kouran divided the world in a cold war as they fight for supremacy. In the middle of this standoff is island country Nil Kamui, which has lost its independence.

First Thoughts: Wow…..this looks stupid. Actually, no. This looks and feels stupid. The story comes off as being another generic JRPG game into an anime but then again, the show is based off of that from 7 different authors including Ryohgo Narita, Gen Urobuchi and Kinoko Nasu but the anime is being handled by the guy who wrote the first FMA series and Ghost Slayers Ayashi, Eureka Seven AO and…..yep, it’s boring and cliché. Hell, the animation is the worst part of the series as if feels like Silver Link was trying to be ufotable so bad from still images to speed lines to awkward animation movements. Most of you motherfuckers need to apologize to Trigger for Ninja Slayer because at least that shit was on purpose and funny. This, on the other hand, is over-the-top RPG ‘The Edge’ fan fiction and judging by the ending of the 1st episode, it’s not gonna end well for this guy.

DROP IT……no, really, just stay away from this show. I wouldn’t watch this for the blog. I already got a dull RPG-ish show to keep up with and compared to this, Rokka is fucking Schindler’s List.


Well, this has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’m glad to avoid the rest of this chaos.


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