TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2015 Edition: INTRO / Durarara!!X2 TEN




Time of the Season is BACK (as suspected) for the Summer Season! Things are really going to heat up! The return of shows and some potential hits in our hands if done right and even though people are saying “Oh, this season is gonna suck!! I have no hopes!” and yet most of you don’t have negative shit to say now, don’t you?

Now let’s get things started with the second arc of what is now my favorite shows of this year, Durarara!!x2 with Ten.

(Oh, spoilers if you haven’t seen The First Arc.)

Director: Takahiro Omori

Series Composition: Noboru Takagi

Original creator: Ryohgo Narita

Original Character Design: Suzuhito Yasuda

Character Design: Takahiro Kishida

Theme Song Performance: REVALCY (ED) Toshiyuki Toyonaga (OP)

Animation Production: Shuka

Internet Streaming: Aniplex Channel/ Crunchyroll/ Hulu

Licensed by: Aniplex of America

Plot Synopsis: Ikebukuro, a city teeming with the most peculiar characters and the twisted schemes they indulge in—. In the aftermath of the assault against the information broker, signs of new disorder begin to develop like ripples across the water. Holding his own ideals, the young man who gains the powers of both the “Dollars” and the “Blue Squares” treads the path to total annihilation. Someone struggles to save their best friend while a psychopath creeps up on a popular idol. Slowly but surely a new threat gains power within the city’s shadows…

First Thoughts: So, people are saying that this was a slow start for the new season and yeah, it is a slow start. I thought the start of this was a little ‘meh’ especially after Izaya getting stabbed in the Sho finale which was easily one of the best highlights of the first arc. I get why the first episode of the first arc was like that because you’re just getting back into the show after 5 or 6 years (or 6 months in show universe) but this is 3 months later (or directly after him getting stabbed) and it couldn’t hurt to change the pace a little bit. Then again, they have make the pace fast as the show goes along and with this show, you have to ease into it or you’ll get show whiplash or not knowing what the fuck is going on (which is why I prefer Durarara over Baccano! for that reason.) Anyway, I still have faith in this show being good and if it does fall off….at least Sho was a good arc.


So, with that said, I’m going with CONTINUE WEEKLY…..and that’s really a no-brainer for me.


And what that said, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the people into the Dollars.


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