The ACADEMY Part 2: LIGHTWORKS – Chapter 7: うそ花 (Lie Flower) / Fourth Challenge

In one of the offices in the Academy, Black Freighter was once again infiltrating for some info on the Academy and he’s doing double the work since Cobalt was still resting from the 2nd challenge. However, as he went in there, somebody already beat him to it.

“OH SHIT!!” And it was Oz doing the work. “I was just….um…..wait, you’re not Tiberius. You’re…um, Freight Train, Soul Train, Black Light?”

“It’s Black Freighter, motherfucker, and just what in the hell are you doing here?” he said.

“I’m doing my own search on all of you motherfuckers.” Oz said, “All of you are gonna pay for what you did to my girl!”
“Um…” BF said, “Last time I checked, your girl got cocky and lost. That’s her own fault.”

“Whatever.” Oz said, “I’m just going through some shit and that’s in the sense of dramatic and what I’m doing now.”

“Fine.” BF said, “Anything you got on them?”
“Well……” Oz said. “I looked into some archive and looked over some former participants of the Academy.” He went into some random files and see a familiar name of there and it was Kanemoto. “Wait….Kanemoto? What the–?”

“What? What?” BF said. “You know the name Kanemoto?” Oz said. “You mean that guy and his sister and that girl he might be more than friends with?

“Yeah. Only this is the guy’s mom.” He said, “Her name is Hazuki Kanemoto. Turns out she was one of the first competitors of the Academy and she won hands down at the age of 24. Got married 4 years later with her college sweetheart and gave birth to 2 kids.”

“So they live happily ever aft—“
“UH…let me finish.” Oz said, “Unfortunately, 3 years ago, she and her husband was killed in a home invasion robbery and that’s all in here.”

“I do think that is mostly strange.” BF said.
“How so?” Oz said.
“It seems that most of these former Academy members have been killed in the same timeframe that was years after they participated in the games.” BF said, “One guy named Aaron Snyder won the games back in ’94 but was shot to death by two gangbangers in 2001. Another one, Paula Willingham, she won back in 1986 but died in a car explosion in 1996. Jerry Morgan, won in ’79 but died by ODing on cocaine in ’84.”

“Holy shit.” Oz said, “But I don’t get the long gap in years of them dying. It is a curse or something?”

“I have no ide—“ BF got interrupted for a second and he saw a file that’s titled Future Deranged Cases and he saw a picture of somebody that really freaked him out. “What the fuck…wanted for assault and battery, murder a past lover with a chainsaw and lit them on fire? What in the flying hell?”

“What? What?” Oz said. “Whose record you’re on?”

“It’s that—“ But BF got interrupted by someone coming into the room. “Oh shit, we gotta go!!” He and Oz vanished out of that room before anyone could find them.


It was in the middle of the afternoon and Nariaki was all healed up from the wounds as he was in the game room along with Emi, Mai, Daria and Hana and Charlie both getting cozied up after last night.

“Nari, I see that you’re up and feeling a lot better.” Emi said. “Yeah….yesterday I got a lot of healing done.” Nari said, “And thankfully, I also thought of a lot of things, too.”
“You’ve been thinking, huh?” Emi said, “About what, exactly?”

“It’s been a lot of things.” Nari said, “From back home to what we at now, the whole Academy thing and …” He paused as the next thing we was going to mention might be a deal breaker. “About us, Emi.”

“Us?” she said.
“Yeah,” he answered,
“By us, I meant you and me. Like… a couple?”
She froze up, too, as he brought up that. “Oh…….that thing. OK, Nari, you mind if we talked about this alone?”
“Yeah, sure.” Both of them went on their business but the others did notice.

“I wonder what’s all that about?” Charlie said.
“I got no clue.” Hana said.
“I think I know.” Daria said, “Thank goodness both of them are gonna settle it.”
“Oh…you mean they might finally become boyfriend and girlfriend?” Mai said. The rest looked a bit surprised that she knew that. “Well, I live with them practically my whole life. I figured it was bound to happen.”

Someone else came into the room and it was Staley. “Attention, one of you has been chosen for the next challenge. Get ready as it starts in about 30 minutes. Anyone available for it?”

“Well….I haven’t done one yet.” Charlie said. “Maybe I can be up for one. Staley searches his name up and sees, “Oh, Charlie Connor. Yeah, you are up for a battle but you’re not the person we thought of this one.”

“Then who’s your next one?” Daria said. “Well, we thought of Black Freighter and also—“


We cut back to Nari and Emi talking. “Look, Nari, I don’t think this is the time to talk about this right now.” Emi said, “I mean, I do get why you wanna bring this up and well….to be honest, I don’t blame you for that.” She looked a bit starry-eyed for a minute but got back to normal. “But now, you are fighting for your life here and you can’t have anything else distracting you.”

“I wasn’t.” he said, “I thought in case something were to happen to me…”
Emi said, “STOP SAYING THAT!! I thought you were sure of surviving this.”
“I was…until I got shot many times.” Nari said. “Emi, now I’m just as scared as you and Mai are about this. I don’t want to end up dead here but I can’t go back accomplishing nothing and broke than before.”

“I didn’t want to admit it at first.” Emi said, “But fuck, I’m really scared for you and I don’t want to be. I just can’t imagine if the next day we’re going to be around for us.”

“I know, Emi.” Nari said, “That’s why I wanted to say something now before it’s too late.” He was holding her hand and pulling her real close to each other. “Emi Sato, I—“ She stopped him at his tracks. “Nari, I know what you’re going to say and I feel the same way, too.”


“Welcome to the Fourth Challenge!!” Tiberius announced to the stage. “And this is where things get really exciting. We are going to have a classic gladiator duel! The rules are you have to last 5 minutes in the arena, armed with a weapon like the swinging blade, the machete and the claw knives. And this time…….you will actually die in this competition. There’s no going back.”

Then he went to introduce the competitors. “The two fighters in this competition are The Black Freighter, Academy Participant born from England and raised in New Orleans.”

“Wait, that guy from Louisiana and he’s British?” Bobby asked while watching this live on TV at their hotel room with Trench and some local hookers they were hanging out.
“I guess he got that Idris Elba look to him.” Trench said, “Motherfucker looked like he came out of Pacific Rim or some shit.”
“Whoever going against him, they probably pissing in their pants right now.” Bobby said.
“True.” Trench said.

“And in the next corner, we have…..” Then the camera pans up to reveal that it’s Hana. “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!” Bobby said, “That little girl? Fighting him? Well, her ass is dead.”
At that moment, Cobalt was watching the event from his room and saw that exact moment. Then Oz showed up at the door. “Hey, other guy that hangs out with that dude!”
“OK, do you know anyone’s name here?” Cobalt said, “Oh, and my name is Cobalt, dammit.”

“Whatever. Listen, Black Freighter is in danger!” Oz said. “He’s gonna get killed.”
“Killed? By that girl?” Cobalt questioned, “Man, are you out of your mind?”

“No.” Oz then showed him a file. “That girl is a warranted killer and it’s all in her file.”

“What? Let me see.” Cobalt grabbed the file. “Assault and battery. Killed a guy with a chainsaw and it was a former lover. Set someone on fire. This girl?”

“YES!!” Oz said.

“Wait, what do you expect me to do?” Cobalt said. “Aren’t you healed up by now?” Oz said, “That other guy is feeling better and he’s probably doing everything from jumping high or having non-stop sex.”

In another room, Nari and Emi was having sex in one of the private room unguarded by anyone and decided to have a chance before anything else can happen. The two were roughly kissing each other and feeling on themselves. Emi got Nari’s shirt off and give him a tongue kiss, getting lost in the ecstasy of the lovemaking. Nari then got Emi in her bra and panties as he grabbed her ass and kissed down to her breasts. She moaned a little from that.
“You know, I imagined someone holding me like this for a long time.” She said, “I’m glad to know it was you.”
She continued kissing him deeply. “Yeah, I don’t think I wanna stop.” Nari said. “Well, we don’t have to.” She said slyly as she took off her bra and Nari saw her breasts in full. “Now I really want to apologize for saying—“
“Your reaction is good enough.” As she shoved his face into her tits.

After a while, the two laid down naked in bed with satisfied looks on their faces. Emi smiled a bit at him as she went and kiss him again.
“That was amazing.” He said.
“I never felt like this around anyone before.” Emi said.

Nariaki then got up, kissed Emi one more time and then he went in the bathroom to take a shower. Emi was just lying in bed with a good feeling after spending time with Nari but then as she tosses and turns, she notices something from the A-Key lying on the floor.
“Huh? Recording?” she noticed and it read the time date from yesterday.
“Wait, when was this? A-Key?”
“Yes, Miss Sato?” A-Key said. “Could be play this recording you got on there?” she asked her.
“Affirmative.” A-Key said and as soon as she plays it, she heard a strange noise of a woman moaning.
She was a bit confused at first but then she called out Nari’s name and that’s when it all got suspicious. “A-Key, who was in the room when this was happening?” Emi said.
“I believe it was Mr. Kanemoto and Ms. Sasaki.” A-Key said.
Emi was very shocked to hear that. “HE……he didn’t. He couldn’t have. He wouldn’t……..He shouldn’t have.



Meanwhile at the challenge, Hana chose her weapon of choice and it was the swinging blade. She swung the first try and got BF in a bind. “Oh shit, this girl knows her shit.”
However, he went and charge at her with his weapon, the machete but she caught on that move and evading him and then kicked him square in the leg.
“OH shit.” BF groan. “That was almost to my balls.”
“Sorry for the pain but I’m just going my job.” Hana said with a fucked-up smile as she came slamming Freighter down.
“If you want to win, you really have to fight me.” Hana said.
“Fuck it.” He went in screaming with rage to attack her as he leap up in the air and attack her. He actually got one bleeding cut out of her but it was only her arm. Hana got the upper hand and got his legs while he was in the air.

“Oh shit!!” How did you do that?” BF said.
“I have some sneaky ways.” She said. Hana quickly rushes into Freighter and used her bare hands to one-two punch him over and over again and since she was smaller and more flexible than him, she had the upper hand to attack every center of him.

“Oh fuck….” BF felt weaker as he could get. “I didn’t think that girl could kick my ass. At least until—“ “UNTIL WHAT?” Hana screamed. “That’s the problem with most of you people. You assume I’m some frail little girl because I’m not some damn body builder or anything.” She continues to beat him like a piñata and slammed him against the wall. She got the blade and cut deep inside his arm.
“AAHHHH!!!” he screamed, “Oh GOD!!! You crazy-ass girl!!! Oh shit!!”

Oz and Cobalt got into the ring armed to the teeth.

“What the fuck is this?” Terri shouted. “What the hell are they doing there? It’s not their challenge yet!”

“It looks like two other fighters jumped in to help BF.” Staley said.
“Wait, should we stop them, Tiberius?” Admeta said,
“This seems to get out of hand.”
“No.” Tiberius said, “This actually got more interesting.”

“Come here, you crazy-ass psycho bitch!!” Oz said with a buzzing chainsaw. “Now I don’t feel bad blowing all that smoke in your face!!” He went to aim the chainsaw at her as he ran dangerously with it but Hana threw some dirt on his face. “I can’t see shit!!” He accidentally cuts Cobalt in the arm. “HEY, Watch where you swinging that motherfucker!”

Oz got mad as hell and went and grabbed Hana and give a massive strike punch to her eye. The rest were stunned to see this, especially Charlie, who couldn’t watch anymore of this.

“You psycho bitch!!” Oz said. “Look what you made me do!!”
“WHAT I DID?!” Hana shouted. “You fucking PUNCH ME IN THE EYE, YOU DICK!” Then she grabbed the blade and deliberately cut off Oz’s hand.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Oz screamed in horror as his hand was sliced off. “Oh….Oh….Oh, fuck me!! My hand!!”

“Your other one is next!!” she shouted.

“HANA!!” She heard a voice coming from the sky and it was Charlie with a switchblade. “Hana, are you OK?”

“Charlie, what are you doing here?” Hana said in a worried state of shock.

“Wait, another one in here?” Admeta said, “Tiberius, what the fuck? Are you going to do something?”
“OK, OK.” Tiberius said, “No one else is gonna get in here!” He then locked the doors from them getting out.

“Wait, no!!” Hana said, “Let him out!! LET HIM OUT!! LET HIM THE FUCK OUT!! Charlie, you shouldn’t be in here!!”

“Why not?” he said. “I can help out!!”
“It’s not that!!” she said, “You really shouldn’t be in the middle of this round right now.”

“GET LOST, YOU DUMBASS!!” Oz said. “Your little girlfriend costs me a hand and unless you want to help replace it, you better get out of the way before I fuck you up, too.” Oz then pushes Charlie out of the way but then he felt something in his leg and it was Charlie’s switchblade stuck to it. “YOU LITTLE SHIT!!”

He kicked Charlie hard in the stomach and began stomping him there as he screams in pain and Hana is begging him to stop.
“STOP! GET OFF HIM!!!” she screamed with sadness and rage.
“YOU WANT ME TO STOP STOMPING ON YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND!? Well, fuck you! My girl is still in intense care and I’m not letting my guard down because of her.” He continued stomping him until Charlie took out the switchblade out of his leg and stab him again in the foot.
“AAAHHH!!” he let out one more scream as Hana shoves him down, grabs Charlie and tried to bust the door open.

Black Freighter and Cobalt wasn’t even trying to do anything at this point but Oz is still in a blind rage at both of them that he wasn’t going to let them escape alive. Oz got a sharp claw knife and he was aiming it at Hana and so he threw the knife but then Charlie tried to warn her about it. However, as the knife got close, he blocked it with his hand and the knife went through it.
Oz threw another one and he got Charlie down.
“CHARLIE!!” Hana screamed.

Then she threw her blade at Oz’s neck and sliced it, causing him to spurt out blood, bleed out and immediately died.
“Charlie, no!!” Hana cried out.
“Oh no, Charlie.” She cried out his name in panic as he got a knife deep in his chest.

“I think I’m not gonna make it.”
“Charlie, we can make it to the infirmary and get you fixed up all good.” Hana desperately said, “You’re gonna be fine.”

“I’m losing a lot of blood and it’s getting colder.” He said in few of his last breath. “Charlie, please no!!” “Hana….being with you really made this trip worthwhile.” He said, “And last night was one of the best nights I had with you. I really think you’re beautiful and the sweetest.”
“You think I’m beautiful and sweet? Even though I’m a killer?” she said.
“Well, you didn’t try to kill me.” Charlie said.
“What? Charlie? CHARLIE?” She sounded tense. “Hana….I love you.” And that was his last words.

Tears came running down Hana’s face as she knew what just happened. She gripped his lifeless body and screamed out, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”






©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The A-Key Project.

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