It was close to evening and we see Charlie in the game room having some downtime playing an RPG game on a PS4 with no one to distract him. Then Hana came into the room, bored and looking for something to do as well and she sees Charlie the first glance. “Hello?” she said.
He turned around and see Hana behind him. “Oh, hey Hana!”
“Charlie!” Hana said, “Hey, thought I found you here. Everyone else is either in a challenge or in a hospital from said challenge.”

“Yeah.” He said, “I figured that before I eventually get my ass kicked, I should kill some time here. Plus, I’ve been wanting to play this game for some time now.”

“Well, you mind if I spend some time with you?” Hana asked. “I don’t mind at all, Hana.” He said. “I enjoy your company.” She smiled and laughed, “Thanks.”

So for the next hour and a half, the two have been playing a lot of video games and been chatting about whatever goes on their lives before coming to the Academy. “So yeah…..I’ve been pretty much a loner for almost my whole life. I was that shy guy that doesn’t speak much, doesn’t talk much or stay in exile from everyone.” “Do you think this trip might’ve made you less shy?” Hana said.

“Well, I met you.” Charlie said, “And I’m not shy around you so it must be working so far.”

“Yeah, I say its working.” Hana said. “And I also see you’re not shy in one area.”
“What do you me—“, Charlie then noticed Hana was pointing out his instant boner and immediately hides it.

“I did notice that from the first time we met.” Hana said, “But I know that you were trying to be nice and respectful and you are.”

“Thanks.” He said, “It’s nice that someone thinks of me like that.” He paused for a minute and he felt like he wanted to say something else to her.
“Hana…..” he said without hesitation.
“Yes, Charlie?” she said.
“You feel like doing something later on?” he said.
“Like seeing the town and all that?” Hana liked the idea of sight-seeing. “Charlie, I would love to do that.”


Later on, the two went on to view the sights of Thailand from visiting the landmarks to just walking around and talking to each other. The more the two talk to each other about their lives, the more they become close as friends. Maybe even more than that.

“So, Hana…” Charlie said.
“Yes, Charlie?” Hana asked.
“I really don’t know much about where you’re from.” He said, “I mean, since we’re friends, I like to know something about you.” Hana looked a little nervous at that point about telling herself about Charlie. “Oh….yes. About me. Well, like you…..I wasn’t really close to anyone at all.”

Hana sounded uneasy telling him about this. “Charlie, I’ve been alone ever since the day I was born. Or at least alone in the sense of companionship.” She said. “I never really knew my parents so I’ve been in an orphanage after orphanage until I was old enough to venture out of my own.”

“Oh…” As Charlie sounded concerned from that. “Damn, this makes my childhood seem less shitty.”

“Maybe.” Hana said, “But I don’t like to say ‘MY PAIN IS WORSE THAN YOURS!’ like it’s a competition or something. Just makes me look like an asshole. We both gone through a shitty past but look at us now, we’re in the deep of Thailand, staying in a lavish hotel and meeting new people!”

“And you know what’s been the best thing about this trip for me?” Charlie said.

“Oh and what’s that?” Hana asked.
“Meeting you.” He said to her.

“Oooh… well, I’m glad to know I’ve been your favorite part of this.” Hana said. Then the two laugh and they began to get close to each other. So close that the two looked deep into their eyes and they begin to lock lips and kiss.

“Wow….” She said, “Damn, that was quite….”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Charlie said, “Did I go too far or…” Hana leaned up and kissed him again square on the lips and both was really into it.

On the way back to the hotel, both went up to Charlie’s room and they immediately start to make out on the bed with both stripping out their clothes with Charlie first kissing Hana from her lips to down to her belly. She then got on top of him, kissing him and licking his chest and stomach. “Oh, Charlie!” she then got to unhooking her bra, took it off and Charlie got up to kiss her more, holding and caressing her breasts.

Both of them were getting into the heat of the moment as the two moan each other’s names as they really got intimate as Hana got down and started to perform oral sex on Charlie.
“Oh…..Hana.” He said her name as she continued to blow him. “Oh…Damn.” She then got into position where she was laying down and Charlie went to put his dick inside her and continue to fuck like that.

“Charlie……Charlie….” Hana moaned his name several times as her pleasure is rising high and both shared a deep sensual kiss that enhances it more.

The two continued fucking for the next 30 minutes and eventually the two climaxed together as the sex definitely ended with a bang. Both are now resting in each other’s arms in tenderness and embrace.

“Hana….” Charlie said to her but she was sound asleep from the sex and soon Charlie decides to do the same thing.


TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 7.

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