Third Challenge

The setting of the third challenge is now taking place in one of the Academy’s privately-owned lakes with the waterfall, flowing river, basically it’s all the works. This is a martial-arts based competition where two fighters must battle it out in the middle of the raging river. Two fighters enter and fight in a special ring. One can easily win by knockout if you get the other to fell in the water. Each round will advance as you play. Round 1 will be by fists, Round 2 will use weapons like brass knuckles and if there’s a Round 3, swords come into play.

Each round will have over a minute and if you’re the last one standing, you automatically win.

Terri just explained the rules to them and now Daria and Hiromi are ready to battle it out.

“You ready?” Daria said. “You bet your ass I am.” Hiromi said, “May the best woman win.”
“Don’t worry,” Daria said, “I plan on it.”

The sound of the bell rings as the two girls begin sparing around when a few hits and kicks thrown in there. Daria got the edge when she double-kicked Hiromi close to the edge but she rebounded at the last minute when she landed a direct punch to Daria’s jaw.

Daria’s down for the count but not out yet… least until Hiromi flipped her to the ground and did a haymaker on her for the finishing move.

And that was the end of the first round and Hiromi got the first point and now it’s Round 2 and they now get to use brass knuckles for extra damage and that was the first thing Daria did…..she immediately punched Hiromi square in the stomach and even started to choke her a bit.

“Wait, wait, wait…..why in the hell are you choking me?” Hiromi said.

“No one said that I couldn’t.” Daria said.

“IN THAT CASE…” Hiromi spring back up and gotten her brass knuckles to knock out Daria by pimp-slap/punching her directly in the cheek but as Hiromi looks like she was about to win, Daria blocked her move and head-butted her down for the count also punching her down for the count.

Now it’s the end of the 2nd round and now we are at the finale where they now have to use swords to beat their asses. Now, Hiromi is really pissed off as she comes charging deep to Daria and both were going at it as they kept dueling with the swords, matching each other’s moves and blocks. However, Hiromi got Daria cut in her arm and as soon as that happen, Hiromi pushed her close to the edge of the ring and it looks like the round could go to Hiromi…..but there was a strange vibration sound as Hiromi was gonna knock her out and not only that, it causes Hiromi to lose balance and now she’s hanging at the edge of the ring to not fall down the river.

Daria got from there and was thinking if she should rescue her or let her fall to the water and flow away. However, she eventually slipped and fell down into the water, thus making Daria the winner of the game.

“DARIA IS OUR WINNER!!!” as the announcer said. Admeta and Terri went over there to congratulate her. “Good job there, Miss Hooper. You really held your game back there.”

“Yeah.” Daria said as she’s panting, “I thought….I was a goner for sure.”

“It really did look like a close one.” Terri said, “Well, that’s about it for challenges for the day. You can now relax for the rest of the day, hang out with some friends or do whatever.”

“I think I’m gonna lay do—“ Then her brother came to mind.
“Wait……I forgot. Is Trench and Bobby around?” Admeta filled in that answer, “We sent your brother and his friend to one of the local gentlemen’s club to keep them busy. You should be able to relax.”

“OH, thank you!” Daria said, “Because I can’t stand up any longer.” She immediately fell down to the ground.



Leona went into Nariaki’s room as he was resting. “Hello. Nariaki?” she said.

“Oh, Leona.” Nariaki said as he was resting. “What are you doing here?”

“I was told that you might need some medical treatment.” Leona said, “I mean, you just got shot a lot of times. I’m surprised you’re alive and kicking.”

“Thankfully those bullets aren’t exactly real.” Nariaki said, “Otherwise, I’d be a dead man.”

Leona was walking around the room, just looking at outside where the battle was happening and she began to shut the curtains. “So, Nari….”
“Yeah?” he asked. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something since you got here.” She said to him,
“And I hope it doesn’t turn you the wrong way.” The tension feels like Nari might know some juicy info, whether it be on the Academy and their doings but he is going to find out soon. “OK……Are you and Emi….” And he knew where this is going from those 4 words. “Are you two dating or something?”

“Wait, what?” he said, “Dating? Me and Emi? No, we’re not dating. We’re just friends.”
“Oh.” Leona sounded relieved for a minute. “OK, I just thought you two seemed like you are gonna hook up after she graduated or something.” She puts her hand next to his leg. “No. She just been helping with some things ever since what happened to my parents and all.” Nari said. “She’s been supportive of that and me and Mai.”

“Yeah, I heard about what happened to them.” Leona said, “I’m really sorry about that. Damn, I know that was really fucked up. Did they ever caught the guy who—“

“The guy who did it?” Nari said, “Well, a few days later, the police said that somebody ended up shooting him in the back of the head because of some money he owed to someone.”

“I don’t know whether to say if that’s a good thing or bad thing.” Leona said.

“Me either.” Nari said, “One hand, he got what he deserved but I wanted justice. In my bones, I wanted to do him in but I know I couldn’t.”

“You were younger back then.” Leona said, “No one would blame you for wanting to kill the guy that fucked with your parents.”
“Yeah….” He wanted to change the subject to something else. “I also got something else to say to you.”

“Oh, and what is that?” Leona said. “Well, I hope you don’t slap me for this, but I—“
“I had a crush on you since high school.” Nari said.
“OK, that’s harmless.” Leona said, “I know lots of guys that got a crush on me.”
“And I also wanted to see you—“
“Naked?” Leona guessed. “Come on. Admit it.”
“Are you gonna hit me?” Nari said, getting into ‘don’t hit me’ phase. She laughed.
“Not really but….” She turned off the lights, got Nariaki into bed and puts on some music. She slowly undressed her nurse’s outfit to her lingerie. “I have a feeling after this, you feel like it’s a dream.”


In the hallway, we hear Mai coming down to get something from the vending machine and she hears a lot of moans and groans coming down from where their room is at. She wanted to check out what was that noise but then she got interrupted by Staley, who was just getting out of the restroom.

“Hey, aren’t you one of the guests here?” Staley said, “Kanemoto, right?”
“Yes.” Mai said, “I’m Nari’s sister. I was just getting something to eat.”

“Oh, OK.” He said, “Just checking. Enjoy your stay, miss!!”
As he walks downstairs but then Emi came up stairs looking for Mai. “Hey, Mai! Where you at?”
“Oh, she’s upstairs.” Staley said and then he took a glaze at what Emi was wearing. “And I see you visited our swimsuit Shoppe today.”

“Mai, are you here!!?” Emi called out for her.
“Right here, Emi.” Mai took a long look at Emi and sees her in a white flower bikini.
“Oh wow….Emi, you look so pretty in your bikini.”

“Really, you think so?” Emi said, “Yeah, I figure I should splurge on something for myself. Plus, I don’t look too shabby in this and I pull it off well.”

“Oh, definitely that.” Mai said but then she looked back at the hallway and heard a big pleasurable scream in the hallway. “What was that?!” Emi shouted.
“I don’t know.” Mai said, “But I don’t want to find out.”
“Game room sounds good?” Emi said.
“Yep.” Mai said.
“You read my mind. Let’s go.” As both of them went on there.


In actually, what really happened with the moans and hollering was that Leona and Nariaki was having sex in their room with Leona playing striptease to him at first with Nari feeling her up, touching her tits whether by hand or kissing and licking them. “I see you like to lick them.” Leona said. “I don’t blame you.” He keeps pleasuring her body, even so far to taking off her panties and giving her oral sex.
“Oh…god. Nari. I didn’t know you were good at this.” Leona moaned at that moment, feeling herself up. “Oh shit…You’re not gonna tell anybody about this, aren’t you?” He shook his head that he wasn’t going to tell.

“Oh, good. Because I really don’t want to lose this job or get into some shit.” She said. He kept going down on her and the pleasure is so intense for her, Leona felt like she wanted to let out a big scream as she climaxed (and yes, that was the scream that Mai and Emi heard.)

“Oh…. That was good.” Leona said, “And I really meant that. Most guys I had sex with didn’t pleasure me well as you did.”
“You think so?” Nari asked.
“YES!” she said, “Personally, any woman would be satisfied to have a guy like you as their boyfriend, which I was surprised that Emi hasn’t taken you as that.”

“I never saw it that way before.” Nari said, “You think she might go for someone like me?”

“It can work if both of you do something about it.” Leona said as she gave him a kiss. “You take care now, Nariaki Kanemoto.” She got dressed back to her nurse’s outfit, straight everything up and left without someone noticing her.

Or so what both of them think.


TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 6

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