Second Challenge

A day later and the contestants are now at the shooting range. “OK, people!!” Tiberius shouted.
“The next round will feature 3 contestants this time around and the objective of the game is you must fire 10 shots to your target and precisely 10 shots.”

Terri filled in with, “You will have 20 rounds of bullets. If you fired more than 10 shots, you will be disqualified immediately. The bullets we’re using are special made bullets that performs the accuracy and realization of getting shot without damaging your organs. There’s 30 minutes on the clock and if you can’t get all 10 shots within that time frame, then no one wins. Got it?”

All nodded their head or agree accordingly to Terri. “Great. Now will be our 3 contestants for this round?”

A few minutes later

“AAAHHHHH!!!” As Nariaki screamed for mercy as he’s being hunted down by Cobalt and Rose in the maze. Plus, he’s gotten shot about 5 times going in the round. “Oh shit!! HELP!! HELP!! Fuck, I suck at this!!”

“RUN MOTHERFUCKER!!” Rose said. “Before I put another bullet in your ass!”

“The fuck does this teach us?” Cobalt said, “That crazy bitch shot me 4 times since the shit started.”
Both of the fellas were busy running from her to shoot each other. “OK….um, Japanese guy…..Naru something?”

“Nariaki.” He said, “And what?”

“I think there’s something suspicious going down here.” Cobalt said, “I can feel it in my bones.”
“Wait…..” Nari took a pause, “You too?” Cobalt took a notice in that line.

“Yeah. I and Black Freighter have been trying to figure out their deal with us.” He kept talking to Nari.
“But we keep hitting dead ends. We know something’s going down in here and when the eventual deaths come, it could get worse.”

“WORSE!? Than this?” Nari questioned.

“At least that’s what Freighter told me.” Cobalt said. “We need to figure out a way to expose them for the frauds they are and maybe walk away alive with all of their money.” They went and got out of the hiding spot, not knowing that Rose just walk into their line of fire and that’s when Nari took a shot at her.

“OW!!” She shouted as Rose was shot in the ass. “Really? An ass shot? And only one?” Nari went to fire again but he was out of bullets. “What about you, Blue Steel?” Rose said aiming her gun at Cobalt but he was out of bullets also.

“Oh, look. I got 10 left.” Rose said, “Whatever should I do with the—“ She immediately shot them both.

“…AND THE WINNER IS ROSE!!!” A boastful Tiberius announced. “Congratulations!!” Hiromi went up to her, congratulated and hugged her for surviving. “HEY!!! I’m glad to see you alive and in one piece.”
“Oh, I easily took on this challenge.” Rose said, “Especially since those other guys were no match for me!!”

“You think they’re still alive?” Hiromi said.

“Yeah, just a few bullet wounds but I think they’ll survive.” Rose said, “I didn’t even hit them in the vital organs. They’ll be fine and they should be lucky I didn’t execute them.”


In treatment

“Well, you surely fuck up today.” Emi said as her and Mai are in hotel room as Nariaki is resting up from his botched challenge. “I thought you would’ve at least gotten that.”

“Emi, I’m not much of a shooter.” Nariaki said, “Hell, you know I don’t like shooter games that much.”

“Well, maybe if you did, you would’ve done better.” Emi said, “And not be in bandages.”

He got up to explain something else that happened there. “To be honest, my head wasn’t exactly in the game. You see, that guy Cobalt told me that something is going down in the Academy.”

“Wait, another one?” Emi questioned. “That guy Black Freighter said something about that, too, and now that other guy? Wait, was that the reason why you got bullets in your ass?”

“Primarily.” Nari said. “But those two may have something there.”

“Even if we do find something about them, how are we going to get out of this alive?” Emi said, “What if they are watching our every move? What if they know about us? They could kill us!!!” She was starting to panic a little thinking about what might happen to her, Nari and especially Mai. “I knew staying here was a bad idea!! We should’ve left the first chance.” In her panicky stress, she took out the A-Key and said to her, “Hey, A-Key, did you hear any of that? ARE YOU WATCHING US?!”

“Excuse me, Ms. Sato?” A-Key said, “I’ve been on sleep the last few hours. I have no recollection on what you’re talking about.”

“EMI, IT’S JUST A KEY!!” Nari shouted, “It can’t do anything to us!”

“DON’T BULLSHIT ME!!” Emi said, “If you can detect people’s smells and scents, I know you can track most of our thoughts and discussions!!!”
“I’m assuring you, Ms. Sato, I don’t know anything I’m not supposed to know.” A-Key said.

Mai walks in the middle of the conversation and wonders why Emi is screaming at the A-Key. “Emi…….” Mai said with an obstinate tone of voice, “… Why are talking hostile to a key?”

Emi didn’t know how to respond that to Mai without looking like a crazy person. “Uh……” That’s all she can muster at this point. “I…..actually have no idea.”

“Emi, you can breathe now.” Nari said trying to calm her down and helping her relax.

“Is it because of Nari losing that challenge?” Mai said.

“Well, that’s part of it.” Emi said. “But I’m just he’s still alive and safe.”

“Yeah, I’m just hope he can survive the next events coming up.” Mai said, “I heard they were going to be deadlier as they advance and I know that one girl got it the worst when she fell down the pits.”

“Oh, you mean Éclair?” Emi asked. “Yeah. At least Nari didn’t end up like that.”

Both stood silent for a moment as they heard a knock on the door and it was Daria in a black bikini. “Hey, Nari, Emi and Mai! I got pick for the next challenge!!”

“Oh, hey, Daria!” Emi said, “That’s great, that’s good. I hope to join but we got to take care of Nari because of his injuries.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Daria said, “I heard Nari and that other guy got their asses whooped today.”
“HEY!!” Nari shouted, “We didn’t die!!! No one’s saying that!”

“Hey, dying is easy.” Daria said, “Surviving the near-death experience is hard.”

“Daria, you look pretty in that bikini you got on.” Mai complimented her. “Aw, thanks, Mai!” Daria said with a smile. “Yeah, I was just relaxing by the poolside when I got the news. The challenge starts in an hour or so and I’m going up against that girl Hiromi. Remember her? The chick that always hangs with that Rose girl?”

“Yeah, I remember her.” Emi said, “I don’t know if I can make it the—“
Nariaki interrupted her and said to them, “Emi and Mai, you two should go and cheer for Daria. I’ll think I’ll be fine up here by myself.”

“You sure, Nari?” Mai said.

“Yeah.” Nariaki said, “And if any trouble happens, I can call up the nurse for anything. Now go on, I’ll be good here.”

“Alright, we’ll be by the pool and hopefully Emi will be a bikini by then!” Daria shouted.
“WHAT!?” Emi screamed.
“See ya, NARI!” Daria and Mai said. The girls were on their way out and as they were, they were passing Leona in a nurse’s outfit and Emi looked a little suspicious at that.

“A bikini? Really?” Emi said.
“What?” Daria said, “It’s no harm showing off your body….and I think in secret you do.”
“And what makes you say that?” Emi questioned.
Daria mentioned this to her, “Remember the changing room with Sasaki stripping her clothes and showing her body?”
“And you remind of that why?” Emi said.
“You’re jealous of her!” Daria said. And that led Emi to scream at her. “NO, THE FUCK I’M NOT!”
“Yeah… are.” Daria said, “Why else did you look at her like she’s going to do any wrong?”

“Look, I just don’t trust this girl with our lives and especially Nari’s.” Emi said. “She’s that person who you think has your back but she’s just about as treacherous and underhanded as the ones against you.”
“OK……that and she might have a thing for Nariaki.” Daria said.

“I wouldn’t go that far.” Emi said. “I think she might do some shit to him.”

“You’re not saying that because you got a crush on him, do you?” Daria said.

“I’m looking out for him. I’m practically big sister to him and Mai ever since we were young and even after their parents passed away. Yeah, there may have been times that I think of him more than my friend but I sense so many things going wrong with that.”

“OK, Mai,” Daria said, “It’s clear that you have some feelings for Nari and yet you’re keeping them hidden like you’re in a bad romantic drama. Sooner or later, you’re going have to tell him about how you feel.”

“Last time for challenge #3! LAST CALL!” Admeta said on the intercom.

“Well, that’s my cue to get ready.” Daria said, “But for real, think about what I said. At least say something to the guy.”

“Fine.” Emi said, “Maybe you have a point. I should probably talk to him about it.” Daria was just leaving as she said that, “OK, you do that!!”


TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 5.

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