WARNING: The following story material may contain acts of violence and adult content. This is not intended for audience below the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.


“But I will remind you of this……some of you may not make it out alive as most of them will kill you, either by force of nature or your opponent might do the same. You can leave out of here. It’s your choice and no one will condemn you for it but do you really want to go home? Back to your miserable existence? Your crappy lives, jobs or being damn near homeless? You can but you might regret it. Sure, you might die here but do you really want to go home knowing what could’ve happen here. Thinking if you had the balls or ovaries to do it? Well, there’s your choices.”

“You can still stay here for your enjoyment and leisure and we can find more people to do this. This is your choice if you want to join our games. You got 24 hours to decide.”


“Enjoy your stay at the Academy in Thailand. Good evening and good luck, my people.”


After Tiberius left the stage, he was greeted congrats by Admeta. “Well, you sure put up a show today.” She said, “You don’t think they might overreact at the whole ‘you might die during this’ part?”

“Admeta, my dear.” Ellis said in a smooth voice. “I’m confident that they’ll be convinced. It’s not like there’s going to riot out there.”



And……yup, they’re panicking alright.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK!?” Kellogg screamed the first response.

“MOTHERFUCKER!!” Trench said, “We got to kill motherfuckers in this bitch to be part of the Academy?”
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT!?” Bobby said. “Daria, what in the fuck are you thin—“
“Um, I didn’t know about this part!! Why are you yelling at me for!?” she shouted back at them.

Charlie was rocking nervously, saying ‘Oh shit’ repeatedly in a silent panic while Hana is trying to help calm him down although she seemed to be surprised and jittery at this, too.

“Que se passe-t-il? Nous devons lutter contre ces scories désolé de connards et les chiennes à atteindre le sommet?”(What’s happening? We must fight against these sorry bastards slag and bitches to reach the top?) Éclair questioned, “Je voulais juste avoir facilement le pouvoir, mais noooooooo, je suis arrivé à faire un travail de grognement avec le reste de la racaille.” (I just wanted to easily have power but noooooooo, I got to do grunt work with the rest of the riff raff.) “Je ne crois pas cette merde !! Est-ce fou ou quelque chose?” (I don’t believe this shit!! Is that guy crazy or something?) Oz shouted in anger.

Cobalt then went over to Black Freighter, “Hey….um….Black Train, Knight Rider or whatever you name is?”
“It’s Black Freighter, motherfucker, and I know what you’re about to say.” He spoke.
“Like I said before, the time will come and it did.”
“So…the time is most of us are going to a death match?” Cobalt said.
“Disguised as a game?”
“Bingo.” Freighter said, “That’s part 1 of the answer. Part 2 will come on later…..”

“Nari……” Mai said. “Is what that man is true? You may not come back alive?” Nariaki wanted to assure Mai and Emi that he’ll be fine but yet he’s not even sure about this.



After the panicking, all of the contestants and their guests went on their designated hotel rooms for lounge and relaxation. Leona did the courtesy to show them the luxuries that came with it.

“Allow me to show each and one of you your own personal rooms.” She said, leading everyone in their rooms. Each room in there has two beds, an Ultra HDTV, a snack bar fridge filled with many treats and a liquor cabinet stocked with the world’s finest liquors, craft beers and various alcohol delights. There is also a grand view of the city aboard from every one of the rooms. “I hope everything is up to your standards, everyone. And if you have any questions for me and the rest of the Academy, you can reach us at the main office but make sure you go through me first.”

“Any other questions?” Leona asked.

Bobby was about to reach his hand but Daria knew what he was going to say and she slapped him across the head. “No. Not as of now. Thank you for showing our rooms, Miss Sasaki.”

“No problem, Miss Hopper.” Leona said, “Our phone number should be in your rooms in case you need to call.”

Leona soon left the building and everybody got settled into their rooms, despite having to compete in a death competition. First, we went over to Ari and Kellogg about they are going through.

“Well, isn’t this a bitch?” Ari said, “The first time I got into a competition and they actually want us to kill each other. I thought once we got into this group, we wouldn’t have to do shit like this anymore.”

“I’m not really that worried about that.” Kellogg said, going into the liquor cabinet.

“Of course, you’re not!!” Ari said, “You’re just a guest!!! I’m the one that got to fight people!” Kellogg got his hands into some Johnny Walker Blue Label. “HOLY SHIT!! They got some Johnny Walker, man!! You want a glass, man?” Ari sighed and said with some unsure. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”
“I heard from a friend in Philadelphia in the States that it’s some good shit.” Kellogg said,
“They kept teasing that one friend about it and I see why.” They both take a glass and Kellogg made a toast to him competing. “Between you and me, you got the balls to take down half of these people in here.” “Thanks for the pep talk, Kel.” Ari said.


“UGHHHH!!!!” And that was the ravaging groan from Rose. “Oh, goddamn it!”

“I can’t believe this.” Hiromi said, “We could get killed doing this….and no one thought of reporting this to anybody?”
“Do you think we have to fight each other, Hiromi?” Rose said, “I mean, those other guys….I don’t know them at much and I do want to beat the fuck out of those French assholes. But killing them?”
“They might have us kill each other.” Hiromi said. “I mean, I do want to win but I don’t want to kill you in the process.”
“Hiromi……..I think I have something up my sleeve when that happens.” Rose said. “What do you mean?” Hiromi said. “Rose, what are you thinking of?”
“Hiromi, my half-Portuguese/half-Japanese sister, I got a plan that can’t fail.” She said.


In their room, Nariaki and Emi were also having their talk about this while Mai was taking a bath. “To the death.” Emi kept saying to him. “To the damn death!! You signed up for a death match!! Nari, what in the hell you got yourself into?”

“Well, I—I—I….” Nari kept stuttering at the devastation. “I mean, I didn’t think anything like this would happen.”
“I know you didn’t.” Emi said, “And I know everyone else feels the same way but this? You may not make it out alive! And what about Mai? If something were to happen you, how would you think she’s going to react?”

“I know, I know.” Nariaki said, “I know the dangers of what’s about to come but for whatever feeling, I still want to get through with this.”
“WHAT!?” Emi shouted.
“We come this far hell to compete in these games and we did went through hell and high water to get here. Not to mention almost being blown part at sea and I’m not just going turn back home for nothing.” Nari said.
“NOTHING!? I rather go home with you and Mai alive and safe than coming back with you in a body bag!!” Emi screamed. “What makes you think I won’t win?” Nari responded in a pissed-off tone. “I never said that.” Emi said. “You were thinking it though.” Nari said back at her. “Mainly because I’m worried. You don’t know what’s going to happen here.” Emi said.

“Emi…” Nariaki said in a calm yet patronizing voice, “Don’t worry about this too much. I’m sure they might train us to the battles later on.” They then noticed Mai getting out of the bathroom.

“WOW!!” Mai screamed, “The bath in there is actually relaxing! It’s better than our tub back home.”
“OK, that’s good to know, Mai.” Emi said. “Hey, were you guys talking about something when I was in there?” Mai said. “Not much…” Nari said, “But I’m about to take me a shower and head to sleep.”
“All right, I’m just gonna play some games before I sleep.” Mai said, “Emi, you wanna play, too?”
“Yeah, sure.” Emi said before Nariaki went into the shower. “Nari……that talk we had…this is a pause for now.”
“Talk?” Mai said.
“It’s nothing important.” Emi said.


In the night hours, The Academy staff was all discussing about the upcoming battles and statuses on if people left. “So, any of them decided to am-scray yet?” Staley said, “You know after that bomb you dropped on them, some of them didn’t want to stick around?”
“Oh, I think they’ll be no dropping out from any of them.” Tiberius said.

“What makes you think that?” Terri said. “That speech at the end is surefire to make them convinced that this is worth doing.” Tiberius said, “And if a few people gonna die to get to the position that we got now, so be it.”

Admeta added in the conversation and said, “You better hope that no one leaves or—“

“Or what?” Tiberius said, “It’s not like anybody else is gonna know about what the Academy really do to its contestants. We’re clear that we’re going to award one of them and the others go home in the public eyes.”

“So we make them swear that they don’t actually tell what we do in here?” Admeta said.

“Exactly” Tiberius said, “We got them in easily. We know some of them don’t really have much a life outside of here. Being here is practically the best highlight of their life and they’ll know they can’t screw with us…..or else.”

“OK then.” Staley said, “Now that’s settled, it’s getting close to 10 and I got a bottle of Amaretto calling my name and I don’t intend to miss it.”

“Hey, save me some!” Terri said, “You know you can’t drink that whole.”
Outside of the building, we see Black Freighter carefully lurking in the shadows for what was going on in there. He had to run out of there as he saw Staley and Macias going to the lounge and as he went back to his room, Cobalt was up getting some ice for his room. “So……you found anything unusual with them yet?” Cobalt asked. “I saw you sneaking in there.”

“Yeah…..I got jack shit.” Freighter said, “It was mostly about them talking about if we’re going to leave or not.”

“Um….isn’t that something?” Cobalt said.
“Yeah.” Freighter said, “But I think they must if we leave, they would kill us anyway.”
“So, in other words, we have to stay and not die.” Cobalt asked.
“Basically.” Freighter answered.
“Well, damn it.” Cobalt said. “We really have to go through this?”

Freighter just shook his head and continue to went on to his room and sleep.


TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 2

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