Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Spring 2015 Wrap-Up


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again where we go over the anime that last this season and knowing what was the cream of the crop and what was the black sticky shit at the bottom of the barrel.

Now, last year, I’ve said that the anime for the Spring Season was a big let-down and I’m sticking to my words for that as the spring for this year was actually good.

Yes, you heard me.

Spring for anime was better this year than it was last year because there was at least 3-4 shows I actually give a shit about. It’s been mostly a mixed season—scratch that, a mixed year when it comes to new anime. I think I might have a Best-of, Worst-of lists already thought of in my head and I might have some opinions that’ll shock you…unless you follow me on Twitter (which is at @MAK2HybridMedia – tell your friends and other reviewers) because I bitch about one or two certain titles that get overpraised that really shouldn’t be.

Now, onto the recap!!


TRIAGE X – animation by XEBEC; distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

I bet most of you who watched this will give this a low rating, right? Don’t worry, I don’t blame you for it. This was a pretty bad show considering the original material was made by the guy who did HighSchool of the Dead and you see all the fan service, boobs, plot that you really never care about or can’t comprehend any thought of and gratuitous violence galore in there that made it all look so stupid. Yet….I knew for a fact all of that was going to happen and it helps that I lowered my expectations. I got a bad show but I’m not angry or disgusted by it. Maybe it’s due to watching so much weird shit, I’m used to it. I wouldn’t recommend watching it but you’ve seen worse stuff than this (and yes, you probably have.) – AN ACQUIRED TASTE – 5/10


This one, I’m just bored by this. I heard people saying that adding Haruhi ruined the show for them but in actuality, she somewhat saved the show a bit because following this version of Yuki around, trying to get Kyon to notice her felt like a typical Kyoto Animation slice-of-life anime or any other SoL anime that’s not KyoAni. It lost what spirit and uniqueness the first series had and it just did what any other show like this would do. I’m not going to write it off completely but I think watching this in Japanese didn’t help. Thankfully, FUNi got the original dub cast back and I can just watch the dub instead. I’m not even sure any Haruhi fans will love this but this is just a chore. – AN ACQUIRED TASTE – 5/10

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL – animation by TOEI ANIMATION; distributed by VIZ MEDIA122314_0049_AnimeDiscov4.jpg

You know what? Since this is gonna end in the summer and there’s an inevitable 2nd season coming up, I’m just gonna say I’m not going to watch it (maybe when there’s a dub for it) because while there have been some decent moments in the show, later on just gets dumber and dumber than before with the Chibi-Usa / Small Lady / Black Lady bullshit (yes, manga fans, I know what happens next and I feel the need to vomit). Not to mention, the pace is beyond terrible and doing this in a bi-weekly or 1st and 3rd Saturday isn’t helping it at all. Most of you need to quit complaining about shows going too fast. At least they get the show moving unlike SMC. – AN ACQUIRED TASTE – 5.5/10



Ah, yes, the show that everyone in the anime reviewing circle loves so much and tends to circle-jerk this around like it’s the best thing KyoAni ever created when in reality, this is the same shit they’ve been regurgitating because so many otaku love seeing the same bullshit over and over. It’s just moe anime girls first world problems that happens to have great looking animation (even though I’ve said before that alone doesn’t make a good show) but it is so damn boring and overly dramatic that it’s tired at this point and you know what? For those that get tired of people saying this is just a different version of K-ON!!, guess what? It is. The only difference about is that at least K-On had some humor going for it; this is just ‘sad-face girl the anime’. That’s the whole damn truth and nothing but the truth. You want a good anime about music? Kids on the Slope, BECK…there you go. Oh….and for those that got mad at them for not going the Yuri route…..that’s what you get and deserved. NOT FEELING THIS – 4/10


If you’re one of those people that think Blue Exorcist is bad or Attack on Titan felt too edgy, well this one is basically both of them combined with all their dumb shortcomings added in. Wow, once again, another disappointing WIT Studio anime with its two irritable leads (one being a proto Eren Yeager-Rin Okamura hybrid that’s gonna KILL ALL THE TIT—I mean, SATA—THE VAMPIRES; the other some random bishonen boy that Tumblr ships them both) and not only the typical shonen tropes but it trying to be so dark and edgy, it’s aggravating and feels like fan fiction written by some emo kid listening to My Chemical Romance. I’m really not looking forward to the next season of this……mainly because it’s for the Fall….in October….on my birthday (for speculation, that is.). I hate you, Seraph at the End. NOT FEELING THIS – 3.5/10

RIN-NE – animation by BRAIN’S BASE; distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS51b270e2b291525587

I think this show made me realize that I’m not a fan of Rumiko Takahashi nor most of her works because I’ve tried watching Ranma ½ and Inuyasha in full but gave up. It’s basically the same damn shit we’ve seen in those other shows from the hot-headed male protagonist to the relatively dull female protagonist and a bunch of other motherfuckers we’re not gonna care about except in a few scenes. It’s not all that funny as the show resembles the early episodes of Bleach and I rather watch that instead of this. NOT FEELING THIS – 3/10


If you solely gonna blame this show on Gen Urobuchi because his name is involved…then you’re straight up a dumbass. This show was so forgettable and bland that I couldn’t even describe anything from it because nothing left anything to remember it by. NOT FEELING THIS – 3/10

PUNCHLINE – animation by MAPPA / distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

The girls in here does has an interesting dynamic going for them and what they do in there does keep me interested. What ruins it is the constant panty shots, the damn ghost boy, his nose bleeds when that moment happens and whatever bullshit drama happens here. Once again, an anime that had potential has failed because it chose to follow the problematic tropes to succeed. High NOT FEELING THIS – 4/10



OK, a somewhat positive thing on this list as this show was….OK I guess. I mean, for a post-2010 Gainax show, it manages to be watchable at least with some good characters added in there and the magical girl element wasn’t as tiring as I thought it would be. I’m never going to get that same feeling of a Gainax anime ever again but it wasn’t completely terrible. OKAY/WATCHABLE – 7/10

FATE/STAY NIGHT: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS (2015) – animation by ufotable / distributed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA

Like Parasyte, this show has taken a dip in quality its latter half of the series with some questionable decisions regarding most of the characters but never insulting enough to stop watching and while Fate/Zero will remain the superior series to this, it’s still a better upgrade of Fate/Stay Night then the 2006 version and what fuck-ups done here isn’t exactly as insulting or meme-worthy. Hell, you can never replace “PEOPLE DIE WHEN THEY ARE KILLED!!” It’s a solid enough series for people to watch and that’s just it. SOLID B. – 8/10

JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: STARDUST CRUSADERS – BATTLE IN EGYPT – animation by DAVID PRODUCTION / currently unlicensed (First series distributed by WARNER BROS.)

Ah, Jojo. The one anime that’s been on many people’s minds ever since last year and it got so many new and old fans come running for it, including fellow reviewer ScoJo (his reviews of Part 1 and Part 2 right here) and I can see why people are really loving this series and I can actually respect that. I liked it but I’m not in love with it and while I love the crazy antics of the show, it can be a bit exhausting going week after week tuning in as this is a show that’s better watched in a marathon and dubbed in English. SOLID B. – 8/10


At first, I thought this show was mostly ‘meh’ for the first few episodes but going far into this, I’ve gotten more interested in the show as it goes. It has equal parts fun when it comes to Koro-Sensei and the killing attempts; getting to know most of these students and the faculty and while it did lose a bit focus on the whole killing Koro-Sensei plot, it didn’t go completely off the rails with it. Plus, that may continue since it got a 2nd season coming next year and I easily welcome it with open arms…..or tentacles. Yes, I’ve enjoyed this more. High SOLID B. – 8.5/10


A definite surprise for the season as many people said that it’s a mix of Baccano! and the Marvel Cinematic Universe all in one but as an anime. BBB has been an engaging and thrilling show from start to finish and a lot of offer from the grand spectacle of future New York City to the wild and endearing characters you come to know and appreciate. FIRST CLASS – 9/10


Once again, Trigger actually knows how to make an entertaining anime and even though it’s only 15 minutes an episode and the animation style is close to Inferno Cop (which you should watch before seeing this and yeah, it’s that good), it’s still a better show than what gaudy anime that P.A. Works or KyoAni shoves us this season. The plot is simple enough to follow and it does show that style over substance can work if you know what you’re doing. Oh, and the music is especially the greatest highlight of the show with the different ending themes to each episode. Only half way on the show and already it’s anime of the year material. Scratch that, it’s ANIME of the YEART!!! FIRST CLASS – 9/10


MY LOVE STORY – animation by MADHOUSE / distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

I didn’t think about watching this show the first time. Hell, I just gave in and watched it…..and I haven’t regretted it since. This is one of the most charming, endearing and thoughtful romantic anime I’ve seen in a long while (or maybe since ToraDora) as it got everything right with the show so far with actually getting the two main characters together in episode 3, the main leads Gouda and Yamato are an absolutely adorable and likable couple that you really want to root for to be together and it didn’t have to be mean-spirited or spiteful to be funny but it’s not too sappy to leave you nauseated by it. By all means, if you looking for good romantic anime with characters you care about, My Love Story is definitely one not to miss. HALL OF FAME – 10/10


And that is the spring season!!!!

……And I still stand by my word when I say that this was a better season, despite most of the titles I rank as shitty.

Now with the summer coming and people already saying it’s going to be bad (don’t blame me for your cynicism) and while the ones I’m personally looking for are Durarara!!x2 Ten (Thank god that’s coming back and my review on Sho is on Another Castle if you want to check it out), Gangsta. & Gatchaman Crowds Insight.

Anything else is fair game in the reviewing spectre.

Welp, tune in this summer for Time of the Season and what new anime I’m gonna review then.

Until next time, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, saying that your favorite anime is shit (or just not as good as you think it is.)

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