The following you’re about to read is purely an opinion piece. The author of this piece is stating how that person feels about whatever is going on in recent times.


I’ve been meaning to talk about this topic for some time now and this is something that goes for all forms of animation, ranging from western to anime, 2D to 3D, CGI, Flash, whatever type you can name but it’s all about how general audiences can rate an animated title based on how it looks.

Sometimes we can rate a title about how much we like the art style of a show……and nothing else.

OK, not really, but it does feel like that’s the only thing people will praise it for.

It’s like if a show has the budget of a Ghibli movie or a Kyoto Animation show, people will go nuts about how the water is animated right, how cute the girls are, or any other pointless thing they’ll go on about. However, if the show is something like past-Gainax/Trigger shows like Kill La Kill or anything like Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, or Archer, people will talk a lot of shit about how it looks limited, cartoonish, or unfinished.

Some people just choose not to go with the over-extravagant animation style as most of the time it wouldn’t fit the show they were making. Going for a simplistic art-style may not be the worst thing about a show. Hell, in actuality, it’s what make the show better in my opinion but that’s not to say shows with a higher animation budget are all bad.

For example, Fate/Zero is one of my favorite anime series that has a high budget going for it but then again, I liked it more for the story, characters, and the fact that it was miles better than the first Fate/Stay Night series and maybe even better than the current FSN (and yet that show is still better than the 2006 series).

7 Long-Ass years this took.

Redline, a movie from Takeshi Koike and made by Madhouse, took over 7 years and 100,000 hand-made drawings to make and seeing the final product of it, you see the effort put into this movie and while the story isn’t mind-blowing, it was still a fun ride of a flick. (Which you can check out on sites like Hulu and YouTube.)

Which one is which again?

And yet we got shows like any Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) that shows it got a higher budget like Free!, Beyond the Boundary and most recently, Sound! Euphonium. However, they look great and while I can’t say much for the former two because I haven’t seen it, they got nothing else going for them because their story is too dull and worse, their characters are flat and bland as all hell. Sure you can say it’s a small story and you shouldn’t expect much. I get that aspect……KyoAni doesn’t. They depend on any otaku who thinks with their genitals to buy their shit anyway.

Another example of that is Sword Art Online where you got good animation and a very pretty art style but unfortunately it doesn’t save it from its clumsy story filled with unnecessary melodrama, painful dialogue and weak characters that seems like a teenage fanfiction writer wrote this.

Meanwhile, a show like Ninja Slayer from Trigger gets shafted by most anime fans because apparently the animation style doesn’t appeal to most people out there yet it is actually one of the better entertaining shows of this season to date. Hell, Dead Leaves, a movie from Production I.G. and Gainax also got the shaft because anime fans dismiss it for that same reason. Yeah, the style isn’t really that appealing to most anime fans and for the part being, they’re right. Stuff like this has something made for a Western audience since Trigger (and past Gainax) does have Western influences in their work from South Park to a majority of Adult Swim shows and western animation shows like Ren & Stimpy, Powerpuff Girls, etc.

Another example of that is Archer. Its animation isn’t exactly Pixar of anything like that but it does find a way to make it work for them and some of it actually improves as the story goes on.

But…….I may said that sometimes what Trigger and most shows does work, there are times that it doesn’t.

On the anime front, you got a show called Mars of Destruction and wow, this show has some not only bad animation, it’s just a bad story with expendable characters that you really couldn’t care about and even the sound effects and mixing were pretty bad. It’s not even so bad, it’s good…’s just terrible to look at and to listen to.


Then on the western animation front, you got companies like Bento Box Entertainment who has a simple animation style to them that really isn’t that impressive but….the content they brought out is mostly some bad shows and Bob’s Burgers is the only good show the studio has in their name.

What else they got in their hands?

Allen Gregory, Neighbors from Hell, Brickleberry, Achmed Saves America (yes, an animated Jeff Durham movie) & Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Tough Love.

Some of them are pretty bad and I’ve seen one season of Brickleberry…..I didn’t need to see anymore and knowing they’re making Bordertown and seeing the trailer of that……

Yeah, I’m not sticking around for that shit.

LOOK AT IT!! It’s scary, ain’t it?

Now, I would talk about something like FoodFight and how that costs $40-50 million to make (which is small change in animated movies – the average Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Blue Sky movie costs like $100-150 million to make), but then again I never saw that movie and based upon the reaction I got from friends and seeing a review of it with some of its animation, I’m avoiding that shit like the plague.

Yet something like The Book of Life costs the same amount as Foodfight and yet not only this has some unique and beautiful animation that I couldn’t get out of a Dreamworks movie, but has a competent story to go with it (even if the third act wasn’t all that impressive…..still a good movie though.)

So, I’m just going to end this on a note…..

If you’re going to have something animated with a big budget or even with a small budget, make sure you look into the story and characters as equally as you do into the animation. You can’t put diamonds in a pile of shit and expect people to love it. It’s still shit.


Well, folks, that’s it from me. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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