(Hy)Lights #35: The LAST Man on EARTH


So, we got ourselves another post-apocalyptic show on TV…..oh wait, there’s no zombies or vampires or whatever mutants we can think of.

OK, good.

Thinking about this show does remind me of something from I Am Legend…..only this is a comedy and it lasts more than just 2 hours and a fun fact, this was initially supposed to be a feature-length project; however, they eventually pitched as a TV show to many cable and internet outlets before deciding on FOX. The show is conceived from former SNL writer/actor Will Forte and the team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (behind The LEGO Movie, 21 and 22 Jump Street, Clone High & Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and given those guys’ recent success in film lately both critically and successfully, they could have something good in their hands.

The year is 2020, and Phil Miller (Will Forte) is seemingly the only human left on Earth after a deadly virus swept the planet one year earlier. An average man “who likes Star Wars, Twinkies, and sex”, Phil searches North America in his RV for other survivors. After a long journey and returning to his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, Phil believes he is Earth’s last surviving human.

This premise of one lone man all alone in the world is tricky to pull off in a TV format as they want to make sure it doesn’t get stale halfway through although that has been said a lot of whatever project Lord and Miller are involved and just like that, it manages to pull it off in hysterical results.

It’s like at first it shows if you were the last man on Earth, you would possibly drink all day, do a lot of stupid shit, laugh your ass off of watching Cast Away and those moments are funny in the show at surface value but then you come to realization that you’re basically lonely and when you eventually die, nobody is going to care and you instantly become depressed. Introducing more characters in the show did amp up the show very significantly as we see how Phil reacts to that and as he does, he does become an asshole at that point but not at the point where you completely hate the guy. You want to slap him a bit at sometimes but that’s about it.

Also, the show only being 13 episodes is pleasing enough as something like this wouldn’t be as enduring as a 22-episode format.

Thankfully, the show has a limited cast even when the show introduces more people as it goes on. Carol, the woman Phil met near the end of Episode 1 going to Episode 2, really has some on-screen comedic chemistry with Phil as I thought those two going off each other, whether it be from being neighbors to eventually becoming man and wife is one of the many funnier moments of the show. However, when Melissa and Todd comes into play….

I thought honestly they are the weakest characters of the show. Melissa is the 3rd person they find that Phil wants to bang and Todd is practically that nice guy that cockblocks Phil from getting Melissa. (OK, to be fair, those moments were pretty funny.) They’re not bad characters but they do start off mostly mundane characters and they don’t really keep me interested at least until Phil comes up with plans to upstage Todd or when the second Phil arrives in Tucson.

Acting-wise, the best performances of the show are definitely without a doubt Will Forte and Kristen Schaal as the two makes some great comedic timing and chemistry on-screen together. January Jones manages to give a decent performance as Melissa. Mel Rodriguez as Todd was very humble and Boris Kodjoe as Phil #2 actually made the last few episodes worth watching.

FINAL VERDICT: The Last Man on Earth turns a premise that wouldn’t have work on TV and eventually made it work there from the episode count, comedic build-up, most of the characters and execution. Alongside Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this is another great addition to FOX’s live-action sitcoms and since it’s getting a 2nd season, I wonder how the show is going to advance, especially after that last scene of the show.


So how the LAST MAN hold up?

8/10 – Solid B.



And on that note, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one town.

Just not Tucson.




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