Time of the Season Spring 2015 Edition: WISH UPON THE PLEIADES

“Oh boy, a show made by GAINAX!! This is gonna be AWESOME!!!”– Something you would’ve said if this was between 2000 and 2009.

And apparently, this is sponsored by SUBARU?

Is this anything like Ford, GM, whoever else putting their cars in those Transformers movies?

Anyway, this is Wish upon the Pleiades.

DirectorShouji Saeki

Character DesignMai Otsuka

Art DirectorHiroshi Kato

3D DirectorHiroshi Shiroi

Sound DirectorSatoki Iida

Director of PhotographyToyonori Yamada

Background ArtKumiko Watanabe (Totonyan)

Color designTomoe Yoshimura

EditingAkinori Mishima

Theme Song Performance:
Ayuru Ōhashi (ED; as fragment)
Kanako Tateno (ED; as fragment)
Kano (OP)
Natsumi Takamori (ED; as fragment)
Saki Fujita (ED; as fragment)
Yui Makino (ED; as fragment)

Animation ProductionGAINAX

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Licensed bySentai Filmworks

Plot Synopsis: Subaru is a young girl who discovers that her best friend Aoi is part of magical group trying to gather engine fragments so that a little being from Pleiades can return to his home. Subaru considers joining them as she was chosen by the Pleiadian, president of this afterschool club.

First Thoughts: So this is a magical girl show, eh? First, I’ve been hearing about great Yuki Yuna is, how bad Sailor Moon Crystal is (and yeah, there’s another season of that coming along this summer. I can already hear your pain) and now this show comes on and it’s fairly decent. It does have the aesthetics of a typical slice-of-life show but I think the magical girl aspect makes it a bit stronger than most slice-of-life nowadays. Hell, they got broomsticks that makes motorcycle sounds!!! Not to mention, while the main character’s name is Subaru, they don’t shove the whole “It’s SPONSORED BY SUBARU!!!” trait down our throats. I don’t really expect much from GAINAX nowadays since all their good people left (and hopefully but hey, this could end up being an OK show. It’s quite pleasant to gaze upon and the story’s not half bad.

I can see myself CONTINUE this show. It’s exactly a slice-of-life show that has some charm and a good premise outside of high-school drama.

This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, saying “When’s Ninja Slayer going to be here again!?”

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