Time of the Season Spring 2015 Edition: GUNSLINGER STRATOS

Oh boy……it’s another A-1 Pictures action anime and you know what else?

Actually, no.

I’ll save that for later in the review.

This is GUNSLINGER STRATOS (and no, this is not the Gunslinger Girl / Infinite Stratos crossover only one of you were dying to see.)

Director: Shinpei Ezaki

Series Composition: Norimitsu Kaihō (Nitroplus)
Music: Tetsuya Kobayashi

Character Design: Shin’ichi Yokota

Original Scenario: Gen Urobuchi


Theme Song Performance: GARNiDELiA (ED) Mashiro Ayano (OP)


Animation Production: A-1 Pictures


Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll




Licensed by: Aniplex of America

Plot Synopsis: A.D. 2115—the island nation once called Japan is now known as the “17th Far East Imperial City Management District.” The citizens were promised a life of peace in exchange for some of the comfort they were used to having. People believed their lives would never change and tomorrow will be the same as today. No one suspected the impending doom which their society was about to face. “Degradation”—a rare disease which led to the total disintegration of the human body to a mere pile of sand was slowly but surely spreading throughout the world. Tohru Kazasumi, an ordinary student becomes embroiled in a multi universal battle between his world and the parallel world of “Frontier S (Stratos).” This meant that Tohru must fight himself from an alternate world. Their futures collide as their paths cross. Will both worlds ever find peace?


First Thoughts: AND…….it sucks!

No, really, first episode in and I can immediately sense the blandness of this show and the worst thing is this isn’t some light-novel adaptation. It’s from a damn videogame from Square Enix, no less, but then again Square Enix isn’t exactly high on anyone’s list nowadays. Now, what was so bad about this? The main character is basically the same boring anime protagonist you see in a lot of these types of anime nowadays, as in the ‘I want to have a normal life but I got a destiny to fulfill’ type scenario. The parallel worlds does strike a chord of worth giving a damn but other than that, it feels too long even for an 22-minute episode and the dialogue was horrendous. “I may be a sheep, but I hope at least I’m a fluffy sheep.” – Yeah, that line was fucking stupid.


Oh, and one more thing…….yeah, I know Gen Urobuchi made the scenario of this and no, he didn’t write it. He handed it all to someone else and we all know what happens after that…..and at least in Aldnoah.Zero, it had potential at first.


Yeah, this is on the LOWEST of Priorities for anime to watch in this season.



This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and well, that’s one bad show so far.


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