Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2015 Wrap-Up

It seems like the year has just started and now we are at the near end of March and that means…..time to look back on the Winter anime season of 2015 and thankfully, this was a pleasant surprise for one thing, there are only 2 shows that I really hated (well, there were four but I dropped two of them), mostly some shows I just watch because I need to finish them and shows I really enjoyed for the past 3 months. Hell, I’ve even caught up on a show that I put off for a while and I’m on its third season (I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about). So anyway, on with what my opinions on Japanese CARTOONS!!!


PARASYTE – animated by MADHOUSE / distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

Hey, this show is finally licensed!! HUZZAH!! And while in the second half, the writing quality has gone down a bit but it doesn’t mean that the show is terrible now. Maybe not worthy in the top 10 but still a good watch. The show still manages to be an action-packed fun show that does get to you in some places even if it is silly in some parts but not as dumb as Death Note in its second half was. It is certainly the better MADHOUSE show to debut at the end of 2014 and I can easily say that it’s worth a watch. 8.5/10 – High Solid B.

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL – animated by TOEI / licensed by VIZ MEDIA

So…… yeah, this is still running and all that. It has improved by a bit but then again, I wasn’t hoping much of the show in the first place and the animation is still not that good and with Toei doing another Digimon anime in the spring (And no, I’m not covering it but someone on this site will.), it doesn’t look good for the studio. I know it’s from the manga and all but parts of it really got predictable, especially with the Black Moon Arc and it’s becoming more of a chore to watch. 5.5/10 – Vanilla

LOG HORIZON 2 – animated by STUDIO DEEN / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

I feel like I’m pretty much echoing what most people are saying about the show but here it is again….this show knows how to do the MMO anime genre right and while it may be slow compared to most shows, it is an easing slow pace with good action animation that isn’t just all flash and no substance. It is something worth watching again….maybe in English as most of it is dialogue and subtitles doesn’t help that. 8/10 – Solid B.


I don’t know how many episodes this show supposed to be and yet it doesn’t bother me that much. It’s not much of an overarching series as the show still preserves that it is a street dancing anime aimed for kids and it is still a show that know to entertain kids and maybe adults. Maybe not much as a high priority but still a fun show to watch. 8/10 – Solid B.

GARO THE ANIMATION – animated by MAPPA / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment

While the show is still watchable, this might be the weakest effort from MAPPA as half of the time, I couldn’t really be invested in the show as much as most people. It is still one of the few medieval fantasy shows that’s worth giving a damn (you can learn something from this, CHAIKA!!) and can be one of those titles where you can just stream it online or on your TV and probably in English. 7/10 – OKAY


OK, fuck it. I’ll say it now……this show sucks. Out loud and people already know it did before the season debut and while on the first season, I thought it had potential but got squandered halfway through and in the 2nd… was shit the first episode going in with so many plot holes and things they didn’t even mention in the first season like Asseylum having a younger sister. Where the hell was that in the first season? Wow, this show was such a massive fail and more people are now questioning if Gen Urobuchi is even a good writer…..and yet, you fools forgot he didn’t even write the 2nd season and now you’re saying he’s overrated. Wow, most people like the guy’s work and all of a sudden, you act like a hipster despite him actually making good work in the past (And yes, Gargantia was good despite him not being a part of it).

I think I’ve gone off a tangent a bit. Yeah, this show is garbage. 4/10 – NOT FEELING THIS


ABSOLUTE DUO – animated by 8 BIT / licensed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

OK, Aldnoah may be terrible but I rather watch that than deal with this stupid shit again. I know I dropped two other shows worse than this (World Break, Unlimited Fafnir) but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a bland show with dull characters, has an uninspired plot with a lot of tropes I’d see in a harem anime and the show is not that funny at all. It tries too hard to be charming and cute and it ends up being desperate for attention and laughs…….you’re not cute or funny, Absolute Duo. You’re just fluff that otaku will fap over and one more thing….that girl is still creepy. That stare is not cute. 3/10 – NOT FEELING THIS.



GOOD NEWS!! The show is not as perverted as most people thought it would be as they played the sex jokes as tastefully as it did. It has some good animation, good direction as a return for Geass director Goro Taniguchi and decent characters. However, plot and story-wise, I wasn’t that wholly invested into the plot of whatever’s going on with the 100 Years’ War and while it got some mileage, it felt like a blur watching episode after episode. 6.5/10 – Low OKAY.


THE ROLLING GIRLS – animated by WIT STUDIO / licensed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

Well, I’m confused. No, really. What was this show about again? I was kinda expecting The Warriors as an anime but with girls but I think I got a road trip anime about some girls going to…..I give up. The anime is nice to look at but this is really confusing to follow and tries to be this nonsensical experience but it really tries too hard to be that convincing. It’s a shame since this is another second-rate dud from WIT (after Hozuki’s Coolheadedness and HAL – yes, HAL wasn’t that good) and I hope they can prove their worth outside of Attack on Titan. 6/10 – OKAY



IT’S THE SHOW THAT MOST OF YOU ARE HOOKED ON AND MOST ANIME FANS LOVE and some hate for some reason…..I’m one of those who just thought it was just good. Yeah, I think the ones that’ll really love this is the Ikuhara fans while some casual fans might dismiss and the in-betweeners could go either way. The plot and characters were overall serviceable for Yuri fans although that most elements would just fly over your head. Intriguing enough to keep you watching every week but not enough to be hyped for. 7.5/10 – High OK.


JOJO’s BIZARRE ADVENTURE (Pretty much everything up to STARDUST CRUSADERS) – animated by DAVID PRODUCTION, still unlicensed

So, yeah, I watch all of Jojo. Am I cool now? Anyway, the show has a lot of hilarity moments that I always see being in memes a lot, the adventures are invigorating to the point that is silly but still fun to watch and I can see myself watching this a lot…….but this isn’t much of a high priority. Honestly, I would find this easier to watch if the show was dubbed into English (like it was for the first 3 episodes of SC) but it doesn’t render my good feelings about the show. 8/10 – Solid B.


So……..I am half okay with this show mainly because I like the fact they went meta on some anime tropes while they were making a visual game, although I could barely care less about the show at the halfway point. Some elements were mildly amusing while others are not cringeworthy but got irritating for a bit. It’s a passable series for days if you want to stream some random anime. 6/10 – OKAY.


Would it be wrong to say that I enjoyed Parasyte better than this? Because while Root A was OK, I really didn’t give a fuck about some of the other characters as they never seem as important as the show makes them out to be. Hell, those overshadowed what’s going on with Kaneki and I couldn’t really tell if it was that focused or not. Some of those side stories are OK but I felt lost in the show when those happen and this doesn’t have shit to do with the manga. The show is fine but it’s just not that satisfying as people believe it is. 7/10 – OKAY.


Another fine reboot of a Tatsunoko property and it was a fun ride, too. I would say that this is up to Gatchaman Crowds but not better than that and like it, it captures the spirit of the original series with adding in equal parts action, hilarity and some heart in there. 8.5/10 – Solid B.


Now at first, I was a bit worried about this show but now, this is probably one of the funniest shows I’ve watched in a long time and a contender to be one of the best comedic anime as Koro-Sensei definitely steals the show as the character is very charismatic and wacky with his hi-jinks and foiling his students (and others’) attempts to killing him while teaching them. It’s like if Mr. Miyagi beat your ass but he teaches you how to do it better. 8.5/10 – High SOLID B – Low FIRST CLASS.


And now the three best anime of this season…….

One you might expect from me, one you know you’re going to expect and another one you didn’t think I would pick.


DEATH PARADE – animated by MADHOUSE / licensed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

Easily one of the best series running to date and I have said it before on my Another Castle Anime of the Month review of it that is a refreshing take on purgatory and character examination of each person’s past and true nature through these games and also take a look at the surroundings of the Quindecim. It is also refreshing that they don’t wind up telling the same shit to make it feel like it’s being profound or deep (in other words, it’s not pulling a Mushi-Shi) when even if DP isn’t that, it’s still an entertaining series that’ll keep you engrossed in the story. 9.5/10 – High FIRST CLASS


DURARARA!!x2 Sho – animated by SHUKA / licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA

OK, being the big Durarara fan I am today, you knew I was going to love this show once it starts and hey, I was right. The show has gotten more interesting the more I watch it as it introduces new characters with some backstory to them and dealing into new situations that increases intensity as it goes along. Hell, even its so-called ‘boring’ episodes got me more into the story and are more entertaining and fascinating than most of Jojo’s or Tokyo Ghoul Root A. 9/10 – FIRST CLASS.



Yeah…..the show about magical boys in a magical girl parody is actually entertaining, hysterical and one of the best shows of the season. I can honestly say that the show has provided all the trimmings of a magical girl anime but swapped girls with boys, make up something so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh at it and stick to that premise in full. It’s for those that like adorable content, for those that want a better form of a magical (boy or girl) anime since SMC is failing at that and for those who are open-minded enough to see what it’s about. 9/10 – FIRST CLASS


And there you have it!!!!! The winter 2015 Anime season Recap in a nutshell.

And hopefully, the Spring season is going to bring some more hits and not fuck it up like they did last year. (And yes, I still say that Spring 2014 for anime sucked hard.) Thankfully, one anticipated show on there might make Spring 2015 more interesting in my eyes.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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