5 Anime Series for People Who Don’t Like Anime

Another Castle founder and writer Jen writes her piece on the top 5 Anime Series for People who don’t like anime. Do you agree with this list? Disagree? Let me (and her) know.

Another Castle

From what was once an underground appreciation in the west, anime can now pull in crowds of more than 500,000 at conventions and even receives overnight translations for simulcasts of series. Anime has come a long way in the last 30 years, particularly fervent in the last decade, and continues to gain momentum in mainstream consciousness.

Even with the likes of Miyazaki films and a common knowledge of the medium’s existence, a great deal of people still don’t understand the appeal of Japanese animation, series or otherwise. Honestly, it can be understandable. With a large number of gifs and images popping up seemingly solidifying its “creepy” style, it can come as no surprise that some don’t find it’s something they’d enjoy.

As someone who didn’t enjoy anime for some time, I fully understand how easy it is to label an entire medium based on a few unappealing features. However, after being forced…

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