ATTACK THE SCHLOCK: Why We Hate watch – All guilt but no pleasure / Opinion of a Certain Anybody

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Schlock Hate-Watch


Alright, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I got something for you in this edition of Attack the Schlock. This is a subject that I wanted to talk for a long time now and it is all about…..


And what is hate-watching for those at home?

Well, the definition of it is watching a television show while simultaneously hating its content or subject. Another way of saying it is watching a show that you claim to hate but watch it just to mock it. Some of you are thinking, “Who would do such a thing to themselves? Why are they wasting their time watching a show, movie, etc. that they despise? It doesn’t sense at all. Them getting worked up and angry all the time.” Now most of you saying that are right……to a point. No one should have to watch anything that they are clearly not enjoying as it can get bothersome for a while.


If you happen to be a reviewer, critic, podcaster or anything that get your opinion heard throughout the internet…….

Guess what?

You’re gonna run into something awful at a point.

Look, you can’t always be somebody that has to review everything positive in media. Otherwise, that just makes you a boring and uninteresting personality that no one is going to stick around with as sometimes you have to address what’s wrong in either TV, movies, anime, etc.

Some people just want to see how bad the show will go because they could be some good episodes in the middle and give more of a thorough look of it. Hell, that’s the reason why I stick to shows like Mahouka, Absolute Duo and No Game No Life on Time of the Season…..I wanted to see if things would’ve gotten better and unfortunately for all three shows, they did not.

Ignoring it is not going to make it go away or get less views/hits. You may think so but either way, it’s going to come back harder than before and it’ll be too big for you to just snub. Not to mention, this attitude of looking down people who sometimes do hate watch something for a show or a site makes you look like an asshole. FINE. We get it. You watch the stuff you like but they’re watching this show to get some content out and share their opinion of it….as much as they don’t want to watch it. And with that said, you reviewing every negative…..just makes you unbearable and annoying unless you have a unique and significant style to it.

Most people that just hate it because everyone else is doing it is just as annoying because they’re basically copying them without doing their research of why this is hated. It’s like someone say that they hate XX show but doesn’t have any effective reasons why and they made the ones who dislike it with valid reasons look moronic and less credible. It’s vice versa with the fans of that show as well as you get some rabid fans who’ll defend that show to anyone who says ill to it but we all know some of the fans can accept that and some haters can accept it when people like a show they don’t. It happened before and hell, it could be happening now and it’ll happen again in the future.


But I think it’s more of if we say it sucks…….there’s a high chance we’re getting massive hate for our opinion and yet it’s simply because it’s not what they expected. It’s like if I posted the following…..

  • “Terror of Resonance is actually a GOOD and ENTERTAINING show.”
  • “Mushi-Shi is the Ambien of anime. Something you must as well watch as you go to sleep. It’s the same damn thing every episode.”
  • “Spring 2014 Anime Season was the worst anime season of that year.”
  • “I don’t think hip-hop was fallen off that much. (Most of it still isn’t good, though)”
  • “I don’t get the appeal of Game of Thrones or any high-fantasy franchise.”
  • “Dragonball Z is the most overrated anime of all time.”
  • Teen Titans Go just suck because it’s not funny.
  • “I actually like Tron: Legacy.”


I say that shit and people will get on my ass about this. Oh, and I actually meant all of that. 😛

And I would get that way, too. But I can control myself and let them have their opinion of it. Someone could say that they hate Kill La Kill and knowing the KLK fan I am, I might be pissed off at that.

I’m not going to argue with that because frankly, it’s not worth my time. They can hate all they want because it’s not going to lessen the love I got for it.

Everyone have said this in their lifetime. “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” And sometimes they like to show it off, even if no one gives a shit about it in the first place.


And believe or not, that is all I got for this round of Attack The Schlock.

And hopefully, if all of you are still around…….I’ll be back.

Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and one more thing……

Kill La Kill and Space Dandy DID SAVE ANIME! SO HA!”


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