Anime of the Month: DEATH PARADE

Ladies and Gentlemen, I contribute a new type of review series on Another Castle and it is our Anime of the MONTH!! And on this month, it’s all about DEATH PARADE.

Another Castle

Welcome to our newest series — Another Castle’s Anime of the Month! As a plethora of new anime releases every season, we will hand-pick what new shows are worth a watch — and it should be no surprise that our first entry is one of the most discussed new series anime of the season, Death Parade.

Death Parade is a direct continuation from their Anime Mirai 2013 short, Death Billiards. The 12-episode series look like to be one of the season’s most alluring shows, largely due to the show’s main theme: death and what comes after.


After death, humans end up in the Quindecim, a form of purgatory disguised as a bar, and are greeted by the mysterious white-haired Decim. Completely unaware of how they stumbled into the bar, the duo are then told they cannot leave until they play and finish a random game to the death.

The ‘Death Games’…

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