Anime Discovery 2015: BAYONETTA: Bloody FATE – #129

Video games…..they are quite the most talked about topic nowadays in the internet. Most of the time, they can prove superior to movies in terms of story (and sometimes financially, too) and even in terms of popularity among consumers and fans.

Now let’s get to the main topic of the day…..Bayonetta.

Bayonetta is a single-player, third-person 3D action video game made from Hideki Kamiya, director of games like Okami, Devil May Cry & Viewtiful Joe among others and is developed by Platinum Games with cooperating with Sega in the first game and Nintendo in the later Wii-U Exclusive sequel. It centers on the witch Bayonetta, who uses firearms and magical attacks to fight against angelic enemies.

And with that said, they made an anime movie adaptation of it in 2013 directed by Funimori Kizaki, director of Afro Samurai and animated by Studio Gonzo, who really hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as they did in their heydays.

Twenty years ago, the mysterious Bayonetta awakened from her long slumber, lacking any memories of her past. All she knows is that she is a witch, and that witches fight angels – but today, together with the help of weapon smith Rodin, she finally seems on the verge of unlocking the mystery of her existence. Using her four-gun battalion and hair-based summoning powers, Bayonetta’s going to destroy anyone and anything standing between her and the secrets of her childhood.

Now speaking for someone who hasn’t played the videogames, you could watch the movie as its own but it helps that you know something about the games (whether you play it yourself or watch some playthroughs on the internet) once going in. The movie overall does like an extended action sequence even as it starts and that’s not even a bad thing for those that just want some action from beginning to end. You do get story added in there but it’s mostly scatter-brained although you really couldn’t care less about some aspects as they are a bit predictable once you come to its climax from Bayonetta knowing about this child Cereza and Luka trying to figure out who murdered his father. It’s basically a ‘90s anime OVA made in 2013.

Bayonetta herself practically makes the movie worthwhile watching as it should be since she’s the title character. She’s confident, embodies her sexiness that doesn’t gets overly annoying with it and…well, let’s be honest, she’s a kickass character. Now with that said, the fan service from her is the fundamental factor of the character but while you do see naked glimpses of her, it never comes off as distracting or taking away from the plot. It’s doing the opposite of what most anime that claim to have a story but more on fan service do. On the other characters…….well, they aren’t really that memorable as Luka only has that basic plotline of avenging his father and the other two characters Rodin and Enzo could’ve been used more than the cameos they got in here.

And now for the animation and since this is Gonzo, people are flip out on this and their animation style…..and yet, yeah, this is definitely a Gonzo anime title and the style work for the movie, matching the game’s gothic and dark aesthetics with the action sequences are usually fluid 50% of the time and it tends to rely on still frame shots that it was uneven. Also, the movie isn’t called Bloody Fate for nothing although you can a fair amount of blood and gore here and there, yet the blood almost look like some strawberry dessert glaze.

Thankfully, the music was about as consistent in the movie as the driving rock and organ music to bring in the tension of the fights. You can rest assure about the English dub as they did brought back the original cast from the videogame as FUNimation commissioned New Generation Pictures (who’s been frequent with FUNi, doing the dubs for Hellsing and Ikki Tousen later projects) for this and good thing, too, because Hellena Taylor gave the best performance of the movie, bringing that stimulating force into Bayonetta and it is clear that the role is tailor-made for her. I didn’t recognize that it was Grey Griffin (formerly DeLisle) as Jeanne at first as it was mostly a solid performance and you get to hear Yuri Lowenthal in an anime again…..that’s not Naruto.

FINAL VERDICT: Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is a slick and stylish anime adaptation of the videogame that you can enjoy for its action but you’ll find most of the story and some characters (save for Bayonetta) easily forgettable. It’s worth checking out as a rental if you’re bored and want something quick and flashy to watch. Buying on the other hand……well, that’s your decision.


And with that said, what fate does Bayonetta: Bloody Fate have?

7/10 – OKAY


BAYONETTA: BLOODY FATE is licensed by FUNimation Entertainment and is available on DVD & Blu-ray. As of recently, the movie is streaming on Hulu (in both sub and English dub) and always on EVS Service.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


BAYONETTA: BLOODY FATE – animated by GONZO / distributed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

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