GATCHAMAN CROWDS Review: Still Saving the World in the 21st Century

HEY…It’s been about……2 Months since my last post on Another Castle. @_@

Well, better late than never. Here’s my review of GATCHAMAN CROWDS!

Another Castle

When you need a hero (or heroes) as there’s trouble afoot, who can you depend on to come to the rescue? Gatchaman! Reigning supreme over the Japanese children’s programming charts of the 1970s, Gatchaman fell into a nostalgic abyss by the turn-of-the-century, seemingly a long forgotten memory gone by.

The well-known franchise has seen a slew of variations and reinventions since its debut in 1972, and in 2013 the latest in the Gatchaman series entries continues with Gatchaman Crowds. With superhero anime reemerging at a phenomenal rate — thanks in large part to series like Tiger and Bunny — Gatchaman Crowds debuted at an optimal time and looks to reinvigorate the franchise.


In early summer 2015, energetic, cheerful high school student Hajime Ichinose has become the latest member to join Gatchaman — warriors that fight in special reinforced suits powered by their spiritual powers called NOTE, facing off against a cryptic alien creature on a quest to destroy…

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