Anime Studio SUNRISE to Split into Two Companies

An interesting read from Another Castle about Sunrise being split into 2 companies. Not my own but still a good piece of anime news to know about.

Another Castle

Bandai Namco Group, the conglomerate owner of legendary anime studio Sunrise, announced on February 12th that it will split off the studio into two companies. The new company, to be called Bandai Namco Pictures, will focus on properties aimed at children and families. This includes, according to Anime News Network, existing anime such as Aikatsu! as well as new, original content.

The remaining Sunrise will expand its business targeting the anime fan/otaku audience, continuing its cooperation with anime planning/entertainment company Bandai Visual. The new Bandai Namco Pictures will have about 10 million yen ($80,000) in startup capital and will be run by Sunrise Representative Director and President Yasuo Miyagawa.

Operating since 1972, Sunrise is best known as the creator of the iconic Gundam franchise as well as series like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Valrave the Liberator. The company announced last October at New York Comic-Con that it…

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