ATTACK THE SCHLOCK: Toonami in Danger? Now it’s 3 (and a half hours)?

Welcome to a special edition of ATTACK THE SCHLOCK, my own editorial series where I talk about  about what’s going on in the world of animation, film or entertainment. And once again, we are going into the realm of Toonami and…. it looks like it’s about to go through some changes…..some very drastic changes.

It’s actually been going for some time now as the recent ratings for the block haven’t been doing so good that at first, they were cutting only the 5AM block to regular [adult swim] programming for last weekend and this coming weekend. And now the following has come:

In life, we all must deal with change, friends. And sometimes that change is hard. Starting February 7th, the Toonami schedule will be reduced to a Midnight-3:30am run every Saturday.  – from the Toonami Tumblr page.

Yes, Toonami will be shortened to 3 and half hours with only the newer episodes showing, with no reruns as the schedule follows as this:

12:00 – DBZ Kai

12:30 – Kill la Kill (Which I’m still psyched for, despite the schedule change.)

01:00 – Naruto: Shippuden

01:30 – Inuyasha: The Final Act

02:00 – Gurren Lagann

02:30 – One Piece

03:00 – Deadman Wonderland

Meaning that shows like Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop (IN HD), Ghost in the Shell & IGPX are no longer in play but said they might be back to some point….the keyword being might if ratings manage to change for the good later on in the year. They still have several new shows coming in 2015 along with Intruder 2, the Toonami comic and other things they might have in store.


And now my thoughts are this: Yes, I’m very concerned with them cutting the 3:30-6 slot although they said it themselves that ratings have been slipping as of lately. Hell, on their Toonami Q&A, their movie month didn’t do as well as they planned and there is also that starting the block with Attack on Titan reruns were not such a good idea after all. Basically, they are back to square one when they rebooted back in 2012 and with that said, it could be the better option for now.

I don’t see many people trying to stay up late after 3AM and most people even myself can’t even stay up at that time and maybe if ratings manages to go up on this new schedule, it can come back (Hopefully, with this week’s ratings, I hope soon.).

There’s nothing more I can tell you except for one thing:


You want Toonami to not suffer another death like what happened in 2008? Then I suggest this.

Watch the block.

I say that because we gotten so far within 3 years of the rebooted block, you can’t just give up now with all these defeatist and pessimistic attitudes. I’m very concerned with what’s going on with the block now but it doesn’t mean it’s all going to go BYE-BYE in an instant. We got to show that we care for Toonami and we want it to stay alive for years to come. Otherwise, do you want a repeat of what happened before?

No, really, do you want that?


Until next time, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid saying Stay Strong, Toonami Faithful.

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