Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2015 Edition: WORLD BREAK: Aria of CURSE for a Holy SWORDSMAN


Just Oi…..

I think I found a show that might be worse or the same equivalent as Absolute Duo or Unlimited Fafnir…..or worse, MAHOUKA!!!

This is WORLD BREAK: ARIA OF CURSE FOR A HOLY SWORDSMAN……and damn that is a mouthful!

Director: Takayuki Inagaki

Series Composition: Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Original story: Akamitsu Awamura (light novel)

Original Character Design: refeia

Character Design: Masakazu Ishikawa

Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda/ Yukiko Maruyama

Chief Animation Director: Hajime Watanabe

Art design: Kayoko Tomono/ Shigemi Ikeda /Shuichi Okubo

Sound Director: Takayuki Inagaki

Director of Photography: Shinya Matsui

Animation Production: Diomedea

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll /FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: The story is set at a private school that brings together “Saviors” – students who have awakened memories of their past lives as Shirogane or Kuroma. Shirogane use weapons gleaned with Puraana from their bodies to fight enemies, while Kuroma use magic by manipulating Maana to banish their foes. Moroha Haimura has just enrolled into the private school and is the first Savior in history who has awakened memories of being both a Shirogane and Kuroma.

First Thoughts: Oh, you got to be fucking with me. Another light novel adaptation and this is the third show I reviewed that was animated by Diomedea and yet one of the shows they made this season was actually good and the other one I just got through reviewing. I could explain this but I’d be repeating myself only this show doesn’t do women justice….as well. Hell, at some point, they were literally saying some shit about devaluing women and yet they either shove a guy’s face into their boobs or make fun of a girl’s small breasts. Yeah, they can’t talk shit.

Also, another pet peeve of mine is brought back……POSSIBLE INCEST!!! As in the pink-haired annoying princess/sister/lover/whatever always tries to get close to the main dude (and yeah, he’s about as vanilla as they come) but she gets blocked and fights with another big-boobed girl and I suddenly stop giving a shit.

You know my rating is going to be DROP, I’m not watching anymore of this.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, not watching anymore of this bullshit. I’m OUT. Also got one last review to do.

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