Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2015 Edition: Unlimited FAFNIR

Surprisingly, this could easily be confused with the other show whose name is similar to Fafner.

And before you ask, no, I’m not covering the new Fafner series that’s up.

Although judging this show, I should’ve picked the other.

This is UNLIMITED FAFNIR (more like Unlimited Fapnir.)

Chief Director: Keizou Kusakawa

Director: Jun Takahashi

Series Composition: Yuki Enatsu

Music: R.O.N

Original creator: Tsukasa

Original Character Design: Riko Korie

Character Design: Shōko Yasuda

Art Director: Masatoshi Muto

Chief Animation Director: Shōko Yasuda

Animation Director: Hideki Fukushima (effects) Naoki Aisaka (creatures)

Animation Production: Diomedea

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

(At the time of this writing, this show is unlicensed.)

Plot Summary: Twenty-five years ago, the world suddenly changed when monsters called “Dragons” appeared; seeking to ravage the earth and find mates. Over time, superhuman girls possessing the powers of the dragons, called “D girls” were born. Yuu Mononobe is the only male “D” in existence and is forced to enroll at Midgar – an academy for D girls. At the academy, he accidentally runs into Iris, a delinquent D girl, while she’s naked, and even reunites with this long lost sister, Mitsuki, whom he was separated with at birth. Will Iris and Yuu, the boy who is supposed to become the strongest assassin, be able to challenge the seven dragons that threaten to destroy the world?

First Thoughts: Wait, wait, wait, wait………did I already watch something like this previously? *checks the original source material* Oh, this is based off a light novel. Figures. They all look, sound and act the same and this is no different. You have the main male loner character who has the Jai Courtney personality trait in him and with him in his harem you have the clumsy girl, the little sister that many loli fans will love because and the bitchy Blonde character who doesn’t like him at first but eventually is used to him. And of course, fan service and all that shit, maybe not nearly offensive but it’s more of the general sense of “HEY!! Some girl’s panties!” and one of the girls thinking this guy is a perv although he’s about the opposite and incidents happen and blah-blah-blah.

This one is not worth checking out or even remotely interesting. It is the standard of shows we’re getting every season.

As in, DROP. I don’t need another one of these shows to review.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka the Blue Hybrid, bringing the D to all of you!!!

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