Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2015 Edition: Tokyo GHOUL √A

Wait…..something A? Oh, ROOT A. Oh, this is some math shit……and yet I’m taking Algebra (again) and I wonder why I suck at that now.

Anyway, it’s been 6 months since we’ve encountered a show that aired in summer 2014 (another one is coming back, too, but less anticipated and more anger/confusion in there) and now its 2nd cour is about to air.

Welcome back, TOKYO GHOUL or should I say TOKYO GHOUL √A.

Director: Shuhei Morita

Series Composition: Chūji Mikasano

Music: Yutaka Yamada

Original creator: Sui Ishida

Character Design: Kazuhiro Miwa

Sound Director: Noboru Haraguchi

Animation Production: Pierrot

Streaming and Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: Tokyo Ghoul season 2 continues the suspense-horror series following Ken Kaneki, a human that after an encounter with a beautiful girl at his favorite cafe ends up becoming the first human/ghoul half-breed. Now trapped between two vastly different worlds Ken must navigate the violent warring Ghoul factions while learning about Ghoul society and avoiding becoming a monster.

First Thoughts: Actually, I don’t have much different things to say about this so far. It continued from being this interesting horror series as it was from the first series. Kaneki is still struggling with his identity as a ghoul, especially after the events of the first season and it does manages to hold up as well as the first 2 episodes of the first season and it can lead to greater events for the show. I know that this season strays from the manga as the pacing is rapid on the show and as somebody who doesn’t care much about any anime’s original source material (rather it be manga, light novel, etc.), it’s always serviceable to me as long as the show itself still ends up being a watchable show and also I rather the show have a rapid-like pace that goes somewhere than a slow one that really meanders on its plot (or lack of one). I got no major problems with it aside from the opening animation isn’t that good.

But, nevertheless, I’m going to continue with this, only BI-WEEKLY. It’s still a good show but not that high on my priority scale.


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the ghouls into one crazy city.


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