Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2015 Edition: SAEKANO: How to RAISE a Boring GIRLFRIEND

So this guy tries to persuade people to make his dating-sim game…..I wonder if I can do the same when I’m writing Aura Faction for the site.

Hell, I know I do it better than this guy.

Screenshot 2015-01-15 14.43.11
Did she whip her hair at him?

This is SAEKANO or How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.

Director: Kanta Kamei

Screenplay: Fumiaki Maruto

Music: Hajime Hyakkoku

Original creator: Fumiaki Maruto

Original Character Design: Kurehito Misaki

Character Design: Tomoaki Takase

Chief Animation Director: Tomoaki Takase

Sound Director: Akiko Fujita

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Internet Streaming:

Licensed by: Aniplex of America

Plot Summary: Tomoya Aki, a boy who began working part-time to earn enough money to buy an anime Blu-Ray box, meets a beautiful girl on his way home one night. As the producer of a dojin software brand, he models the heroine of his newest game after her. However, he finds out a month later that the girl is in fact his classmate, and he doesn’t know her name. He learns that the girl — named Megumi — actually is hardly noticed by others. Tomoya also has no artistic ability or writing skills, so he asks ace of the art club Eriri Spencer Sawamura to provide the art, as well as the honor student Utaha Kasumigaoka to write the scenario. Can they produce a decent game for Comic Market?

First thoughts: To be fair, I almost see something similar to this premise of making a game in time for Comic Market or something like that….

Anyone remember Welcome to the NHK? (Seriously though, that was a good show.)

Granted, part of it isn’t wholly original but there is little moments in there to shine like how it’s self-aware of itself and a lot of harem/romance tropes thrown in there and while it does hit some good points for me on that scale, the rest of the show is….really not that interesting. The main character Aki is actually a bore to me when it’s not on the meta references and jokes and three main female characters…….well, they match their archetypes well yet they’re mostly forgettable at best.

Looking into this show, I don’t have that much luck on this mainly because the last time I got excited for a noitaminA show that was animated by A-1 Pictures, it was Nanana’ s Buried Treasure and that was a grave disappointment in my eyes. Also noitaminA doesn’t hold much of a strong presence in anime at it did before (with some exceptions being Terror in Resonance, Silver Spoon, Samurai Flamenco last year).

So….. Where does this leave this show?

This is more of watching it BI-WEEKLY. Most of the content in there is funny but not enough to put it on high priority.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid……just signing off until next time because I got to find someone for a dating-sim game.


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