Stories beyond the Hybrid: CONNECT

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain mild language, and mild sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


The morning has come and the first thing we see is this guy who was just getting up on his way to classes at the community college he goes to. This guy’s name is Isaac. He just does his routine of either find something to eat in the house, brush his teeth, comb his wild and curly hair, and occasionally jerk off (if he’s alone….he lives with his mother but they sometimes work first shift and switch every two weeks) before heading off.

Most of the time in his tenure at Woods Community College has been more of a silent time for him.

He does the same routine day in and day out. Isaac does speak a bit sometimes but he prefers to not talk that much.


However, today……things might be different for him.


Chapter 1: Jamie + ISAAC + NADIA


“Hurry up, Nadia!!!” one blonde-haired girl with yelled, “We’re gonna be late for class!!! And you sleeping wasn’t a big help on that.”

“I thought the class started at NOON, not 11 sharp.” Nadia said. While the two girls was rushing their way to class, Isaac was just getting out of his car and getting his books for class as well. But then he and the girls collided into each other.

“OW!!! Ohh…..dammit!! What the hell?” Nadia said.

“SORRY! SORRY!” Isaac frantically apologized. “I didn’t mean to make you crash!”

Then the other girl calmed him down and said, “No, it’s not your fault!! Nadia always get us late for class!” But then Nadia went to her friend and said, “Well……um…….his door was opened!”

“He was about to close it.” She said, “You just stupidly ran into it.” Isaac then check his cellphone for the time. “Oh, shit, I need to get to class myself. We’ll talk later, OK?” He finally gets to his class on time and just a minute to spare but soon he finds out that those same two girls are in his class.

“Or maybe we can talk now.” He said, “That might be fair.”


Later after the class session, Isaac and the two girls talked afterwards about the car door and other things. “So, Isaac is your name, huh?” one of them said. “OK then, nice to meet you. I know you met Nadia since I said her name too many times and I’m Jamie. Both me and Nadia are first-timers at Woods, fresh out of high school.”

“Oh, freshman. So this is practically your first college experience.” Isaac said and then whispered, “I’m so sorry this had to be in here.” He gotten a chuckle or two out of Jamie. “HA-HA! Oh, I’m sure this is decent enough.”

“So, you seem to know everything in here. How long you’ve been in this school?” Nadia asked him.

“Oh, say about 1, 2…….5 years.” Isaac answered.

“Damn, 5 Years?” Jamie said, “Then again, you have the looks of going here for 5 years. No offense.”

“Oh, none taken.” He said, “I’m 24 but I do look like I’m 30 or something like it. I get that all the time.” Jamie laughs again. “I’m pretty sure if I’m seen with you girls, they’ll think I’m cradle robbing you both or something.”

“Nah, we hung out with much older guys before.” Nadia said. “So, it’s no big deal to us. Plus, you seem much more chill than who we usually hang out with.” Then Jamie went over to Isaac and said, “And speaking of that, do you mind hanging out with us outside of classes?” Isaac seemed hesitant about it at first but then it was one of the few times people asked him to spend time with him that’s not relatives and secretly, he does think that the girls are kinda cute.

Jamie kept wenting on about it, “I mean, if you don’t want to, then that’s fine. But—”

“WAIT!!” Isaac said, “I’ll be happy to hang out with you two sometime. I kinda need to do something besides be in my home all day long.”

“All right!!” Nadia shouted. “YES!!” Jamie also said, “So what time?”



It was Isaac’s day off classes and he was going to the school to meet Jamie after her class with Nadia also waiting for her. “Hey, Nadia!!” he waved to her. “Isaac!! You showed up!!” she said, “And you’re early. Usually earlier than me.”

“Yeah, I figured since my folks are 1st shift at work this week and the next, I didn’t have to be sneaky about it. Then again, I’m 24. I should do what the hell I wanna do.” He said.

“Nice.” Nadia said, “Hey, here comes Jamie now.” They see Jamie coming out of her biology class and the minute she sees Isaac and Nadia, she quickly ran towards them. “YAY!! You showed up!” she said holding his hand, “I was getting worried if you didn’t.” She said as they went to his car and started to drive away somewhere and with that said, Isaac was a bit nervous about how this is gonna turn out.

“So, ladies, you got someplace you wanna go to?” Isaac said.

“Oh, you can just go anywhere. Surprise me.” Jamie said.

“All right.” He said.


So, Isaac, Jamie & Nadia went to Ford Park to walk around and probably talk about whatever comes to mind. “So, Isaac…..Nadia told me you live with your mom and sister?”

His eyes widened at the revelation of that. “Oh…….yeah. I do live with her. But I am planning to move out someday. Hopefully. If I’m still alive.”

“I mean, I get it.” Jamie said, “Sometimes it takes some time to get out of your own. It doesn’t make you some loser that leaves in your mom’s basement. Most friends I know still live with their parents.”

“Yeah, man. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Nadia said. “Life can be hard for everyone.”

“I guess…..I mean, things have been changing since my folks’ divorce and I tried applying for jobs to support them but after I’ve been turned down, I just go into a state of depression and wallow in my room all day lo—Wow, that was depressing as hell.” As Isaac just rambled on about his sad life.

“I’ll say…” Nadia said, “At least it’s not first-world-problem crap and I do see why you’re silent sometimes but let’s not dwell on the past. We all had some doom and gloom happened to us before. But now you’re here, you’re lucky to be alive and with two attractive girls no less.” Isaac definitely smiled on that remark. “A-HA! See? I saw that smile on your face.” As she rustled through Isaac’s hair.
“Isaac,” Jamie said to him, “I promise that today is going to be a great day from here on out and I also promise to be your friend and you can totally trust us on anything.”

Then Jamie began to make a vow to him, “If you have a problem that you feel like you can’t share to just anyone, you can tell us and we will listen to you. Even though I only known you not that long, I do want to get to know you more and you really seem like a sweet guy, just not that talkative of one.”

Isaac then got up with a less gloomy and more positive look on his face as he put his arms around the girls and said, “So, ladies……got anywhere else you want to visit?”
“NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!” Nadia shouted.
“YEAH!!” Jamie said, hugging him. “Let’s do some stuff……and things!”


So, for the rest of the day, the three of them went around the city going places like the mall to either walk and look around, try some stuff on or do whatever. Then Jamie squeak with glee as they passed the movie theater with a poster of a movie that she’s been dying to see and express her true fangirl. “The Selector’s Arena!! It’s playing here!! I’ve been hearing so much about this movie and I definitely want to see it so bad!! I just hope they do the book justice.”

“What’s The Selector’s Arena?” Isaac asked.
Nadia filled him in on it, “It’s this series of YA novels that Jamie really loves to death and now they’re turning it into a movie franchise like any other YA novel out there.”

“Except this is the novel series that makes those other ones cry and beg for mercy as it completely shits on them!!” As Jamie give her speech about the novel, “You have action, conflict, a bit of romance that doesn’t feel forced and characters that I don’t hate as much. The story of a young woman who has to fight on the streets to survive daily life and protect her little brother from the local cartel! I GOT TO SEE THIS!! Oh, and can one of you go with me on that day?”

“Jamie, darling, I would…” Nadia said, “But I actually got to work that day. And no, really, I’m not saying that because I don’t care about it as much as you do.” Then Jamie’s smile turn into a frown. “Oohh….well that sucks.”

Isaac didn’t know much about it either but he’s open-minded to most things. “Well, I would go but I’m broke as hell and I don’t want to be that guy that—”

“OH, don’t worry about a thing, Isaac! I saved up for tickets alone!! Although we are sneaking in snacks though.” Jamie reluctantly said. “I saw those prices before and I’m not paying that much for stale popcorn.”

“Oh, I sneak stuff in there all the time.” Isaac said, “But I got to make sure my pockets don’t look suspicious and I might have some pocket money if I check my account.”
“GREAT!!” she said, “So Next Friday good for you?”
“Yeah.” He said, “You mean the midnight showing or regular showing?” They both thought about it and said in unison, “MIDNIGHT!”

“Great!!” Nadia said, “You might need this.” As she hands him some mace.

“Mace?” he questioned, “Oh…..I get it. Don’t worry, I’ll protect Jamie and myself from any prowlers out there.”

“Actually, that’s for the rabid fans that might be pissed with the movie.” She said, “Either way, you’ll need it.” Then Isaac’s phone rang and it was his mom on the phone and she was wondering where he was at since he would usually be home.

“Oh, Mom, I forgot to say that I was going to be out today. I was meeting some new friends of mine somewhere.” He said to her. “Oh, their names are Jamie and Nadia…….yeah, they’re girls. You want to meet them? Well, I don’t know—”

“JUST SAY YEAH!” Nadia whispered.

“OK, yeah, I’ll bring them over in a few minutes.” He said as they both hang up.



“Aww, Isaac, I’m sure things will go smooth with us and your mother.” Jamie said to calm him down.

“Yeah,” Nadia spoke, “It’s not like your mom is gonna think that both of us are going to make you a part of a threesome of something or if you’re going to rob you, plan your murder or strip you of your clothes and leave you naked at a public place.”

“Uh…..” As Isaac sounded weird out by Nadia, “I didn’t think she was going to assume that but now you reminded me that she MIGHT!!!”

“Come on, you two. She is not going to think of us like that.” Jamie said to both of them, “And if she does think of the threesome thing, I’ll say I’m the dominant one and you two are my love slaves.” As she joked and laughed a bit of that.

“Wait, you the dominant one?” Nadia questioned, “Please, you couldn’t even reach the shelves in your apartment without getting me to help you.”

“HEY!! I’m only 5’4.” Jamie whispered in a baby-like voice.


Soon, they arrived at Isaac’s home to meet his mom and his sister Jinx, who has just arrived there herself. “Mom, Jinx, anyway, these are my new friends Jamie and Nadia. Girls, this is my mother Clara and my older sister Jinx.”

“Hello!” Jamie said and waved in a hyper mood.
“Yo!” As Nadia introduced herself.

“Ah, well, hello to you, too, Jamie, Nadia.” Clara said, “I didn’t know Isaac was going to be out and about today. And with people, too, no less. He usually just a lone wolf.”

“And also scruffy like one, too.” Jinx said. “Isaac, you really need to get a haircut soon.” Both his mother and sister laughed while Nadia joins in, too. “I like his hair. I think it’s cute and scruffy, like his beard.” As Jamie went to defend him.
“At least it’s going so far, so good.” As that’s what is going through Isaac’s mind. Later on, Isaac was about to show his room to the girls but he needed to tidy it a little and hiding some unmentionable things from them.


“So, this is your room, huh?” Nadia said. “Looks like any normal room I see from people still living in home.”
“Hey, I didn’t know you were into sea life.” Jamie said as she glazed at his wallpaper in his room.
Isaac explained, “Oh, that….Well, that was in there before I got this room, my other older sister had this room before she moved out and also I’m lazy as I didn’t felt like changing the wallpaper.”

“And the anime posters?” Jamie also hinted out.
“Oh, those are definitely mine. Yes, I’m an anime fan.” Isaac said, “Another thing I keep hidden from the world or parts of it.” From his tone, Isaac seems a bit ashamed at that. “OK, you’re an anime fan.” Jamie said, “And that’s good. I don’t know what you act like you’re some terrorist or something but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I never said I was ashamed of it.” Isaac said.

“I get that but the way you said it….it honestly worries me.” Jamie said, “…..Wait, did something happen—”

“I rather not talk about it.” He said with a grim tone, “But if I did, let’s say that it wasn’t a good experience, I was humiliated and it was a day I want to forget.”

“Isaac…”Jamie said, “I mean, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s OK. But it shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love and all.”
“Oh, I’m keep doing what I love. But….”

“Dude, if people trashing you for liking it, then the hell with them!” Nadia said, “You can’t take that shit from anybody, man. You like what you like and hate what you hate. We’re saying this because we care about you, man. We want you to be happy sometimes.”

“I know, I know.” He said, “I have been working on that.”
“Well, that’s good to know.” Jamie said, “But, please remember this, you can talk to me or Nadia if things get rough.” As she said as both of them hugged Isaac and he hugged them back with an embrace. “Thanks, girls.”



It was the Midnight premiere of the opening of The Selector’s Arena and Isaac and Jamie arrived at the mall with a very excited movie-goer crowd, most of them being women and a few guys in there, too. Jamie is very enthusiastic about the movie altogether and Isaac seeing her excited makes him feel excited, too.

“It’s finally here!!” she said with awe. “Oh, man!! This is it! The Selector’s Arena is finally here!!”
“Damn, this crowd is packed!! People are really anticipating this movie!!” Isaac shouted through the crowds of people.

“You think this is packed?” she said, “Back when that movie Lunar premiered, it was so packed that the line was from here to the 3rd block. This is peanuts compared to that.” So, as they were watching the movie, Jamie was so into the movie, she didn’t even know she had a tight grip on Isaac’s hand when some of the action was happened.


“Oh shit!” Isaac silently reacted as he was watching the movie.

“BACK AWAY FROM MY BROTHER, DAMMIT!!” As the actress screamed out in the movie. “You’ll dine in hell for that shit!!! AHHHH!!!!” Then she started shooting out of nowhere.

“Holy fuck, this is not what I expected from a movie based off a YA novel.” He said while Jamie nodded and said “Mmmhmm” and shoveled some candy in his mouth.

“QUICK!! The fire escape!”
“I’ll kill you, Nadine Evergreen!! And your brother, too!!”

They got close to the end where Jamie started crying at the end. “Oh god!! It’s sadder in there than it is in the book!!” And Isaac knew he made to comfort Jamie for that exact moment. “I need a moment.”


After 2 hours (exactly 2 hours), they got out of the theater with Jamie and Isaac feeling satisfied after the movie. “WOW!! I’m definitely getting this movie on Blu-ray!! IT WAS OH, SO GOOD!!”

“Yeah, I actually enjoyed it myself.” Isaac said.
“Hey.” She said, “Thanks for coming along with me, especially at this time and all.”
Then Isaac returned and said, “Well, thank you for opening my mind into a movie I never would’ve thought I liked.”

They were walking to the car as 2 guys crept up behind them and pushed Isaac out of the way to get to Jamie.
“Come here, bitch!! Got any cash on you?” one of them said. “Cause if not, you can pay us in another way.” Jamie then had this sarcastic look and said, “I doubt you got much in there.”
However, before they could make their move, Jamie pulled out the mace she got from Nadia and sprayed them in the eyes, blinding one of them but the other one was getting close to her with a pocket knife but Isaac grabbed him and threw him on the ground, then kicked him while he’s down and quickly both of them got in the car and locked the doors before they could get up and drove off.

“OK….OK….That was too damn close.” Isaac said.
“Oh…that….Yeah, that wasn’t too bad.” Jamie said. “At least they didn’t had guns.”

“Well, you’re calm about this.” Isaac said, “I mean, I’m not that shaken up but damn. I thought for a second I screwed up and something happened to you.” But then Jamie said, “You have nothing to worry about me. I can defend myself but I’m glad you care about me and all.”

Later on, they stop at Jamie’s apartment and since it was beginning to rain, she decided that Isaac should spend the night there and he called and text his mom that, too. “Hey, thanks for letting me sleep over here for the night. I really appreciate that.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” She said as she was in the bathroom changing clothes, “I couldn’t let you drive alone in the wet roads and I couldn’t let you risk getting into an accident, especially after enjoying that movie.” There is also the case of them having a few drinks in the place as well so he couldn’t drive home drunk. Then she came out of there, wearing very revealing baby blue lingerie and Isaac was definitely looking at her as he felt aroused and turned on. “So……Isaac, what do you think of this?” He was completely stunned at how Jamie looked to him. “You….look…..very…..attractive…..” He was stuck in a trance of her beauty and needed to snap out of it. “I mean, yes, you look attractive. You look good. Great, even.”

“OH, YOU THINK SO?” As she sounded excited about that. “Because I can tell by the drool, you must really love it.”
Oh, she noticed. And Isaac hopes that she doesn’t notice his other thing below.
“Isaac, I want to ask you as a friend…….even if we aren’t friends, would you consider sleeping with me.”

Isaac seem confused about this, “You mean, you want me to—”

“I know this is fast and all, but if you don’t want to, we don’t—”
Then he and Jamie shared a longing kiss between each other and she was getting into it. “I want to if you want to do it.”
Then she stand up as she strips off of nightgown and only down to her blue panties and bra and she got on top on him and both of them starting making out and kissing and moaning out each other’s names in passionate heat. Jamie kissed every inch of Isaac’s body as she began to unhook her bra and then Isaac got his turn to kiss all over her body. The sounds of thunder and lightning didn’t distract them as they are too occupied with their own sounds of love-making.

As the morning came and rise, Isaac and Jamie were sleeping in each other’s arms and as they woke up, they came to realization that…..they really did the DUMBEST THING LAST NIGHT!! “Oh shit!! Did we just—”, Isaac shouted.

“Yep, we did.” As Jamie affirmed him. “And damn. We can’t let anyone find this out, especially Nadia. She’ll either freak out or slap the hell out of me.”

“Or kill me.” He said. “I mean……I’m not going to deny that I enjoyed the sex and I did. But now, the trinity of you, me and Nadia might be in danger of that. And I don’t want her to feel like a third wheel. I like you guys equally and even if I find you to be beautiful and attractive, I don’t want to risk your friendship with it.”

“Same here.” Jamie said. “I also don’t want to risk our friendship…..especially since I’m attracted to both you and Nadia.” Then Isaac got puzzled by that for a bit, “Wait, what?”

“Isaac…..I actually had a crush on Nadia since I was a sophomore with her. I thought about revealing it to her before but we have really grown as good friends and now we’re going to the same college and then we met you and…..damn, this is complicated. What’s gonna happen to us if this gets out?” Then they heard somebody at the door and it was Nadia coming in. “OH, SHIT!!!” As Isaac and Jamie quickly puts on their clothes and make themselves natural.

“Hey guys!” Nadia said.

“NADIA!!!” Both of them said in unison. “HEY!!” As they went and hugged her.
Nadia seemed a bit weirded out. “OK……Anyway, I’ve heard some good things about that movie both of you saw last night. I thought about seeing it this or next weekend if I got free time……You two got drunk last night?” As she spies an empty bottle of wine on the floor.

“Uh…..maybe.” Isaac said. “We got a little drunk off our asses and fell asleep.”

“That and talked about the movie.” Jamie said. “That’s all we did. HAHA.” As she said and laughed awkwardly. “Well, damn, ok.” As Nadia answered back. “It’s like you’re thinking that I thought you two got naked and had sex last night.” Both of them laughed it off as if that has the last thing on their minds but they needed to keep it from her.




TUESDAY, the week after

Isaac went to the store, getting a few things for himself and as soon as he was getting ready to check out, he runs into Nadia. “Hey, Isaac! Nice running into you here.”

“Hey, Nadia. I’m just getting some food for myself in the week ahead.” He said, “Among other stuff.” She takes a look into his cart and said, “I hope you getting more than just a bunch of hot wings. Or junk good for that matter.” He took a look at his cart and himself and said to her, “I should probably get better stuff, should I?”

“I believe you should.” Nadia said. “No man is going to survive on junk alone. Follow me.” Soon she helped Isaac gathered some food that he should actually get for the next 15 minutes or so. However, while they were shopping, he does see a familiar face in the freezer aisle and it was someone he knew during high school and yet that means Isaac has to make some evade from being seen although it caught Nadia’s eye a bit. “What the—Um, Isaac, what are you doing?”

He kept stammering and stuttering and said, “Oh, I thought I spot something I saw in that aisle.”

“That’s the Chinese food.” Nadia said, “And you already got that in the cart.”

“Oh, well….I guess I need to–?” But then he got distracted by that same person and freaked out. “Hey, Isaac. ISAAC! Remember me? Cole from Ellis High?”

“Oh, hey Cole.” Isaac sounded unenthusiastic at that. “Been a long time since Ellis, man.”
He then noticed Nadia from the other side, “Wait, Nadia? Little Nadia Green? The 7th grader that knocked out Sean O’Bullard?”

“You mean that guy that was peaking in the girls’ locker room?” She asked him.

“Oh, that. Then yeah, I’m her.” Nadia said. “You know Isaac here?”

“Know him?” he said, “This guy was one of the funniest people in our class and he always does this thing with his watch where he knew when the bell was going to ring. It got him in some trouble for a bit but damn, he was alright. So how you been doing? You in college now?”

“Yeah, I am.” Nadia said, “Me and Jamie are at Woods Community College, Cambridge Campus.”

“Oh. Jamie Silver. She’s going okay, too?” Cole said.

Then Nadia replied with, “Oh, she’s doing fine. She just got a project that she’s working on right now and I’m on my day off. Same as Isaac. We go the same college. We’re just shopping around and stuff.”

“Oh, all right. Isaac, you still at that college?” he asked him.
“Yeah, I am.” Isaac said, “I got about another 4 classes to do until I graduate and stuff.” That last part, he felt like he was mumbling like he felt like his time after high school was worthless and time-wasting.

“OK, man, it’s good to see you again. Hope we see each other again. Same to you, too, Nadia.” As Cole said and left to do his own shopping. Later on, as Isaac and Nadia went to self-check-out, she had a sense that he was feeling nervous around Cole and wanted to ask him if he was OK but she waited until they were both in the car, putting the bags in there.
“Isaac…..back there, when you was trying to avoid talking to your old friend. You acted like you really didn’t want to speak to anyone.”
Isaac stood silent on that.
“I don’t get it, man. You act this certain way around some people that makes me think you’re two-faced or something. I don’t wanna think of you like that!!” He still wasn’t budging and that’s when she had to get aggressive with him. “ISAAC, DAMMIT, YOU NEED TO TELL ME—”And that’s when he started to shed tears and that’s when she started to turn concerned, “Isaac….why are you crying?”

He then confessed that, “Hearing about my past high school days has always made me realize that I hated myself. Looking back at those days made me feel like a complete tool and it got me nothing following that. I have a crappy life at home, I still live with my mom, I have no income and I’m 24 going on 25 to a road of nowhere.” He started to cry but didn’t want her to be around it so he went into the car and cry but she grabbed him and got both of them into the backseat.

“LOOK!! OK, you don’t have some glamorous life that you always dream of! Yeah, it sucks that you still live with your mother and not on your own. And yeah, no job meaning no money does suck!! But it doesn’t mean you’re useless, damn it!” As Nadia boldly said to him. “And as for that school thing, of course you’re gonna hate your past self. Hell, I hated my past self for some stupid things I did but it didn’t mean you failed at life. You, right now, are a very sweet, kind, fun and shy person to be around with and you got people that care about you from your mom, sister, and me and Jamie.” He soon wiped the tears from his face and any nose drippings from him. “Can you hand me that tissue, please?” He asked her.

“Oh, sure.”

“Nadia…….” He said to her, “I guessed I didn’t think about that. I was wrapped up on that phase that I forgot about it. I do have some good things about my life and you’re right about another thing. I’m glad I got you and Jamie around. You two have been great friends to me since we met and I don’t want to lose you two as friends. I love both of you guys.”

“Isaac, we love you too.” As she said as both embraced a hug between each other.

But then as both of them continued hugging, they looked into each other with these strange emotions they’re feeling and soon they began to share a kiss.
They quickly went back to her place to continue it as both of them started to strip their clothes off with Isaac kissing her breasts but then he had second thoughts and said, “Wait, wait, wait…..I don’t know about this.”

“I know, I know, I know.” Nadia said, “We’re just friends. We shouldn’t even be doing this. Besides, it was already weird when Jamie and I stop dating for a while and you in the mix and all—”

“What? You two dated before?” Isaac said, “I thought she just had a crush on you.”

“A crush?” Nadia said, “Yeah, she had a thing for me but we did date for a short time. No one but us knows about it.”

“No, she told me she had a crush on you when I was staying with her on our date.” He said.
“Wait, she told you?!?” Nadia screamed at him and that’s when Jamie arrived on time for that fight. “NO, she never told me about you two!!” he said.

“Told what?” Jamie asked. “Guys, what’s going in here and Nadia, why are you in your bra and shorts?”

“You mention to Isaac that you had a crush on me but never told him that we dated once?” Nadia said as the look on Jamie’s face turned red with embarrassment and rage. “Isaac…..please tell me you didn’t tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Nadia questioned, “What the fuck is going on here?”
Isaac knew what he had to tell her and he was going to face the consequences. “Jamie, she actually has to know.”
“KNOW WHAT!?” Nadia screamed out, “Jamie, Isaac, What are you two not telling me?”

“Nadia……remember when you joked about us getting drunk and having sex that night? Well….” He concluded that sentence and let her fill the blanks.
“Wait, you and Jamie had sex and you…” Then she really got angry at Isaac and said, “….YOU WERE KISSING AND UNDRESSING ME NOT TOO LONG AGO!?” And then slapped him for that.

“OK, I deserve that.” He said.
“YOU DAMN RIGHT YOU DID!!!” She said, “At least you stop yourself from going any further but dammit, I’m pissed off at you right now. And especially after what happened at the store. How you go for your sucky life and thinking I was going to let you feel me up?”

Isaac then tried to explain, “But that wasn’t the first intention. Nadia, I-”
But Jamie stepped in and said, “That may not be the first intention but you went along with it. That’s just as bad as tricking her into it.”

“And Jamie!” Nadia shouted at her, “What about you? You lying to me about sleeping with Isaac! You’re just as bad as him!!”

“WHAT!? I’m not the one that told him about us!!” Jamie said, “We agree that we never tell anyone about this.”
“And what? You couldn’t trust me on that?” Isaac said. “I would’ve kept the secret!”
“I never said you wouldn’t kept it!” Jamie screamed at him. “You just didn’t need to know!”

“ENOUGH!!!” Nadia shouted at the both of them. “It’s obvious you both are guilty for lying to me and I don’t know whether to trust you two again! Especially……especially since we never stop dating! You forgot to tell him that, Jamie! But now, I guess you’re right. We DID use to date because we’re done.” Then she started to cry a bit and just said to them, “Just get out of here! Both of you, leave now!!” As she slammed the door on them and left to her room in an angry yet betrayed way that she ended up sobbing all the way to her room.

Isaac and Jamie didn’t want to say anything to each other as it would only exacerbate things even further. So both of them left the premises in a funk with their friendship shattered.



It’s been two weeks since that fight among Jamie, Isaac and Nadia. Neither of them have spoken to each other, even when in school. There wasn’t any animosity between them, just uncertainty and drama. At first, Jamie kept trying to call Nadia to apologize but she wasn’t answering her calls or just kept avoiding her in general.

She even tried going in person to apologize but Nadia kept her door locked and pushing her out.

“Nadia…’s me….please let me in!” Jamie said.
“Jamie, get out!! I don’t want to speak to you, hear you or want to see you.” Nadia said, “Just leave me alone!!”
“Nadia, look….OK, I fucked up, OK!” As Jamie screamed.
“Yes, you did!!” As Nadia interrupted her, “You said this to me back in high school the first time we broke up! Now….this is getting pathetic. Just leave…….alone!”
Jamie then left with a brooding yet sad look in her eye as she couldn’t mend things with her friend/lover.

As for Isaac, he was back to his mopey silent self after those fights and he just usually sit in his room and stare at the ceiling fan and think of how he could’ve done things differently with Jamie and Nadia. But he feels like it couldn’t be fixed at this point.

Then one afternoon, he was driving in the city to clear his head but then as he stopped somewhere, there was Jamie right beside him as he got out of the car and the awkwardness began again. “Oh….Jamie, you’re here.”

“Yes, I am. And so are you, Isaac.” She said to him.

They didn’t want to bring it up but eventually both knew it was going to come up.

“So…… are things with you recently?” he asked her.
“Well—Actually, Isaac, things haven’t been going so great for me. My project was a bust and I’ve only got a C+, which actually got my grade down, I’m about to be overdue on my rent and could be kicked out the next month and of course…..Nadia still isn’t speaking to me.”

“Oh…Nadia.” He said.

“We really screwed up, didn’t we?” she said. “She won’t talk to me, she avoids me everywhere and when I try to apologize, she shuts me down. I didn’t want to lose my best friend over this.”

“Jamie……you think things would’ve been better if I didn’t came in to your life?” Isaac asked.

“What do you mean by that?” she said.
“I mean if I didn’t started hanging out with you and her, both of you would still be friends and my dumb ass would just carry on with my miserable exist—”
However, Jamie slapped him at that last sentence.

“STOP IT!!” she said, “Don’t you ever say this was your fault!! YOU AND I DID THIS! Mainly the ‘sleeping with each other’ part and it’s also mine for ever not admitting that I and Nadia were dating, although both of us have feelings towards you, too. I don’t ever want you or Nadia out of my life, but she doesn’t want to talk to me.”

Nevertheless, Isaac and Jamie thought of a plan.


At the college at later hours, Nadia was researching information for a paper she had to write and that was due in a few weeks. The place almost seems deserted as if no one was here at all, which was perfect for Isaac and Jamie as they went into one of the rooms that Nadia was in and they locked the door.

“Hey, Hey, HEY, HEY!!!” she shouted, “Someone is still working in here. I would’ve gone home but my computer is getting repaired and I need the extra time to work in her—”
And that’s when Jamie showed up in front of her.

“I know I’m the last person you want to see now—”

“EXACTLY!!” she said as Nadia went to move Jamie out of the way. “But I don’t want to fight or fuss.”

But Nadia knew where this was getting to, “Jamie, if you trying to apologize again, I don’t want to hear it. Because at this point, it’s not about you sleeping with Isaac, it’s that you didn’t want to admit that we were dating to anyone!! It’s like you didn’t want anyone to know about this.” Yet, Isaac opened and closed the door and said to them, “Well, she finally told me about it.”

She turned around and saw Isaac. “Isaac, you’re in this, too?”

“Nadia, we could apologize to you a million times and we still couldn’t make up what we did to you.” Isaac said, “We don’t expect you to forgive us right away and be over with it but we don’t want to lose you as a friend.”

Nadia stood silent for a minute, thinking about it and said to them, “Isaac, Jamie, I don’t want to lose you as friends either. I equally love both you guys and I cherish the times we hung out but even if one of us become a couple, one of us will be the third wheel and still miserable as ever. They’ll make us break up even faster.”

“Well…….what if we don’t have to be a couple and a third wheel? What if we’re just our little own threesome?” Jamie said.

Nadia and Isaac looked a little confused at that wording. “Uh, what?” Then Jamie got what they originally thought. “NO!! I didn’t meant it like that!” As Jamie meant to re-word that, “I meant that as friends who have a special bond among each other like we do. Us three just hanging out and having fun enjoying each other’s company. Maybe’s threesome is the wrong word for that.”

“Yeah, obviously.” Nadia said. “I think you’re thinking of TRIO. That’s a better word for that and yeah, I enjoyed us doing that. I want us to go back to that; just start fresh.”

“So do we agree that we can go back into being friends?” Isaac said. Both Jamie and Nadia looked into each other’s faces and then all three decided to hug it out. “I really did miss talking to you, too.” As Nadia said.

“And now that’s settled, we should probably get out of here and get on home.”

“WAIT!!!” As Nadia said, “Um, before we get home…..Isaac, you saw both me and Jamie naked before and I know that visual is going to last in your head forever and ever. Good, because it’s not gonna happen again and if it does….” She grabbed his testicles and gave a sinister smile, “Oh, you know what happens next, don’t you?” That move made Isaac faint and squeal. “But since we’re good friends and all, the only time you can use it is Truth or Dare or Strip anything. Just don’t abuse it.” Jamie then went to help him up and said, “I got to agree with her but I’ll think you’ll like this new rekindled friendship.” Then Isaac smile with relief at that sand and said, “I already liking it.”



“OK, you promise this movie’s going to be good?” Nadia said. “It better have some good action in it or at least, some good parts in there.” It was Friday night and all three of them was seeing The Selector’s Arena on digital at her house.
“I think you’ll like it.” Isaac said, “I didn’t think I would like it at first but surprise, I actually did.”
“You sure Jamie didn’t tricked you into liking it?” Nadia said. Then she came from the kitchen with a bunch of snacks. “I didn’t trick him! We just have some similar tastes now and then. Isn’t that right, Isaac?”

“Yeah, Isaac, isn’t that right?” Nadia said, mimicking Jamie’s sweet tone with him.

“Whatever, let’s just see the movie.” She said as the movie plays and immediately uses both Isaac and Nadia as her seats. “Um, excuse me? We are not your couches.” Nadia said.

“Ah-Ah-AH. Remember in this trio, I’m the dominator and you two are my slaves. So now you’re CHAIRS!! HA-HA!” And then Nadia put a pillow on her face. “Need a pillow, your highness?” Isaac then laughed at that but then he got his from Jamie and all three of them goofily play-fight each other throughout the night.


Then a goose appeared in their house for no reason and flew on by. And they looked confused as hell on that.

F I n

© 2015 KatanaPLUS / The INTERSECTION Project

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