Anime Discovery 2015: Classic SAILOR MOON [Viz Media English Dub] (Ep. 24-46) – #126

Anime Discovery 2015

And we are back with more Sailor Moon Talk…..well, the classic Sailor Moon.

Last time we left, we are discussing the first half of Season 1 with the introduction of the first three Sailor Guardians and the Dark Kingdom. Now at the half-way point, the show introduces new Guardians Makoto Kino aka Sailor Jupiter and the full introduction of Minako Aino aka Sailor Venus along with her magical cat Artemis.

There is also the point of the show where we go into the origins of the Moon Kingdom fighting against the Dark Kingdom along with finding out more about Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask or Endymion.

First, I like the introduction of Makoto (or Mako for short)/Sailor Jupiter as not only my favorite Guardian but one of my favorite characters of the show. While she is known for being the tomboy of the group who’s athletic, tall and can kick some ass, she does have a feminine side of her that completes her as a full-fledged character. Minako is also an alright character with an interesting backstory of how she became Sailor Venus or Sailor V as she’s known earlier in the series although I do think out of all the main Guardians, Minako isn’t that interesting compared to the other ones. She’s a likable character and all but not that all compelled at her. 50/50 maybe but that’s about it.

Now onto Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask…….yeah, I felt like his story arc really dragged as the backstory of him either losing his parents or not remembering a thing from the Moon Kingdom days aren’t that enthralling. Maybe at the point where he goes into his Endymion phase, I get a little interested but other than that, I kinda don’t care as much.

This is also some character growth in the main characters, mainly from Sailor Moon when she knows that her past incarnation is Princess Serenity and while she was afraid of taking in that much responsibility, she knew that she had to face it once the Dark Kingdom are not going to stop until they take over the world. Although it took some slaps from her fellow Guardians to do it (Hell, I would’ve done it, too.)

Animation still the same as I said in the first review and I’ll say one thing for music: “Princess Moon”, performed by Ushio Hashimoto, might be one of the best ending themes I heard in this series so far with its serene sound that you’ll smile at the end of the song.

Now for the dub (again)…….Amanda Celine Miller actually fulfilled her role as Sailor Jupiter well with her distinctive gruff, butch voice that most people said is alike the DiC’s counterpart and the voice does fit the character in English. In her (full) introduction of the series, Cherami Leigh as Venus also does a stellar job with all the emotion and characteristics of Venus brought in there.

Does anybody find it strange that Johnny Yong Bosch is playing Artemis in the dub along with Michelle Ruff as Luna? (Huh?? HUH? GET IT!! *wink wink for those that watch Bleach*) Anyway, Bosch was fine but I do say Lucien Dodge does excel as Zolcite as he was deliciously evil as he can be and also good as Motoki, too.
FUN FACT: Motoki’s girlfriend, Reika, by voiced by Erica Mendez (Magi, Kill La Kill) and IRL her and Dodge are dating.

FINAL VERDICT: As a whole season, this was a solid series. It does have a fair amount of episodes that goes along the plot and have some filler episodes, too, but it’s never at the point where the filler is boring. It’s actually relaxing to have after a lot of dramatic moments in its run. It’s not particularly a great series but it is a fun, enjoyable one.


Therefore, Sailor Moon (Season 1) used its Moon Prism Power to its fullest and earn a

8/10SOLID B.

Sailor Moon is currently streaming on Hulu/Neon Alley. Vol.1 DVD and Blu-ray is now released as the time of this review. Vol. 2 will be released in February.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, fighting evil by moonlight in one format.


SAILOR MOON – animation by TOEI / distributed by VIZ MEDIA


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