Blue Hybrid’s Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014 (That he’s seen)

Come on, come all!! It’s that time again!!!

You know the drill every late December or so, as we look upon what was the best films of 2014 and what was the worst and like every year, I’m talking the movies that I have seen, meaning I haven’t seen every movie this year and thankfully, I haven’t seen every bad movie this year or what was going to suck in the first place (i.e. Transformers 4 – I knew by those trailers, it was going to suck and it did. 😛) but I got a good selection of crappy movies that I had to suffer throughout the year.

Hell, I watched some movies that were so bad, I didn’t want to finish them. That’s how bad those movies are and there’s only one movie in here that was a dishonorable mention.

Now with that said……

Yeah, I couldn’t continue with these two movies as they were just so fuckin’ badly, they’re not worth talking about or listing into the list so I’m going to keep this short.

Sex Tape – awkwardly unfunny (and unsexy as well) movie with a dumb-ass premise cause by the dumbass ‘comedic’ leads. Also, since they filmed the sex video on an iPad, shouldn’t be called Sex File? OK, not as catchy but it made since. – Courtesy of SONY / Columbia Pictures

Endless Love
– crappy romance movie that pretty much harbors a lot of cliché Nicholas Sparks moments….oh wait, I think they were some black people in there, too. But who gives a damn about that? Bad acting, crappy writing and superfluous dramatic moments. – Courtesy of Universal Studios


And our dishonorable mention goes to……let’s be cops

Why do I feel like this movie was trying to cash in on the success of the Jump Street movies? Because that’s what I felt watching this movie as trying to make a franchise like that of its own and boy, does this shit suck? Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., I didn’t felt like they had any chemistry at all as characters with them either being dreadful, shrill, and annoying. I know they do on New Girl but it works better there. All we get is a couple of dumbasses dressed up as cops and decided to play along and then shit gets real and…yeah, the rest I don’t care about. This movie is bad. – Courtesy of 20th Century FOX


And now here comes the top 10…….


10. Winter’s Tale


Well, I didn’t think I would actually see this because at first, I really didn’t care to see this but now as of recent, I notice how hilariously bad some of the scenes are in this movie like the flying Deus Ex Machina horse, the lead female dies from having sex or something, and of course, Will Smith as Satan! Other than that, this is mostly forgetful and a very scatterbrained movie that you couldn’t care less to give a damn about. Might be a good “if you’re drunk or high” movie but that’s it. – Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures



A movie about the disaster of Pompeii? OK, that sounds interesting.

Oh, directed by Paul W.S Anderson……Yeah……Oddly enough, this is pretty bad but possibly the least horrible Paul W.S. Anderson movie on account of how forgettable this movie is. It felt like it was trying to be Titanic with volcanic fire and ash and it did!!! Even though we know at the end, everyone is gonna die by the volcano and it still bored me like Titanic did. In short, don’t waste your time with this unless you got insomnia. – Courtesy of SONY / Tri-Star



‘Some girls just want to watch the world burn.’ And yet this movie crashed and burned. Damn, I really wanted this movie to be funny but I really just hated everyone in this movie and that’s a damn shame as most of these actors are very talented. I know Dane DeHaan is a talented actor but him and comedy don’t mix. I like Aubrey Plaza as an actress and I think she’s very funny but here, I hated her character the most in here and every other actor in here like Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly and Anna Kendrick (especially her!!) is wasted here doing this. – Courtesy of A24 / American Zoetrope



Ugh. I knew that was going to be bad but fuck, this is AWFUL!!! This is worse than the first one and despite me not putting that on my worst list last year that one was shitty, too. Basically, it’s everything you expected out of the last one from racist jokes that’s not funny, mean mugging from Marlon Wayans and references all around, even ones that seem irreverent at this point. It’s an easy pick of this being the worst but yeah, this is straight-up terrible – courtesy of Open Road Films


Wow, this has the looks of being an interesting and complex thriller that requires a lot of brainpower to figure it all out but instead what we get is a bunch of jumbled science shlock with a dull script with the performances to match it, especially from Johnny Depp, who still continues giving out lazy performances in movies today. The film was a box office and critical dud for Wally Pfister, Chris Nolan’s former D.O.P and right now, I bet he’s begging for Nolan to take him back. – Courtesy of Warner Bros.


Here’s a question: Out of all the movies that was released this year, why in the hell that Think Like a Man needed a sequel? Because this has got to be one of the most unnecessary sequels to what’s actually a decent romantic comedy movie from 2012. What we got was not a continuation of the first movie (However, you got About Last Night which is actually more of a successor to Think Like a Man than the actual sequel and also a good movie, too) but basically just place the characters of that movie in Vegas and make a bunch of subplots that could’ve been solved in 20 minutes but stretches into a full-length feature. In other words, a poor follow-up to an otherwise good movie. – Courtesy of SONY /Screen Gems


The YA Novel adaptation craze is still at large especially with this year having a lot of them and while this and The Maze Runner are two new successes that’ll easily become a trilogy, Divergent is the worst at being a lifeless slog of a movie with your basic YA tropes and predictability from the get-go. Performances all around were mostly bland and most of the cast are proven good actors but for the life of me, who keeps putting Jai Courtney in their movies? The man is not that good. And as for the upcoming sequel, I can expect the same out of that one. – Courtesy of Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate


A lot of you may not even heard of this movie and wonder what the hell is it? Well, the movie is based on the anime OVA title of the same name and having seen the original anime (the uncensored version), I wasn’t expecting much but this is nothing but a run of the mill cheap boring action movie of the week. Granted, it would be stupid to reiterate what the anime did and being a carbon copy of it would be worse but what we got tells me this shouldn’t have been made at all. – courtesy of The Weinstein Company


I didn’t hate the first movie as much as another people did but the second one……the more I think about it, the more of a worthless sequel this really is. It manages to do with Spider Man 3 did and this surpasses that movie for how bad it is from too many villains where one is just used for the beginning and end of the movie (Rhino), one villain whose motivation to kill Spider-Man is very petty (Electro) and an emo son-of-a-bitch whose transition was planned from the start (Harry Osborn). Granted, some of the acting is good but the bad here outweighs the very few good elements of the movie. And if Sony decides to give Spider-Man back to Marvel, they better do it soon. – courtesy of SONY / Columbia Pictures


And now the #1 Worst movie of 2014……….




Why is this movie the worst one of 2014? Well, at first the trailers of this did look funny to me and I was mildly interested in seeing how this will turned out and unfortunately, this movie just sucked!!! For one thing, Seth MacFarlane is not a leading man in live-action fare and really shouldn’t be one as his character was whiny and uncharismatic. The jokes here are either plain humorless, goes on for too long and is like beating a dead horse. All the other actors are wasted in this movie, especially Liam Neeson. Granted we know he does a lot of silly shit in the recent years, but at least most of them we actually found some enjoyment but not here. – courtesy of Universal Studios



And that is my list of the top 10 Worst Movies of 2014!!!

Got any you disagree with or like (dislike as I did) on that list? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


Anyway, I’ll be back with my “Best of” list later on….I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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