Anime Discovery: THE BEST AND WORST OF 2014!!

What a year 2014 has been!!!

(For Anime!!!)

OK, yes, while it may not been as strong as 2013, the year has been capable of bringing the best and interesting anime has to offer and of course, the worst of anime, too. You’re bound to have some shit in there, too. Not only will I reveal my top 5 and worst 5 anime of 2014, I will go over some of the anime highlights of the year like what’s been licensed and rescued over the past year.

Some may be genuine good moments and others are…….well, you get it.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show!!

Winter 2014

The anime season has started on a big roll with leftovers from the fall 2013 season like Kill La Kill, Log Horizon 1st season, Nagi: A Lull in the Sea & Samurai Flamenco and all of them turned out to be pretty good with Kill La Kill definitely earning the top spot of anime in 2013. With that said, another big surprise happen to come in January and let’s just say he’s a Dandy guy in space. Now since I talked about Space Dandy on Attack the Schlock earlier this month, this is going to be short so I’m just going to say that watching both Space Dandy & Kill La Kill has been an amazing ride with both of their unique animation style that’s more appealing and interesting than any other anime I’ve seen this year with characters who I find to be endearing, likable and charming in their own ways and elements that just makes everything around them just pop and most of all, it was entertaining and fun and I had more fun with 24-26 episodes of this than all of the episodes of NARUTO, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ, Jojo’s put together.

Other shows in the season included Noragami, which has my second favorite series of the winter season and possibly the most overlooked anime as it did get forgotten after it aired. There is also Nobunagun, one of the two Nobunaga-related shows along with Nobunaga the Fool and while I tried to watch both, the former was better title overall as I did drop the latter due to lack of interest. There is also Wizard Barristers, which was an improvement over Umetsu’s Galilei Donna in the fall as it was actually very campy and light at some times. Worst titles of the season are definitely Nisekoi, as it proves to be nothing else but a carbon copy of Love Hina with the added-in component of the Yakuza and moments where this could’ve been solved but prolong it just to get more unfunny jokes out of it. Another bad title that I didn’t even finish is Super Sonico: The Animation because let’s face it, this show is basically for pandering otaku that is more likely to wank off of this than watch it and the fact that show is just so damn boring. Pupa is another bad egg mostly because it felt more like a movie just cut down to 5-minute episodes where we’re not given enough details of the plot and also being another gore shock value horror title.

1. Space Dandy (1st Season)
2. Noragami
3. Wizard Barristers
4. Nobunagun

1. Pupa
2. Nisekoi
3. Super Sonico: The Animation

Spring 2014

OK, you know what? Spring sucked this year for anime. It already did as most of the titles of that season were either overhyped, forgettable, or just plain bad. Although I could say that the overhyped titles I’m talking about are actually the ones I haven’t seen yet but both are sequel shows that I watched the first series of and have little interest to continue. Those shows are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Mushi-Shi. Jojos……don’t get me wrong, what I’ve seen of the show is good so far but I think I’m gonna wait until someone actually licenses it and dubs it because I think this show is better experienced dubbed in English than in Japanese.

Mushi-Shi, on the other hand, is uninteresting in both languages as this was one of the dullest shows I’ve watched and of course, people are loving it and just eating this up like this show is supposed to be deep and pro-found. There’s nothing deep and pro-found about repeating the same shit episode after episode. You’re just telling the same story but with different characters who might just be the same archetype used over again and the only reoccurring character has about much personality as a cardboard box. Plus, its snail-like slow pace doesn’t help either as it makes you want to go to sleep, even after 5 minutes of it. Hell, watching one a week doesn’t help and a marathon of it doesn’t help either. It is not a good anime….it tries to be something but disappoints at every aspect.

Like I said before, the newer titles of the season aren’t that memorable aside from Captain Earth, One Week Friends, and Ping Pong the Animation but yet another title beat them as the best of the season but the problem is it wasn’t available on legal streaming until the summer (and yes, I’m talking about Knights of Sidonia). Nanana’s Buried Treasure was a show I thought had potential but was ultimately disappointing in the end. No Game No Life was a videogame anime title that most anime fans love this season…..too bad I’m not one of them at that anime is garbage and an example of otaku-pandering anime with the lead male being an all-powerful figure in a video game that can defeat anything that comes at him and not to mention the animation of that SUCKS!! Honestly, Madhouse didn’t so much good shit this year and speaking of that, their other title, The Irregular at Magic High School or Mahouka has got to be one of the worst shows that I ever watch in the spring season and another example of these male-power fantasy shows only minus the video games.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that Daimidaler anime….the one with the penguin dicks. I would add that to the worst but I only saw one episode before dropping it.

1. Knights of Sidonia
2. Captain Earth
3. One Week Friends
4. Ping Pong the Animation

1. Mahouka
2. No Game No Life
3. Nanana’s Buried Treasure


From the winter + spring season

(BETWEEN Jan. to June 2014)

  • Neon Alley transitioning from a linear channel service to an On Demand Service
  • Moribito: Guardians of the Spirit released by Viz Media, making it one of the first titles that Viz has rescued from a previous owner (Geneon & Media Blasters)
  • Discotek Media licenses School Days
  • Sailor Moon rescued by Viz Media and added a brand new English dub, completely unedited and uncut, fitting of the original Japanese version.
  • Attack on Titan to air on Toonami on May 4th, 2014.
  • Toradora is getting a re-release on DVD & Blu-Ray with a new English dub, making it the first anime licensed by NIS America to have one on their titles.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura is also getting a release on Blu-Ray from NIS America.

Summer 2014

Summer has been more of the interesting season where everything is determined on hype. The hype of Sailor Moon Crystal, the hype of Aldnoah.Zero, the hype of Akame ga Kill, and of course, the hype of Terror of Resonance and guess what? Only one of those manages to be good all the way through and it was Terror of Resonance.

Yes, I did notice not a lot of people liked this show and while this may not be in my top 5, it is certainly one of the better titles of the year. Everything was suspenseful and impactful, the direction is excellent especially coming from Shinichiro Watanabe, great animation from MAPPA and great music by Yoko Kanno although the script is not really the show’s strongest selling point but it still accomplishes to be an entertaining series.

Now the other shows I just listed, those are the ones that failed to live up the hype and Sailor Moon Crystal is the biggest culprit of that. I get that it’s adaptation from the manga but the pace on that is so ridiculous, I’m either liking it the first time yet in the later episodes, the writing is so damn stupid, it makes me question the franchise at a whole. I’m still enjoying the original 1992 version (and that new Viz dub is a good one. A superior dub to the old DiC one.)

Anyway, Aldnoah.Zero was a big disappointment despite the first few episodes being fascinating with some good animation and great music but overall, I was letdown and now that I think about it, I’m more worried of the 2nd season coming in this winter. Akame ga Kill was also another show that had some good qualities but ended up trying to be too edgy for its own good.

Oh, as for the worst…..Argevollen was mind-numbing as shit, Glasslip is confusing, and…..actually, that one I’ll save for later.

Also Tokyo Ghoul…….that was actually a better show this summer now that I think about it and Black Butler: Book of Circus, that actually accomplishes what the 2nd season failed to do and plus, it’s a pretty well-made show and one of them that A-1 Pictures didn’t fuck up. Oh yeah, Yamishibai Season 2…….people really need to watch this show. It’s actually one of the better anthology horror anime series out there and thankfully movie reviewer Chris Stuckmann saw that as well. But let’s get to the real winner of the SUMMER……and it’s SPACE DANDY (again.) Yes, the 2nd season aired that summer and it manages to be bigger and better than the first season and when that show ended, it ended with a phenomenal bang!! The way a show like that should end and easily one of the best of the year. Its shows like this & Kill La Kill that most anime series should strive to be in its more imaginative core.

1. Space Dandy (2nd Season)
2. Terror of Resonance
3. Tokyo Ghoul
4. Black Butler: Book of Circus
5. Yamishibai Season 2

1. Sailor Moon Crystal
2. Aldnoah.Zero
3. Akame ga Kill!!

3. Argevollen
2. Glasslip

Oh…….believe I know what was the worst show of that season and 2014 overall and I know some of you already know what it is. Hell, it doesn’t need an introduction at this point. At first, I didn’t even want to watch it at first, but curiosity got to me. It’s basically the same damn thing as the first season of the show with clumsy writing that makes most fan fiction seem better in comparison, characters that you really are not wholly invested and only serve to do one purpose in there (if it’s to die, be a creepy asshole or make a sob story out of the blue after introducing them one episode ago), unnecessary dramatic moments that should never happen in the first place and yet…..this gets undeserved praise and whenever people address the show’s problems and how big they are, the fans either call them haters, saying they don’t understand the show or it has a deep meaning. I know I address this before, and I’ll say it again but that shit annoys me to the fullest. The show has a good premise but it fucks up every time it tries to be good and it’s not even entertaining. It’s dull, the suspense is not present anywhere and it just fails overall.

SWORD ART ONLINE 2……You are one of the worst anime of 2014. You failed as a compelling story, you failed as good entertainment and you’re nothing more than a pretentious anime with no point at all.

Fall 2014

YES!!! This is, in fact, the best season of new anime this year. Possibly one of the strongest seasons this year filled with a lot of the shows that could be on my end-of list and I got 3 titles that earned about a 9 or above and those 3 are Parasyte, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, & Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. All 3 of those shows I listed are complete surprises in every way with Parasyte being a Madhouse show that’s actually great and compelling, the FSN remake actually not sucking and me liking everyone in it including Shiro and I’m hooked on Bahamut from the first episode and loving it ever since.

There was some other competent and likable shows as well, examples being Log Horizon 2, Tribe Cool Crew, Inou-Battle, Garo being the highest of those and even Wolf Girl and Black Prince was enjoyable.

However, there were 2 crappy shows (well, it would’ve been 3 but I dropped one) in this season, and yet this has the least amount of crappy shows on here so that’s good news but unfortunately, that crappy show is Psycho-Pass 2. That is a sequel that really didn’t need to happen and one of the worst cases of doing a sequel of a show which Gen Urobuchi is not the head writer of a show. As I said before, all the meaningful insights and resonance is left behind and it’s nothing but shock and awe and violence.

World Trigger is where we as an audience say that Toei Animation is fucking up and it’s with this and Sailor Moon Crystal that their quality has gone to shit this year.

1. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
2. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
3. Parasyte
4. Garo
5. Tribe Cool Crew

Psycho-Pass 2


From the summer and fall season

(JULY to Dec. 2014)

  • Discotek Media announces Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone to have a brand new English dub, the first one Discotek Media has ever did.
  • FUNimation announces Broadcast English dubs following the success of Space Dandy being broadcast on Adult Swim with a dub. Release dates for Cowboy Bebop this Christmas, .hack series coming in 2015 on DVD, more sub-only series (Puchimas!, Inari Kon Kon)
  • Funimation releases EVS App on game consoles Xbox 360 and PS3. Crunchyroll now has a
  • Wii U App.
  • Free 2nd season licensed by FUNimation, getting an English dub in 2015


  1. Space Dandy
  2. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
  3. Fate/Stay Night Unlimted Blade Works
  4. Parasyte
  5. Knights of Sidonia
  6. Terror of Resonance
  7. Garo
  8. Noragami
  9. Captain Earth
  10. Tokyo Ghoul


  1. Sword Art Online 2
  2. The Irregular at Magic High School
  3. No Game No Life
  4. Nisekoi
  5. Pupa
  6. Glasslip
  7. Nanana’s Buried Treasure
  8. Psycho-Pass 2
  9. Super Sonico: The Animation
  10. Argevollen

And that is definitely all the anime talk from me this year. Let’s hope to kick off 2015 in the right way!!!

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



2 thoughts on “Anime Discovery: THE BEST AND WORST OF 2014!!

  1. I think/hope Sailor Moon crystal will get better as the series moves on to the R and S series. I found with the manga too it was slow at the beginning.

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