Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2014 Wrap-Up

The end of the year is coming and that means the end of the fall season is just around the corner. Remember when I said that summer was a good season? Well, not really. It’s still better than spring, that’s for damn sure. However, Fall prove to have some great hits this season, even some that might make my top best of list in 2014 (Still determining whether I make a top 5 or 10). And while they’ve been some good shows, of course there is some crappy shows and even shows that started off decent or good but then went downhill way fast.

Now with that said, most of them have been the summer left-overs and shows that are still on-going from there and let’s get on with the list.


AKAME ga KILL! – animated by WHITE FOX / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

Remember what I said about caring about the characters, the action animation being excellent and this not being a hate-watch? Well, I stop giving a shit about them once I noticed they’re just gonna kill most of them off just cause. Y’know, EDGY AND SHIT!! The action got so repetitive and monotonous that I just skip the fight sequences and went straight to whoever died in that week’s episode and on that latter thing… really wasn’t a hate-watch but my God, it felt like a chore every week and it tries too damn hard to be either edgy, dark or either teetering between serious or too over-the-top. Also, what type of show is that where the title character isn’t really focused that much and when it do does that, I couldn’t care less? At least the ending wasn’t a complete letdown. But yeah, Akame ga Kill is too hyped for its own good as it got a strong opening but a whimpering finish. 6/10 – High VANILLA.

TERRAFORMARS – animated by LIDEN FILMS / currently unlicensed at the time of writing

Honestly, this is mostly forgetful and basically something for gore hounds, which in the uncensored version of this, the gore is very plentiful but aside from that, the story and characters aren’t really that outstanding, even when they play backstories of them but that’s only to say, “Now I feel something for them.” I barely even forgot who was supposed to be the main character although nobody was really distinctive from anyone else. Come to think of it, it’s only good when you either bored or maybe if you get high, it can be watchable. 6/10 – Low OK.


CHAIKA THE COFFIN PRINCESS – AVENGING BATTLE – animated by BONES / currently unlicensed at the time of writing (but we know Sentai is getting this one, too.)

OK, I thought the first season was alright but this second season is so damn unexciting and the fact people call this show good befuddles me. The only reason people watch this is for Chaika and most of the time, she’s just a damn mascot for the show. Thankfully, more useful than Super Sonico but almost similar to her in some aspects. Other characters are still boring and the plot is basically typical generic high fantasy crap that many nerds who bitch about Marvel movies love so much because they think it’s so ‘fresh’ than the others. I don’t think it’s horrible as some action scenes are fine but damn, this is the weakest BONES show this year and yes, I rank this lower than Soul Eater NOT! And those that say Captain Earth was bad……really? At least I actually gave a shit about that show. 5.5/10 – VANILLA.


SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL – animated by TOEI / licensed by VIZ MEDIA

Remember the hype this show had at the beginning of the year? Remember the Sailor Moon fans that were excited for this project?

Welp, that’s gone now. The first 6 episodes of this may be alright but the 7-12 have been way too damn slow and story wise, it is just so damn ridiculous that they get to the main plot that quick but take their time with them battling the Dark Kingdom and knowing about Mamoru/Ednymion/Tuxedo Mask to the point where I say, “OK, wrap this shit up and move on already.” I know many SM fans are not pleased with this show and some prefer the original 1992 filler-filled anime than the 2014 faithful adaptation version and speaking as someone who isn’t a big fan of Sailor Moon, I don’t blame them. Oh yeah, TOEI and their cheap derpy-ass looking animation and the CG is still awful. This isn’t your year where not only one of your new shows suffer from that, but two……and speaking of that………

WORLD TRIGGER – animated by TOEI / currently unlicensed at the time of writing

The animation is this is just as bad as SMC. Maybe even worse than before but yet I can say the story is somewhat you can get into although most of it is pretty tiresome and sometimes it can be interesting. Actually, it’s very inconsistent of getting you into the story and even the characters at least with the dullest one being the main character Yuma.

And this is a 50-episode anime……oh, joy, this shit goes on for a year and people wonder why I don’t do often shows with a 50 or more episode count.

5.5 – VANILLA (And yes, that goes both shows)


PSYCHO-PASS 2 – animated by TATSUNOKO PRO / licensed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

Oh, god. The No-Urobuchi effect strikes again…..TWICE this year! First, with Aldnoah.Zero (yeah, I’m not that fond of it anymore but I’ll still defend Gargantia to this day)
and now with this show. Is Urobuchi not writing a series at its fullest or at all the anime equivalent of Jim Carrey Effect? Anyway, the sequel series is guilty of shoddy and awful writing, not really that much depth within the story, completely dumb-as-fuck secondary characters like Mika and Kirito (Different one but yep, I’m starting to really hate that name now.) and how they completely fucked up the Sybil system and how it works. It’s like all the shock and violence is still in from the first season but the subtlety, hard-hitting meaningful insights and resonance is left behind. Hell, the only thing I genuinely like about the show is the opening theme. But yeah, this is the biggest disappointment of the fall season. Let’s hope that movie is good. 4/10 – NOT FEELING THIS.


I would talk about Cross Ange but then again, I dropped it after 2 episodes and I don’t feel like continuing this shit anyway as I didn’t like the damn show and I’m sparing you me talking about it…….but I will give you my summary of what I still think is one of the worst anime in 2014.


SWORD ART ONLINE 2 – animated by A-1 Pictures / Licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA

Yep, you knew I was going to talk about this sooner or later and I still stand by saying this is the same shit as the first season and yet for their Mother’s Rosario arc…that’s the least worst thing about it but that’s not saying much as while it isn’t as heinous or vile like Fairy Dance, it is just terrible and predictable story writing that ultimately feels like a Lifetime or Tyler Perry movie. Once again, the emotion here feels false and manipulative that they added that in the last minute just so we supposed to care for them, even though we knew them for less time and yet we’re not that invested in them. Oh, and them bringing AIDS to the story like they can handle something like that on the show. Hell, Captain Planet handled it better than this shit. Everything about it is still clumsy from the start, from the structure to its characters to the motivations of some characters. It’s not even hilariously entertainingly bad but still groan-worthy in the sense but more embarrassing. Thank Based God this shit is over but yet I think there’s gonna be another sequel series because the fans love it so much (and yes, there is still more undeserved praise for this.) and will call somebody who don’t like it for legit reasons haters. Fuck this show. 2/10 – Clownshoes.


WOLF GIRL AND BLACK PRINCE – animated by TYO Animation / Licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

Once again, another show that I didn’t have the highest expectations of and yet I’m pretty satisfied with how it went. Sure in terms of romantic slice-of-life anime, this was no Toradora but thank God this isn’t another Love Hina or…..Nisekoi. Story is still a bit iffy on Erika basically lying about getting a boyfriend to appease the popular crowd but the development along with the way does have an adequate resolution. 7/10 – OK.


WHEN SUPERNATURAL BATTLES BECOME COMMONPLACE – animated by TRIGGER / currently unlicensed at the time of writing

I don’t know why people thought that since TRIGGER made this, there were going to replicate with they did with Kill la Kill. Yeah, as I said before in the first impression, the show is just……OK. I didn’t have any big expectations going in for this one and the overall result of it is just acceptable. Characters are marginally likable, story sometimes don’t know where it wants to switch gears to and the animation is average, too but yet I’m still interested in it. So yeah, I’m pleased with the show overall. Maybe when Ninja Slayer comes out in 2015, we can see TRIGGER in full action again. 7.5/10 – High OK.


LOG HORIZON 2 animated by Studio DEEN / licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

Now once again, this show happens to be do service and respect to the MMO genre of anime that other show simply can’t do. You feel more invested in these characters as they are so many that are a lot of fun and even if some characters are a bit annoying, I take it every day over being somebody without a personality or being a blank slate character. The show is still has a slow pace but a pace worth investing in and moments such as the speech in episode 10 where the show really excels in. A show like this takes time with its action and characters and that’s what makes Log Horizon a good series. 8/10 – Solid B.



I can’t believe I actually enjoyed an anime show that looks like it’s something fitted for Cartoon Network in the early morning and that Sunrise animated this. For the latter, I say that because Sunrise has been on a crappy track record this year and in actuality, last year, too. Tri-Cool is a fun and friendly show that really appeals to kids and what feels like the anime correspondent to the Step Up movies minus Channing Tatum and some other things. I will say I do have an issue with the CG when it comes to the dancing sequences as it does feel a bit blocky. Other than that, this show is still FRESH! 8/10 – Solid B.


GARO THE ANIMATION – animated by MAPPA / Licensed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT

All I can say at this point is MAPPA is tuning in to be a serious player in the anime game. Already brought it out with Terror of Resonance this year and another show which I’ll get to in a minute, GARO is one of the few titles in anime that knows how to the fantasy genre solid with its fascinating stories and characters. I haven’t felt this way about a show like this since Berserk and while I think this isn’t as strong as that show, it is still a good watch. 8.5/10 – High Solid B.



And now for what I considered to be the top 3 best anime of the FALL season……


PARASYTE: THE MAXIM – animated by MADHOUSE / currently unlicensed at the time of writing

A fine blend of horror, comedy, and action mixed into this series which could be a return to form of Madhouse actually making good anime this year after doing 2 of the worst duds in 2014. You’ll easily get committed into the plot, the characters, the steady emotions of their actions and it’ll make you tuned in week after week. I’m already considering this show to be one of my top favorites of the year and let’s hope this streak of greatness continues in the next set of episodes. 9/10 – FIRST CLASS



Oh, thank GOD!!! The FSN remake isn’t crap!!! This is actually great and it gives me reason to tell people that you can avoid the crappy DEEN show forever and go straight to this after you watch Fate/Zero. For the first time, I don’t want to smack Shiro Emiya in the face as he is actually a great character and his hero complex doesn’t get that obnoxious. Rin Tohsaka remains to be one of the best parts of the series and the one (out of 2 times) that I actually like a tsundere character in an anime. The action is well-animated, the dialogue is great and the rest of the characters are quite good, too. Hell, even the teacher and I didn’t like her that much in the DEEN adaptation. This is a split-cour to it’ll return in the spring but damn, this remake is on FIRE!!! 9.5/10 – High FIRST CLASS


And now, the top anime of the fall and it is…….



Just hearing the opening theme of the series gets you pumped for an episode of this can be reason alone why this is one of the best anime of the season, and maybe the best of the year. It’s like you put the good parts of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Indiana Jones movies with some Eastern flare and you have this show. The show is bursting with fast pace of high energy from the setting to its characters and this is one of MAPPA’s best animated shows in a long while. Sure this may have been 12 episodes and I wish there could be more but I think that would be too much of a good thing. Sometimes having less can be more. 10/10 –HALL OF FAME!




Time of the Season is now completed for the entire year!!!!!

Yes, what an amazing ride this has been, looking into the new anime of this year. There have been some good shows, great shows and even some that you might considered buying in the future and of course, the ones that were bad and so crappy, you don’t want to see them again and yes, we will do this again coming this January!

We have been through the fire of good and bad anime, we just got to make sure we don’t get burned ourselves with it too much.

And with that said, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid….and I’ll see you next time for the TIME OF THE SEASON…….

But there will be a Best of/Worst of list coming soon.



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