A Night of the LIVING DEAD [2014] (or Zombpocalypse Now REDUX) – HM Movie Reviews

While I have said in the past that people have been worn out by vampires, however, we are still in a stage of horror that doesn’t show signs of slowing down and that is the ZOMBIE sub-genre of horror. Yes, from the big screen with movies like Zombieland, World War Z & Warm Bodies to the small screen with shows like The Walking Dead and videogames like The Last of Us & Dead Island, zombies in the past few years has become very popular in the horror genre and once again, we at the Hybrid One are going into the smaller branch once again with Shattered Images’ Films’ A Night of the Living Dead [2014]. Yes, a remake of the classic 60s’ George A. Romero film.

Now, wait, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh no, another fucking remake of a horror movie.” OK, well, this is more of a re-imagining but nowadays sometimes remakes don’t always have to follow every nook and cranny of the original (that would be mostly boring and you rather watch the original) but with a little twist now and then, it could work.

The plot of the movie follows a father (Jerry) along with his two daughters (Melanie & Barbra) visiting their mother’s grave and what they discover is a horde of zombies are rampaging and they take shelter into this house of strangers.

Like their last effort, New Blood Rising, this is a little-to-no budget movie but it has a higher budget than Rising and it does shows as an improvement in their filming but they never had to be that expensive to deliver horror to the audience (like most horror movies do today) and it worked for them. I will say that the zombies did have that effect on the viewer although if you’re not a fan of the slow-walking zombie, then you may not like it as much. It is much of a throwback to those classic Romero zombie movies but more updated for much or less.

The characters are give or take as they were there to serve their purpose of trying to survive and not get killed by zombies and staying alive. None of them bothered me that much but most of them aren’t that compelling either but my guess is either way, you would know that when you first take a good view of them. The pacing of it is about as fast as their last time, only having a runtime of 79 minutes and it benefits that it never doesn’t have much of meandering subplot points.

Acting was a bit alright for everyone involved although there was one time where Jerry (Lee Godwin) has an emotional scene when he was in the house and in some part, there was one unintentional chuckle but the rest of the time, he does a decent job.

FINAL VERDICT: Like New Blood Rising, this is an adequately well-made movie done on the cheap that has love for the original movie and never tries to be just a re-tread for the film.

Night of the Living Dead 2014 rises from the grave to a

7.5/10 – OKAY.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the zombies from the dead to terrorize us all!! Wait, that isn’t a good thing.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 2014 – courtesy of Shattered Images Films / Cullen Park Prods.

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