Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2014 Edition: RAGE of Bahamut: GENESIS

I’m starting to realize that I like the fantasy medieval genre more in animation, especially in anime than I have in live-action fare. Also I’m really digging the name of the show and it brought back the old Geneon logo from the dead.



This is Rage of Bahamut: GENESIS!!

Director: Keiichi Satou

Series Composition: Keiichi Hasegawa

Music: Yoshihiro Ike

Character Design: Naoyuki Onda

Art Director: Goki Nakamura

Animation Production: Mappa

Licensor: FUNimation Entertainment

Streaming:, Hulu

Plot Summary: Based on the popular social card game developed by Cygames, Mistarcia is a magical world where humans, gods, and demons mingle together. In the past, the black-and-silver winged Bahamut has threatened to destroy the land, but humans, gods, and demons overcame their differences to fight together and seal its power. The key to that seal was split in two, one half given to the gods and the other to demons, so that they would never be united and Bahamut never released. Now, two thousand years later, the world is in an era of peace – until the day a human woman steals the gods’ half of the key.

Thoughts on it so far: ACTION!!! ADVENTURE!!! AFRO-HEADED PROTAGONIST!!! The one anime this season to have it and this is the one (at least the one to have an afro-headed lead) that got it down from the captivating action animation as this is another project helmed by MAPPA and out of the two they got this season (the other being GARO: The Animation), this is the better animated project of the recent studios’ shows. The writing and dialogue has an enchanting mix of thrilling drama and kinetic humor from our lead character Favaro Leone and his bounty hunter adversary Kaisar. Oh, and upon watching the 2nd episode, the opening theme is metal as HELL and I love it!!! This might be the best opening theme song in an anime I heard in the season and probably for the year.

A DEFINITE CONTINUE. A fun and adventurous ride you definitely need to check out for the season and one of MAPPA’s better animated Fall shows (GARO is still good, too. Check that show out as well.)

Until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the rage in one format.

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