Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2014 Edition: Wolf GIRL and BLACK Prince


Wait one damn minute!

This really doesn’t sound like a fantasy show based off from the title.





Anyway, this is Wolf Girl and Black Prince.


Director: Kenichi Kasai

Series Composition: Sawako Hirabayashi

Music: Go Sakabe

Original creator: Ayuko Hatta

Character Design: Maki Fujioka

Animation Director: Takahiro Yasuda

Animation Production: TYO Animations

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

(at the time of this first impression, the show is still unlicensed)

Plot Summary: Erika talks to her friends about boyfriends and romance, but in all her sixteen years she’s never actually dated anyone. She thought her lies had reached a limit until one day she takes a surreptitious video of a good looking guy she saw in town. She brags that he’s her boyfriend, but it turns out that his name’s Kyōya Sata and he’s just transferred to her school. She tells him what’s going on and offers to admit to her lie, but it turns out that under his sweet exterior, he’s actually a malicious sadist. Seizing on Erika’s weakness, he orders her to be his dog.

Thoughts on it so far: Everything about this show from the first two episodes spells many things for me: This is gonna be one big-ass cliché slice-of-life predictable romantic comedy anime. From the plot of this girl lying to her friends (at least, fake-ass friends) that she has an older boyfriend that may seem sweet but can be kind of a jerk. I thought about that and yeah, he’s a jerk-ass but the main girl, Erika, is mostly a dumbass that could’ve told the truth but then again, the whole being popular in high school crap got into her big head. I don’t really have sympathy but there isn’t enough for me to dislike her, just more of feeling indifferent about her. I will say I finally got the meaning of the title as ‘Wolf Girl’ actually means ‘Girl who cries wolf’ as in she lies her ass off. Oh, and also she has another admirer and it’s going to turn out to be some love triangle later on and the truth is eventually going to come out. The script for this practically writes itself. Does the show try to get into your heartstrings and get some hilarity out of it? I’m not sure but it is TRYING to be that. I have never heard of TYO Animations or see any of the shows they animated but the quality of the animation is standard pretty looking with some gag-based animation added now and then.

Come to think of it, this is more of a MARATHON. The plot is a reprise of what most romcom anime does but never to the brink of being unbearable at this point. Hopefully, it won’t enter towards horrendous levels later on.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


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