31 Days of Horror: BLOOD-C

My 31 Days of Horror review from Another Castle is here and it is on the latest entry of the Blood franchise, Blood-C.

Another Castle

You want Blood? Well, you got it and tagging along the ride with Production I.G. is mangaka group CLAMP for this 2011 iteration of the Blood: The Last Vampire franchise. Premiering in the 2011 Summer Season and licensed by FUNimation Entertainment, Blood-C is the second anime series of the franchise — following Blood+ only with a different story and setting while set in the same world as all the other Blood entries.


Saya Kisaragi is a normal clumsy and kind-hearted girl who lives with her father in a peaceful town by day. But by night, the Furukimono (“Ancient Ones”) are causing havoc and it’s Saya’s duty to fight them.

Throughout the series’ 12 episodes, the story feels like a tone whiplash as it goes from a daily slice-of-life high school anime to bloody and horrifying horror anime blended together in one messy package. The set-up is decent enough, however, the episode…

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