GONE GIRL (or “HE DID IT!!! HE DID IT!!”) – HM Movie Reviews

So….David Fincher is back on the big screen and once again, he’s adapting another work and that work is a novel called Gone Girl written by Gillian Flynn and there has been a lot of speculation of how the movie will turn out to be, from the casting to the direction and to seeing how it can translate from book to film.



Nick Dunne, a small town guy who made well in the big city as a magazine writer blames the recession and the loss of his job for the decline of his marriage to his intellectually superior wife with a substantial trust fund. Questions of his motives and character begin to arise after his wife’s disappearance on the morning of their fifth anniversary. As the search for his missing wife plays out over the ensuing days, guilty suspicions are fueled into a national frenzy by the media circus camped outside his house. Is this idyllic, everyman truly capable of murdering his wife?

OK, I pretty much can’t talk about the movie too much since I think there is a lot of spoilers in here that might ruin it for you and this might be a short review so I’m just going to say that….my God, this movie is amazing. This does have the potential for an Oscar run once nominations coming rolling in for Golden Globes, local Critic awards and all that. The thing I say is the most interesting aspect of the movie is the mystery of what really happened to Amy and if Nick killed her or not and seeing how in the media how she is portrayed as most missing white women cases back in the 2000s or so and how he is painted as the asshole of the situation and believe me, the final result of that is quite surprising.

I will say for one flaw this movie has for me particularity is that I do feel the length of the movie as I did checked for the time a few times while watching it but there was never a point where I felt that the movie was dragging its feet. The first hour went by just like that and the latter half does slow down but it gave us a chance to explore more about most of the backstory of Nick and Amy and their marriage heading down to where it’s at.

Direction and script-wise, this is very exceptional work courtesy of Fincher’s direction and Flynn’s script and yes, the writer of the novel actually wrote the script to the movie. This is also well-shot and edited and we once again have the edition of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross doing the score for Fincher (their 3rd time I believe) and this is Reznor & Ross’ strongest score on a Fincher movie to date, next to The Social Network.

Now let’s get to the acting and yes, everyone and I mean EVERYONE in this movie was great. Ben Affleck does an impressive job as Nick as well as Carrie Coon playing Margo Dunne, Nick’s sister and they do have some great chemistry on-screen as brother and sister. Neil Patrick Harris as Desi delivers a haunting and creepy performance out of him and I’m just going to get this out of the way and say that Tyler Perry does good in his role, although he wasn’t really on-screen that much and also that this is one of the few times he can be good under someone else’s direction. And last but not least, Rosamund Pike gives the best performance out of anyone in this movie and if there is anyone who should give up for an Oscar, it’s definitely her.

FINAL VERDICT: What more can I say about this movie? This is one of the best movies in 2014 so far and possibly one of the best dramas in the year. Great acting, great mystery that keeps you intrigued minute by minute despite the runtime being a bit long but can easily be forgiven once you really get invested.

How I Found Gone Girl to be:

9/10 – First Class

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



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