Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2014 Edition: Intro / GARO The Animation


FALL IS HERE!!! The wind……is slightly less warm and maybe a bit colder and you know what they means?

Some of that new Fall anime!!! And there is some big ones coming to you and this time around, someone is actually helping me do this (i.e. TheSpadeofTrades) and good thing, too. I was getting worn out for a second there.

Now let’s get things started with one of the two titles this fall that Studio MAPPA has made. And thy name is GARO.

Director: Yuichiro Hayashi

Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi

Screenplay: Yasuko Kobayashi

Music: monaca

Original creator: Keita Amemiya

Animation Production: Mappa

Licensor: FUNimation Entertainment

Streaming:, Hulu

Plot Summary: Mendosa, the chief adviser of the king of Valiante, begins a campaign to hunt down “witches,” resulting in the deaths of many magical knights and their sorcerer assistants. Anna, a sorceress married to the knight Herman Lewis, gives birth to a son before her execution. Herman takes their child, Leon, and flees, raising him to be the heir of the legendary Golden Armor. By the time Leon grows up, Valiante is completely in the control of Mendosa, who drives out Prince Alfonso and his mother. Alphonso decides to seek out the man who inherited the Golden Armor to reclaim the throne and save his people.

Thoughts on it So Far: Coming in this show, it does have some resemblance of Berserk, Game of Thrones or any other fantasy related media and while I’ve only seen the former (yes, folks, I never did watch Game of Thrones or LOTR), that is a positive on that. The anime is based on the tokusatsu drama series of the same name and like most adaptations and/or new editions to anime, you can go in without knowing much of the original material and also there is a set of new characters unrelated to the drama so there’s that. This is a show where the men are the manliest of men and women are….well, they’re characters, too, and for once, it wasn’t as shoved in your face or being obnoxiously annoying with that aspect as some anime has been doing that. (*cough* Gurren Lagann *cough* JoJo. *cough* Yeah, I said it.) Animation-wise, the blend of CG animation to 2D doesn’t know hold up much but I find that to be not much of a hassle and hopefully MAPPA (Terror of Resonance, Kids on the Slope – and yes, those two shows are good recommendations) can improve later on, that is, if the budget between this and their other show won’t clash since MAPPA is still new in the game. Also, that theme song by JAM Project……you’re gonna be jamming to this alright!! This song practically gets you into this show as well!!

Thinking that Fall wasn’t going to be good, but with this first title, there is some light in the bleakness.

GARO is a damn good CONTINUE WEEKLY. I can easily recommend this to your fall viewing.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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