OK, this is more of a site update on what’s coming along from us very soon and what we want to expect in the next couple of months.

First things first……

Aura Faction Story

Yes, as of the time of this going up, AURA FACTION Story 5 has completed writing and while this was intended to be released in November, we have decided to release it this month on October 17th.

PLOT SYNOPSIS for Story 5:

Following the battle at the Faction HQ and all over the Hybrid Society, Sei woke up at the hospital from that underground explosion and discovered that Sayuri has been kidnapped by sex trafficker and all-around hustler Willis Lam and could be in danger of being sold as a sex slave, along with a familar face they’ve saved before and now Sei has to defy orders from her superiors in order to save Sayuri.


Time of the Season is still scheduled for the Fall 2014 Anime Season and this time, there will be some changes from the last entries.

1) I will give first impressions when the shows watched are at 3 episodes instead of being only the first episode, much like we did in the Winter Season this year.

2) I have a guest contributor to help me with those anime. A blogger/reviewer by the name of TheSpadeofTrades, who did introduced himself on this site as of last week.

With that said, I am considering having more people to be guest contributors to this site as well and they can be for more than just anime (because this site isn’t just ANIME EXCLUSIVE!! You can talk manga, comics, some TV shows, videogames and/or even put your own fictional content on here as well — just nothing that would get me shut down or yelled at….or killed).

This site has only existed or has been known for almost a year, I am approaching 3 FULL YEARS of REVIEWING…..well, just about anything I can think of. From anime to movies to TV to even writing my own fictional content on this site and even getting picked up to write for Another Castle, which you should visit more often for other sorts of nerdy things and stuff, especially with our 31 Days of Horror marathon where we give a mini-review of anything horror-related from movies, TV, comics, manga, and anime.

(And yes, you’ll find out what title I’m reviewing for that as well……..and no, it’s not Another.)


ANYWAY, that is our update on MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE!! Stay tuned for some content hopefully this month!!!

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