WARNING: The following story material may contain acts of violence and adult content. This is not intended for audience below the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.




It was all an early and humid morning in LaFeyette as the phone rings in one apartment. “Hello?”

“Hey, Trey?” one guy said.

“Trey? Nigga, this isn’t Trey. This is Jarius. You got the wrong number.” he said. “Oh, this must be his brother Jay then. You see him around, man?”

“No, I have not.” Then he was about to hang up but then suddenly Trey conveniently shown up at the door and was knocking loud and wild. “Yo, Jairus!! Open the door, man!” Trey said as Jairus sighed as he went to open the door for him and just handed him the phone, pulled him in here and slammed the door. “OK, there’s the phone. Talk to that guy and stop waking me up in the morning.”

“Jay….” Then comes his girlfriend Leah from their room with her phone and said, “You got a phone call from work. They said that they want you to come down there in the next hour or so for some special assignment.”

“Hey Leah. They said anything about me there?” Trey said.

“They said if you show up late again, they’ll fire you.” She said. “But yes, they want both of you down there.” Then Leah grabs his work clothes out of the closet for him then she gave Jairus a kiss on the forehead and on the lips, too. “Hey, don’t little bro get a kiss, too?” He puckered his lips to her but she just gave him a hug instead. “OK, bye, Jay and Trey.”

“Bye, Leah.” Jay said to her. “BYE BYE NOW!” Trey also said to her.

“Even in pajama shorts and morning hair, your girl still looks fine as hell.” Trey said and that’s when Jay had the thought of slapping him but isn’t worth the time. “Let’s just see what they want with us.”


Both of them arrive at their workplace, DES (Delivery Exchange Service), and they were talking their usual banter with each other on their way to the main office. “What you think the boss man want with us, though?” Trey said, “I hope it’s not about that time where I gave that lady a broken vase or that guy chased me with a machete.”

“You were in his house smoking a blunt and masturbated to some porn you bought on his couch, wall, and TV.” Jay said, “Hell, I threatened you with less. Even with that time I caught you stealing some food out of my fridge.”

“That wasn’t you that time. Leah just knows how to beat a motherfucker down.” Trey said.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I loved that girl to the end, man.” Jay said. They entered into the main office and their boss Ron had somewhat of a stern look and with that, they easily doesn’t spell any good vibes coming to them.

“Mr. Dallas and I mean the both of you, now I do have a special assignment for you two particularly. Jairus, I chose you because you are one of our best deliveryman on board and also I have some good trust in you. Now, Trey……most of the time you’ve been fucking up but hopefully with your brother with you, you learn to improve on your job a bit more.” Then a bunch of Secret Service guys’ barge into the room with guns strapped to themselves, carrying what looks like a suitcases.

“Umm….who are these guys?” Trey said. “I hope you’re not firing me for these motherfuckers.”

“No, dumbass!!” Jay said, “I think they have better jobs than what we do.”

“They are your….well, they’re part of the assignment. Our main objective is coming up.” Ron said as one of the Service guys pulled up a laptop and link it up Skype. “OK, Mayor, We’re ready for your call. No, I added you on my contacts. Just press ‘video call’ and you are the—“ Then the Skype rings up and who happens to call is the Mayor of Parish Heights, Tony Letchin. “Hello? Anyone there?”

“Mr. Letchin, sir.” Ron said as he stand giving a salute.

“Mr. Delacourt.” Letchin said to him. “Gentlemen. You two fine workers at DES….A Mr. Jairus Dallas and Trey Dallas….Now, fellas, I have an election coming up in a few months and you two are handed a very high-stakes assignment that even my best men can’t handle on their own. I entrust you two to…..deliver this package as presented in front of you to my HQ office down at Motonabe. I’m making a speech and staying there for a couple of days. I need you to deliver that package in under 72 hours and make sure the package isn’t damaged, stolen or looked at. Have any questions?”

“Yes.” Trey said, “Will you be able to pay us for transporting the package and for gas, too?”

“And why under 72 hours? Isn’t Motonabe about an—“ Then Don covered his mouth with some tape. “I’m sure you can make it there under those hours, Jay. Besides it gives you plenty of time for rest stops and breaks. This isn’t that hard of a job to do.”

“Why, Mr. Dallas, of course I will happily pay you for your service as well as your brother and give my good word to DES……that is, if the package has arrived there on time. Good luck gentlemen and I bid you adieu.” He hung up and Ron told the guys, “Now this is not only going to affect your jobs but the whole company as well. All I got to say is deliver the package safely to his office. If any and I mean any damage comes to it, considered both of you fired.”

“Now, happy trails, gentlemen.” Don said before dismissing them and with that, a strange look was upon one of the Secret Service guys and it was quite a suspicious look on him.



Trey was loading up the truck with a ton of food, booze, 2 bags of weed and anything else that wasn’t the package. Meanwhile, Jay was making sure the package doesn’t come to any harm by bulletproofing it, waterproofing it, baby proofing it and pretty much doing his all so he won’t get fired. “OK, here’s the package safe and sound.” He said before handing it to Trey.

“Why does it look like it’s going through the Hurt Locker?” Trey asked. “The package isn’t a bomb….at least I hope it’s not.”

“No, it’s not a bomb. I’m making sure this package gets there safely so we can get paid and—“ That is when he noticed that big bag of weed Trey is carrying. “Motherfucker!!! Why do you have that pound of weed on you? You know, people are gonna be checking on us for that shit!! One blaze and we’re fucked!!!”

Trey then said to Jay, “Relax, fool!!! We’re not smoking this while we ride. They said we got 72 hours to get to Motonabe and some of those hours, we gonna rest, relax, and blaze on this here cush. This is that weed that Hybrid folks be making and smoking. Some say this is their best shit out there.” Jay sighed at him for that but he makes a deal. “OK, I guess we can smoke a few blunts on some breaks but not too much!! I don’t want to get pulled over by some damn cop so they can do a search warrant on us.”

“Don’t worry, the weed is gonna be on me at all times.” Trey said.

“That’s why I’m worried.” Jay said. “But at least I’m driving.”

And so, the both of them went on to their journey to Motonabe but little do they know, the Secret Service is watching their every move as they go. “The package is on the move. Carriers are making their way to the location.” They positioned themselves 3 cars away from them along with one car to the right of them and another to the left of them while making them inconspicuous to Jay and Trey. “Gentlemen, keep the carriers and the package on watch at all times. Do we have a visual in the sky as well?” Then there was a copter checking on the truck’s visual, giving them aerial visuals on the truck.

“We’re good on the aerial front, sir. Anything is set and go.” The pilot said.


In the truck, Jay was busy driving the way there while Trey is busy playing on mobile games on his phone and Facebooking and tweeting their ride. “Riding with @JaiLas getting boring right now. Need some bitches.” He said what he was tweeting on there. “Damn, man, how long has it been since we left?”

“2 hours, fool.” Jay said, “At least I’m keeping up the time, mileage, and miles of getting there!!” “Nigga, SO AM I!!!” Trey said. “But you’re the one driving now. I’m getting all the relaxing out of my system before I drive.”

“You’ve been playing Bejeweled all day!!” he screamed at Trey.

But Trey screamed back at him, “Well, I need to do some shit to do before my turn! This shit is boring!!!” Then Trey took a long look at that package and he had this smirk on his face that he really wants to open it. “Man, don’t you even think about opening that package. Boss man would put my balls on a vise grip and he’d just smash yours to pieces.”

“Like you don’t wanna know what’s in that package.” Trey said.


“Well fuck!!! I’m still bored with this shit!” Trey screamed. “I’m staring at a lot of road and cars and hot ass highways with some of the ones behind and aside us!!!” Then Jay had to do a second take on the whole cars thing. “Wait, the same damn cars? They might be going where we’re going.”

“You mean both them black Navigators aside from us and I think one behind us?” They were starting to get very weary on somebody following them but as Jay checked them, he recognized some of the logos on the vehicles. “Wait a minute, those are Secret Service cars. Man, they’re watching our every move on here.”

“WHAT!!!” A panicked Trey said as he went to hide the weed from them. “Oh shit!!!”

It seems like the cars are about to catch up to them but in an inconspicuous way by going in every other lane but Trey urged Jay to speed up and rush out of there but suddenly, one car got hijacked by someone on the roof and yanked one of the drivers out and shooting the other one point blank in the head and began to make its way to the truck.

“Attention!! Attention!! Car 43!! You are not authorized to get close to the vehicle!! I repeat, you are not—“ But then the hijacker tries to shoot the Secret Service guy but he missed. “Oh fuck!!! Other drivers, Car 43 has been hijacked!! Do whatever you can to stop him from getting to that truck!!” Meanwhile, Jay was just only paying attention to the road and Trey was trying to light a quick blunt before his turn. “Hey, those guys still there? I want to smoke a little while they can’t see me.”

“Man, they might smell the shit on you later on. Can you just wait and do it later like a smart mother—“ Then one of the hijackers got into the truck by shooting at the windows. “OH SHIT!!” Then Trey started screaming, “AAAHHH!!! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!” Then as one of them was about to shoot him but the swerve made him miss and Trey pushed him to the side and he run towards Jay. “Jay!! JAY!!! Somebody trying to shoot our asses!!”

“Gee, thanks, Trey. I think I get the message.” He said as there is somebody pointing a gun at his head point blank. “You…..just be a good responsible man and keep driving and as for Weed boy, you make one sudden move and I blow your head off quick because I got no problem wasting you.”

“OK, look man, what do you want from us?” Jay said. “Money? Because I’m broke as fuck and I’m trying to get paid for this.”

“No money!!! I WANT THAT DAMN PACKAGE!!” he said, “The one meant for Mayor Letchin of Parish Heights.”

“Oh….um HELL NO!!!” Trey said. “You fuckers aren’t about to mess with my easy money!! So you can just take your dumb asses out of the car and parkour your asses out of he—“ Then he responded back with kicking Trey in the head and making him tumble to the ground. “Got any more shit to say, big boy?”

“He doesn’t but I do.” Then Jay made an abrupt stop, moving his head from the barrel of the pistol and snatching it from the guy as Trey grabs him and throws him out of the truck, instantly killing him as he’s ran over by a passing 4-wheeler.

“Well, shit…..” Trey said before closing the door. “Man, what the fuck is going on? Why are some guys chasing us for this package and who in the fuck are they anyway?”

“I don’t know but I’m damn sure they aren’t getting this package from us!!!” Jay said. “Fool, fuck that package!!! If they want it, shit, let them have it. I’m sure Ron will understand, man.” Trey said to him. “This shit isn’t worth getting killed over.”

“Look, man. It’s probably just some gangbangers trying to run train on our job. We dealt with this shit before and it looks like the same ‘ol—“ But then Trey interrupted him, “These isn’t some hood gangster shit over here!!! Man, I know I do some stupid shit but fuck, it’s our lives on the line and I want to live for the rest of our lives. I’m not playing with this shit, man!!”

Jay wasn’t sure what to think right now as he wants to have that package delivered there but not at the expense of getting killed there. “All right, man. By the tone of your voice, you are very serious about this.”

“OF COURSE I’M SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!! I don’t wanna die from this, Jay!!” Trey said.

“OK, OK, OK, Calm down, we are not gonna die but we do have to keep our shit calm and fight back the next time.” Jay said.

“With what?” Trey said, “Where in the hell are we gonna get guns in this area?”




They stopped at a gun store on Highway 69 to shop for some pistols. “This all you need, fellas?”

“Hmmm….I don’t know.” Trey said, “Got some Uzis? AKs? Sawed-off shotguns?” Jay looked at him with a ‘WTF’ face and said to him, “We’re just getting some pistols and we can’t carry all that shit in the truck anyway.”

“It’s not like we walking to Parish Heights. We need some heavy artillery, bruh!” Trey said.

“Fine.” He said as he put four pistols (two for each of them) and two Uzis on the count and have the guy ring them up. “But remember, your ass is driving next.” He said to Trey.

“Oh yeah……damn it.”


So for the next few miles, Trey was driving their way to Parish Heights and keeping an eye on who’s following them and while that happens, Jay was also doing that but then he had a call from Leah about how they’re doing on the trip so far but he didn’t want to mention the whole shooting thing to her so she don’t worry about them or have the killers go after her.

“So, Trey bugging you much in there?” Leah said.

“Meh, only a bit but we’re doing fine here.” Jay said, “You doing fine without me though?”

“I got the place to myself at last but I still miss you around here…..especially…..” Leah said with a pause and then continued, “Since I bought myself some sexy lingerie a few days ago and I wanted to surprise you when you got home but I rather tease you with this photo I’m gonna send you….BUT please don’t let Trey find out about it!!”

“Girl, trust me, I wouldn’t let Trey know this in a millisecond.” But then unknown to him, Trey had their conversation on speaker where he can hear it from the front and Trey was grinning like a Cheshire cat and keeping quiet to himself so Jay wouldn’t hear him.

“All right, baby. I’ll let you get back to work but as soon as you’re done with that job, I got a job for you that involves me, these handcuffs and who knows, maybe even a friend……or two.” And then Jay passes out on that thought that causes Leah to laugh out loud and even gave Trey a chuckle or two but then Leah might’ve heard that but Jay definitely heard that. “OK…..was that Trey?”

“Oh, damn, I hope not.” He said.

“Well, anyway, I hope to see you again once it’s done. Talk to you later and….I love you.” Jay said to Leah.

“Bye, Jay. I love you too!!” Leah said ecstatically on the phone and hung up. “Nigga, did you eavesdrop on my conversation with Leah?” He abruptly said to Trey as he drives. “What? I don’t know shit about any sexy lingerie of hers or you, her and a friend for a little ménage a trois and—“

“Um…..didn’t a few hours ago, you were worried about the guys coming to kill us for that damn package and now you spying on motherfuckers and their girlfriends?” he said, “As far as she knows, she doesn’t know shit about this and I don’t want her to. They might go after her and I definitely don’t want that shit to happen but listen, if we see them again, you know what to do.”

“Bust a cap in their ass?” Trey said.

“Actually, we find out what they want with that package…….”Jay then paused at that but Trey concluded with, “And then we bust a cap in their ass?”

“Exactly, little brother. Exactly.” Jay said.


That soon might come to fruition as motorcycles are approaching the truck with one of them wielding a shotgun and one blast got their attention. But however, Jay did suspect this would happen as he blasts open the doors with a special weapon that wasn’t mentioned before: A powerful shotgun with a blue leaf blast. He opened fire on the bikers, shooting one of them in the tires and causing it to steer towards a cliff that eventually kills them. Jay was shooting them left and right and Trey was busy keeping an eye on the package in the front seat and one of them was climbing on the side on the truck trying to get in there but unfortunately for them, Trey rammed the truck right and slammed him against a bridge coming and he flew out of there and fall to his death in the lake.

“Well, that escalated quickly.” Trey said.

They kept shooting at the truck but sometimes miss and now they’re resorting to throwing grenades at them. They threw one but Jay shot at that quick and causing a smoke screen, blinding him and the other bikers. Trey was busy swerving to get the other bikers out of the way but then as he approaches the border to Eastin City. “Eastin City!!! We’re getting close to Motonabe, man!! We’re gonna make it!! We’re gonna get paid!! We’re—“ Then he sees a line-up of bikers blocking the entrance, strapped with guns to themselves and ready to shoot. “WE’RE GONNA DIE!! AAAHHHH!!!” As Trey screams a la a mix of Chris Tucker and Marlon Wayans, he made an abrupt stop on the road which threw out Jay’s balance and concentration on the shooters.

As the bikes were aligned, one person told the group to stand down and not shoot the truck as they might hit and damaged the package as well. They got Trey out of the truck but dragged Jay but not without a fight as Jay threw some dirt in their eye but immediately, they pistol-whipped him and kicked him until he was unable to fight back.

“Relax. He’s not worth shit dead.” The leader said. “Tie them both up and search for more weapons in there. AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T BREAK THE DAMN PACKAGE!!”



Jay was starting to wake up but he was still in the truck and it’s in motion like everything is back to normal. “Hey Trey?”

“Yeah?” He said.

“We back on the trail, man?” He asked.

“Yeah. We’re about 50 miles close to Motonabe, man.” Trey said, “We should be there soon.”

“Oh, HELL YEAH!!!” Jay said excitedly. “We made it, man!!! HA-HA!! Oh shit, this could make or break us!!! Man, as soon as I get that money, I’m gonna find me and Leah a house for us and only us and you can even have my apartment to yourself!!” His excitement was about to go down as he sees someone pointing a gun at Trey and as Jay turned around and it turns out that one of the Secret Service guys is the leader of this operation.

“WHOA!! Who in the hell are you?” Jay said.

“I was one of those SS guys you met in the factory.” He said. “The name’s Root and I work for another man. One that pays more than Letchin and as soon as I seize that package, his political and personal life is gonna go down the drains and I get to make it out with a payday of my own.”

“Um…excuse me?” Trey said, “What about us? Our money and shit?”

“Yeah, since you mentioned that, I’m just gonna kill you and your brother after the drop-off so nobody won’t know about this.” Root said. “Who knows? Maybe even people that might question your whereabouts like that cute girlfriend of yours, Jay. You know, Leah?”

That remark really riled up Jay, “Motherfucker, you touch her and I’ll—“, but then he was tazed one of Root’s bodyguards. “I think I’ll do what I want once I get my hands on that package.” Root was about to open the package but not before Trey opened his mouth and said, “OK, if you’re gonna kill us, can you at least tell us what’s the package anyway? I’ve been trying to figure that out since we got it.”

“Wait, both of you don’t know what’s inside the package?” Root said, “You didn’t even try to look at it?”

“No.” Trey said, “I was about to but Jay over here stopped me before I had a chance to open it.”

“Interesting. Very interesting.” He said as he pondered about that. “OK. You two aren’t going to die by my hands but as soon as we get to Motonabe, you two will help me stage a coup against Letchin and show what’s in that package during his press conference after he sees it and by that, I mean a duplicate package that you’ll deliver to him.” Both of them were hesitant about doing it but he then reminds him of killing them and even Leah for insubordination and just because of him mentioned her.”


Root then called up Letchin and said, “Hello, Mayor? It’s Root. I’ve come encountered with some deliverymen for that package coming to you. Don’t worry, it is safe and sound and these guys are taking real good care of it. You should probably pay them even more for doing a super-safe job.” He give them a wink and the gun for giving them some smoozing and basically telling them to shut the fuck up and not say a word to anyone.


So, after 60 miles, they’ve finally made it to Motonabe within a few hours before Letchin does his press conference and Jay and Trey were driving through the deliveries area and having Root escorting them but keeping his gun hidden from the others as they enter the building.

“Mr. Root, I see those two men and my package have arrived safely.” Letchin said, “You guys look like somebody scared the bejesus out of you. Can I get you a drink or something to calm your nerves?”

“Oh, thank you.” Trey said, “I have a cognac with no ice.” Root then subtly pointed his gun to his ass, meaning ‘don’t be a wise-ass or I’ll kill you in front of him’. But Letchin laughs with him on his joke, “Alright, alright, I get the assistant to bring you one.”

“Wait, really?” Jay and Root said in unison.

“Sure!! You fellas earn it, right? Maybe you can stay for a while and see the sights.” He said to them. “Have a vacation especially with the pay I’m giving you, huh?” He went to see how the drinks are coming and with that, Root slapped the both of them for that earlier spat. ”YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!”

“What? I didn’t order shit!!” Jay said.

“You might as well.” Root said, “Today, we’re gonna go to that conference and see how low can his career go after this and if any of you rats out on me or attempts you, your life will be a living hell.”


And so, the press conference is getting started live on every channel and TV Station worldwide and Root is anticipated with eagerness with the inevitable. “All right, almost time and you fellas get the front roll to experience it.” And soon, the conference is getting started with the announcer calling for absolute silence to present Letchin to the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you on the stage, Mayor of the fair city Parish Heights, Tony Ealy Letchin.” A round of applause came from the audience along with very hearty claps and whistling. “Good evenings, citizens of Motonabe! I came across you not as some big-shot politician to bore you but I do understand most of the major problems going around not only in our city but in here, LaFeyette, and…..” As he makes his speech, Root got a spy working in the projector to play or show what’s in the package.

By the time it reached the 8 minute point, Root give the signal that Letchin is going to show something on the big screen and soon they were playing this montage of showing the cities and ordinary life around it and then comes Mayor Letchin talking to the people, roaming around the sights with some random pop song playing in the background but further into the presentation, there was Letchin at night about to visit somewhere. “OK, boys, this is what we’ve been waiting for.”, Root said as he waits for the full blown exposure of what’s happening next and as soon as they were about to show it, the film cuts to a silhouette yelling to someone at the phone. “HEY!! HEY!! I don’t give a damn about those other guys!! I need to know if that package is gonna destroy Letchin in the election circuit!!!”

Everyone wondered whose voice is that but Letchin recognize that voice. “Look, I got it another control. I’m gonna tell him that there’s a secret package coming in for him and that he needs to keep it under wraps of the public and then unveil it to them then.”

“Wait, that sounds like one of my men.” He said.

Root then said to him, “Perhaps we should stop the reel and invest—“ but Letchin decided to continue with the tape and decipher that voice on there. “Wait a minute. Root, is that you?” Root then began to stammer. “You did this? You plan to sabotage me?”

As soon as Root looked like he had no other options, he started to shoot up the place and ran for the door while Jay picked a gun from the floor and chased him to the top of the building. “Trey!!! Get Letchin to safety. I’ll take care of that motherfucker!!” First, Jay encounters some rogue Secret Service members as he was chasing Root but then Trey fired some shots at them but they were rubber bullets so they only hurt a lot but didn’t die.

He got to the top of the building and went to look for Root but then Root jumped on Jay and started to beat the living shit out of him but Jay got some licks by punching him square in his jaw and bang his head on the pavement. Root tried to run but Jay grabbed him and threw him across the roof. “Had enough, you dickless fuck?” But then Root grabbed his balls, head-butted him and went to have him hanging on a ledge. “You think you got the edge over me, boy? I can drop you right here right now and I wouldn’t give a fuck.”

Then Root grabbed his gun, went to aim at Jay and shoot and finally, a shot was fired.

But it wasn’t Jay that was shot. Someone got the drop on Root and shot him in the chest, causing him to fall over the building until Jay spot a bright red spot on the pavement. He then tries to climb his way back to the top with Trey coming up to help. “Yo, Jay!! You good, man?”

Jay panted and panted and then he said, “HELL NO!! But….I’m alive and that’s good by me. Letchin alive as well?”


“Is he gonna kill us for that package?” The police sirens and ambulance are everywhere as this point.

“No, not really. I told him that Root guy was holding us hostage and threaten to kill us if we don’t comply with his rules.” Trey said, “After I said that, he said we was even going to pay us more for saving his life.”

“Good. Him and Ron better make sure those checks have 4 zeros on there.” Jay said as they were walking down the building and collecting their checks.




In the projection room where the package was located, somebody was breaking in to the room and they were swapping the digital film reels with the Root footage. He got out of there before Root entered the room.

His communicator rang and said, “You swapped out the reels?”

“Yeah, in one minute, that fucker Root is gonna wish he didn’t fuck with me. Fuck him trying to sell me out to the damn Moneydance! Fake Hybrid motherfucker and I told you we shouldn’t trust that him in the first place.”

“Well, what’s past and past and your job is done. You may know collect your prize……Kiritsnagi One.”

“I appreciate the sentiment.” Then he hangs up.



© 2014 KMFA / Studio Katana. All Rights Reserved.





“You did this to yourself. Acting like a damn cowboy out there.”

“WH-WHA-What happened?”

“You’re going to be somebody’s new fuck toy after tonight.”

“I’m going after them!!! If they hurt Sayuri….”


“I want to help!!”


“You think they’ll buy me as a guy?”

“Hopefully, they’ll notice that fake penis we put on you and the fact we had to suppress your breasts.”

“Sayuri……..please still be alive.”

“Wait……you’re that girl my friends rescued.”

Aura Faction Story 5

COMING IN November

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