Rumor: New BLADE Movie Underway; Wesley Snipe Set To Return

FIrst off, nope, this isn’t my article, just my views on it.
Now, being the fan of the Blade movies (or at least the first two, I hated the third movie), I would say I won’t mind a fourth Blade movie and I love to see Snipes back in action but it might already be too late for its comeback.

Another Castle

The NY Daily News reported yesterday that Marvel Studios has a new Blade film in active development and that Wesley Snipes is set to return to his most famous role as the vampire hunter. He played the part in three films from 1998-2004. However, neither Marvel, Disney or Snipes himself has responded to the report, which claims that Snipes stands to make $3 million from the new film, along with a share of the box office profits.

A year ago, Marvel revealed that they did in fact have another Blade script in preliminary development. However,the Escapist reports it is unclear whether “ said script is for a new version of the character or a continuation of the previous series.

The first two Blade films were critical and commercial smashes, but the third film, Blade: Trinity, was a flop. Further films were cut short by Snipes’ arrest for income…

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