YAMISHIBAI: JAPANESE GHOST STORIES Season 1 Review: Clean-cut Terror in 5 Minutes

Straight outta Another Castle, my latest anime review has come to the form of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories – SEASON 1.

Another Castle

Want something horror-related that’s not overloaded with shock value? Looking for something like that is a challenging feat in media today, particularly in anime. In this case, ILCA’s Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories happens to fits the bill in delivering the rich terror atmosphere the show provides. Making its debut Summer 2013 on Crunchyroll, Yamishibai is an anime series of short horror stories based on Japanese myths and urban legends. As one of many anime shows to have each episode go by a 5-minute run time, it attempts to serve terror and chills as a horror short form.


Conducting an ominous and creepy style, the ante is upped with a unique addition of picture-story — stop-motion style paper puppets playing out the show. It may be horror yet it never had a thought of being excessive in typical gory and violent horror tropes. The tension and ghostly atmosphere enough keeps the viewer marginally invested during the course of the entire run. The pace of the show is…

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