BLOOD LAD Review: The Vampire Anime We’ve Been Waiting For?

First published review on Another Castle. Check it out in case I didn’t remind you for the umpteenth time!!

Another Castle

Source: Comic Vine Source: Comic Vine

Premiering Summer 2013 and localized by Viz Media soon after, Blood Lad satisfyingly blends action, dark humor, and vampires in a brilliant adaptation to Yuuki Kodama’s manga series.

Although vampire media has grown exponentially in recent years, its over-saturation has caused a stagnancy of the topic. However, with Blood Lad‘s well-balanced approach, vampires just might be cool again.

The Plot

When Staz Charlie Blood — a territory boss of the East Demon World — comes across Fuyumi, an ordinary girl wandering into the Demon World, Staz falls in love at first sight. Unfortunately, she ends up being eaten by a carnivorous plant and it’s up to Staz to help bring her back to life before it’s too late.

As far as you know about the show, it really goes into the goofy aspect of things in the first few episodes and that can spells some danger to…

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