Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: SHONEN Hollywood

Get ready to jump and dance and sing for this next anime entry on Time of the Season!! Wait, me dancing? And singing? That’s two things that I don’t do in front of audiences….although I’m not doing this live. I’m still not doing that, though. Anyway, here is Shonen Hollywood.

Director: Toshimasa Kuroyanagi

Series Composition: Ikuyo Hashiguchi

Music: Tetsuji Hayashi

Original creator: Ikuyo Hashiguchi

Character Design: Kei Tsuchiya

Animation Production: ZEXCS

Internet Streaming:, Hulu

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: Fifteen years ago Shonen Hollywood was a legendary boy band which would pack the Hollywood Tokyo Theater night after night. Nowadays 17-year-old Kakeru goes to that same theater each day to practice in the shadow of that tradition. He was aimlessly working a part-time job until he got recruited to be a potential idol singer, and now he and four other young studs are practicing to become the next how new thing to drive girls’ hearts wild.

First thoughts: SO………Yeah, this show. I admit the concept of this story is pretty alright with the pop idol business aspect and the wanting to be famous. It’s like a coming of age story but with boy bands. The problem with this is……no one in this anime is that interesting and I barely have any concern for most of the characters. Most of the boy band members has one-dimensional personalities that are just, “I want to be an IDOL!!” and I really don’t know who’s who, although I really don’t care less because they are just a bunch of boring pretty boys (and yes, if they were girls, I would say the same thing) and if you just want some eye-candy from the main characters, you’d be better off watching Free instead (and I don’t care that much about that anime). The animation and art work is fine as this is one of ZEXCS’ works that doesn’t make me want to throw something at the screen and the music…..ugh, it’s not that bad but it is very, very, very (times infinity) lame.

If I had a choice, I would just WAIT TO MARATHON THIS because while this really didn’t click with me, I think I need more episodes to convince me to watch it all the way through.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the pop idols singing into one stage.


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