(Hy)Lights #25: The BOONDOCKS (Season 4)

You know, I never would have thought The Boondocks would get a Season 4 back when it was announced. I legitimately thought after Season 3 wrapped up, that was going to be it for the show overall and I would have accepted that. But when the news came that The Boondocks was going to get a Season 4, I was very ecstatic to hear the news of another season. Everything about the season seemed to look like they could step it up, especially with one of their best promos they did in a long time.



You got to admit, that was a cool promo they did.

However, they just drop a bomb on this season when I heard that Aaron McGruder, the creator of the show, is no longer the showrunner and he wasn’t involved with the writing of this season. That’s when I started to panic a bit because this is just like when Dan Harmon wasn’t involved with Community Season 4 and how the show may not be as good as the past season. That and McGruder left to pursue other ventures like his upcoming show Black Jesus on [adult swim].


But while I did like Community Season 4 while it wasn’t exactly the best season, I hope the 4th season of The Boondocks could be at least serviceable and not terrible.

And damn, I was wrong.

This season has been a disappointment to me, at least, as I’ve been looking forward to it and I could ask “What went wrong?” or “What happened?” but I and a whole lot of others know what went wrong. Hell, it’s completely obvious to this point that things turned sour here, starting with the writing of the show. Most of the jokes and the satire and social commentary come to a minimal during most of the run of this season. There’s either little to no satisfying or even clever humor with some exceptions in some episodes but that doesn’t go a long way.


For example, out of all the episodes in this season (luckily it was 10 because I first heard it was going to be 20 but thankfully it was less because after what I saw, I didn’t want 20 episodes of this season), there was 2 episodes I genuinely like, 3 I thought that was rather ‘meh’, 1 I’m rather very mixed on, heading towards negative than positive, 2 boring episodes, and 2 of the worst episodes from that season, which make even the Ruckus Country Singer episode seem watchable.

Let’s start out with episodes I genuinely like:

Honestly, “Pretty Boy Flizzy” and “Freedom Ride or Die” have been the only good highlights of the season. For Flizzy, I did like the whole poking fun at Chris Brown, even though some of the jokes fall flat some of the time and are completely fecking obvious (Christanna ‘Rihanna’? Really?) And Tom did have some good moments in the episode and some great comedic chemistry between him and Flizzy, voiced wonderfully by Michael B. Jordan and I’m glad that was the premiere episode for the season, considering what I looked up what episode was supposed to be the starter.

“Freedom Ride or Die” was another rare good episode in which another guest star was a funny highlight, that guest star being Dennis Haysbert as the non-violent Freedom Riders leader Sturdy Harris, who has his own brand of non-violent martial arts…..and that’s the best kind!!!! And I do admit, this may be the only episode that had some good Granddad moments, well minus the bathroom sequence and the abrupt ending.

However, unlike some of the earlier season, there isn’t really an episode I have the desire to watch again, maybe 1 or 2 this season but mainly, some episodes have been either forgettable or just plain awful. For forgettable, let’s go with “Breaking Granddad”, and yes, it does have some references to the AMC show Breaking Bad while it did manage to have a little social commentary with black hair care and how the styles can get ridiculous and what you put in your hair might be something that could explode. Other than that, the jokes are hit and miss. “I Dream of Siri” is best described as seen it, done it but never insultingly bad about it, just “meh” with the iPhone jokes mixed with the crazy women element, it just seems so…..repetitive.

And speaking of repetitive, the 4th Stinkmeaner (“Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has”)episode really felt like a reboot of the whole trilogy and it basically tells us that they’re just repeating the same shit all over again and they also say that, “Welp, we’re just insulting your intelligence at this point.” And the same thing can be said for the final episode of the season, “The New Black”, which I can say it’s a poor-man’s version of the episode “The S-Word” and how very unfunny it manages to be and kind of annoying, too (and this episode in when Riley gets in some shit about him saying the word ‘gay’ too much and being a bully, when really he’s being a jackass.)

“Early Bird Special” is either mostly boring, been there done that, or just not really something I would re-watch. That was one of the most boring episodes of this season, It’s like…..I don’t even gave a shit anymore about Granddad getting lucky with a woman anymore and while it was funny in the past, it reached its point where in this season and as for the old lady pimps……Yeah, we get it, they’re old and they do some of the outrageous (played out) shit and I’m like, “Yeah, alright, motherfucker.” They have no funny material or good writing in here……oh, and speaking of no funny material and shit writing………

“Freedomland” was an episode that I would’ve thought to be at least funny but it ended up being more jarring and uncomfortable rather than funny. I admired the premise of a slave-themed amusement park of it but the execution was rather lackluster and off-putting. Hell, I wanted to like this episode considering the week after the last episode that aired. That and it made me tired of Uncle Ruckus….and I never wanted somebody to kick his ass so much in this episode or just this season. He never gets his comeuppance for the bullshit he pulls and if he did, it didn’t feel worthy or funny enough.

Oh, god…….”Good Times”……I actually thought this was going to be decent but doing a second watch of this and boy, I didn’t laugh at this once and the worst of it all, by looking at production codes for all the episodes this season, this was supposed to be the first one aired!!!! Be glad, it didn’t! And it started out this outgoing storyline on how the Freemans owe money to Ed Wuncler Jr. or as I call him Blandy Wuncler. Why I call him that? Because he’s basically nothing but a mobster mafia stereotype character. He could’ve been anybody but not a Wuncler, he’s not exactly as funny as Ed One or as outrageous as Ed the Third. And Granddad……he just becomes even progressively dumber than before and you think we supposed to like it but we don’t and worst of all, this plotline takes over the majority of the season. Yeah, they finally made an overarching plotline for the series but why this one? This is definitely one of the worst episodes of the show’s history……but wait, I thought that at first but then I saw this one…..

“Granddad Dates a Kardashian”………and I watch this the first time and I knew this episode was going to be a piece of shit!! And fuck, I HATE THIS EPISODE!!! This is far worse than “Good Times” and hell, it’s even worse than the Ruckus Country Singer episode. They only build this episode based on one joke and that joke wasn’t even that good in the first place. “Oh, look, it’s A Kardashian Girl!! She got a big ‘ol ass and likes to fuck black men!! Oh, the hilarity!!!” Hell, the name that made up for the girl is just downright lazy. Kardashia Kardashian? Really? You couldn’t think of any girl names with a K? You just use the last name but got rid of the N in the end? And also, there is a subplot about this Mother Teresa figure dying in the hospital and you thought the way they were going to end it, it would be at least a redeeming feature but NOPE!! They fucked it up at the end, too.

And another thing, I really get the complaints of not enough Huey-based episodes and too many Granddad episodes because the majority of them is Granddad. Granddad Granddad Granddad!!! There’s such thing as too much of a good thing and this is pure example of that.

You know what? The whole problem with this season is very much the writing. It’s very clear that McGruder is definitely the soul of the series and you can see why the writing quality has downgraded. Only two writers were credited through the whole season and that is Angela Nissel and Rodney Barnes, with the latter who worked with McGruder in the majority of the past 3 seasons and while he’s okay, he could’ve used McGruder more. Nissel worked on the largest amount of episodes and while she tried, it just wasn’t her best. Hell, I think the past staff of the show left to work on Black Dynamite
the Series (and AT LEAST THAT SHOW IS FUNNIER THAN THIS DAMN SEASON!!!) Hell, the episodes “Good Times” and “Breaking Granddad” has no “Written by” credit on the episodes and no one, not even Wikipedia, knows who wrote those episodes.


And now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind if it ended on Season 3 because at least that season actually ended well (and I liked Season 3, by the way) on a good note. That ended well on a note that it was still the cleverly-written, sharply witted series I know and love and would definitely recommend to people and fans alike. This season? Season 4? This is just a soulless and humorless shell of its former self with tired writing, effortless jokes and only 2 episodes I find worth re-watching out of 10 episodes. I can’t recommend this season to anyone, not even people you didn’t like the series and they probably think it’s even worse than before.

Man, McGruder did the right decision by leaving the show but you better hope Black Jesus is hilarious and/or at least worth leaving The Boondocks for. Believe me, I’ve seen Red Tails (although I can’t put the blame on him that much considering I think George Lucas did some re-writes on there and John Ridley….he wrote 12 Years a Slave, he’s an Oscar winner now. He’s clean.) And live-action so far hasn’t been your strong forte.


FINAL VERDICT: I’ve waited 2 years for this season to premiere. I had all the joy and glee of a high-school girl for this show to come back. I welcome this season back with open arms but it left my house a mess, it ate all the food, it made the bathrooms stink, it invited a lot of people at midnight when I was asleep, they left stains on the living room couch, they—OK, fuck it!!! This season sucks!! THERE!!! I don’t need to say anymore!!!! Just watch seasons 1-3. Don’t touch this shit with a ten-foot pole.

My rating of this…..this disappointing season is a……



(Good or bad season, I still like this song.)

And with that said, I’m going to erase the memory of Boondocks Season 4 from my mind forever and ever and ever and ever and—


Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format…..and now I’m sad and salty as fuck.


THE BOONDOCKS – courtesy of Adelaide Productions, Inc. / Sony Pictures Television.

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