Anime Discovery TIME OF THE SEASON: Spring 2014 Anime Wrap-Up

Spring time has ended for the anime season!!!!!


And damn, this was such a let-down this year. Not that I want to compare it to last year. I mean, hell, last year you gotten good shows like Attack on Titan, Flowers of Evil, Gargantia, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Majestic Prince and even some crap like Valvrave and yet this year……I got nothing that interested me.

The only two new anime shows people talked about and hyping it were the shows I didn’t watch and barely give a shit at all and yes, I’m talking about Jojo’s Stardust Crusaders and MushiShi Season 2 – I’m currently watching the first seasons and frankly……they are decent shows and I acknowledge how popular those series are with anime fans but they aren’t shows that I would put on high priority and they are mostly fan service to those fans (Fan service doesn’t always mean eechi / panty shot / boobs bullshit, you know.) and it got annoying real fast with those JoJo memes (They are funny at first but then they lost their luster.) and what I get from Mushi-shi was mostly me dozing off to sleep most of the time. I get why some people love this show a lot but it doesn’t mean everyone is going to and plus, it’s never a good idea to marathon this particular series.

And unlike the winter 2014 season, there was only one show I had from the last season (I decided not to continue Nobunaga the Fool or Buddy Complex from last season; Hell, the only interesting thing that happened during the Spring season was Sailor Moon being rescued by Viz Media and showing the classic series on Hulu, but we’ll get to that later) and yet I only finished that one for completion sake. The rest of the crop…..there were a few that I like and the rest I either hated or just didn’t get into it that much, although that would apply to either good or bad shows this season.


Now, let’s start out things differently with the shows that I’ve chosen but rather just watched for the sake of just finishing…….in other words, the “meh” shows of the season:




Dammit, Shinbo!! I really don’t get your style of direction in anime and yet the only good one you made was written by a more accomplished and talented writer rather than some hack from the street. The plot is about as nonsensical as it is but not in a fun and crazy way but more of a confusing and disastrous mess. Everything about the show screams a Shinbo-directed or SHAFT-produced anime from the artstyle to the dialogue to that SHAFT neck-turn thing that always happens. Granted, I really didn’t hate the show….I’m just puzzled by it and the another reason why I didn’t hate this one….well, I’ve seen a worse Shinbo anime that finished earlier before this one (like I said, more on that later) but Mekaku City Actors……I keep caution on that.



BLADE AND SOUL – animated by GONZO; distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

OK, for one thing, I’m glad this show didn’t turn out to be another proto-Queen’s Blade anime and the lead character is portrayed as a stealthy and silent protagonist as I say that one person’s actions is worth more than their words but yet that saying didn’t exactly help this anime out. Nothing in the show felt as engaging or worth while watching. Sure, you can say that the fights and violence are plenty good but then again, I’ve seen more violent content with a great story and characters than this one. The show has some good intentions but it didn’t fulfill it as much.



Selector Infected WIXOSS – animated by J.C. STAFF; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment

So, this is almost proto-Madoka Magica but it’s kind of a card game anime so……yeah, you had me at the former but you lost me at the latter. Yes, card game anime is one of the few genres of anime I really don’t give a shit about and while some elements of this show are very intriguing and they do admit their inspiration from Madoka but still, that only aspect benefits me. Everything else……I couldn’t bother to care about it despite that. Maybe once this has an English dub a year later, I can get into it.



BRYNHILDR IN THE DARKNESS – animated by STUDIO ARMS; currently unlicensed at the time of this review

Can I say that this is slightly better than Elfen Lied mainly because this show’s dependence wasn’t all about unnecessary blood and gore and tearing up moe girls because many people got a hate-boner for them? (Shut up, you know it’s true.)However, it did felt more like a harem series in the latter part of the series; Hell, I think there is an episode where they’re showing off their bikini bodies or in lingerie or something. Anyway, the show got a good plot and beginning but I think it has gotten progressively dumber as it goes along but yet I didn’t felt like I wasted time.

FINAL SCORE – 7/10 – High OKAY



OK, who is this person that said this show has a tone alike Attack on Titan? Because there is nothing about this that spells Attack on Titan to me. The show is just merely something for loli fans (NOT LOLICON, I ASSURE YOU!) and while the action scenes are good, they are just disjointed and confusing, not to mention some of the show’s moments involving the main character Rentaro and his partner Enju can be okay but the whole “Enju flirting with Rentaro because she has a high libido and wants to sleep with him” moments of the show is rather creepy and just plain unfunny as it really didn’t need to be there… all. I can understand what Black Bullet is trying to accomplish but it is left a jarring mess of a show.



NO GAME NO LIFE – animated by MADHOUSE; distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

“Oh, you’re not supposed to take it seriously.” “It’s ESCAPISM ANIME!!!”

Yeah, the problem is it’s not remotely fun escapism anime. Maybe it’s because I’m not really that into videogame anime or basically one that is adapted from a light novel……which seems to be the craze of anime nowadays. This show is basically every escapism anime trait wrapped in one very, very, very colorful package and yet you get nothing of value. Just the same ‘ol anime tricks you get from this; not even a slight interest change. It’s either this gamer or pair of gamers is/are the most powerful in this world or these girls are sexually humiliated for something. I wouldn’t give this a second watch, even if the series were to be dubbed.



SOUL EATER NOT!! – animated by BONES; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment

So……yeah, this isn’t your regular Soul Eater series; then again, you should’ve expect that when the show is called Soul Eater Not. Yes, the characters are girls and yes, they have the moe look but to dismiss it as another moe series is unnecessary as some core elements from the original series is still there, and I think some forget the fact that this is a prequel to the original series as well. In a year where BONES has been excelling lately with their work, this is not their brightest but it’s far from being the worst.

FINAL SCORE – 6.5/10 – Low OKAY


NISEKOI – animated by SHAFT; distributed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA

Oh, Nisekoi……..damn, you are generic as fuck and also annoying, too. I had you pin to the start as some generic romantic comedy with your typical tsundere bitch, the main character who can’t stand her ass but wants to be with her for some dumb reason, the shy girl who he has a crush on but even she is shy to tell him, the best friend, the other girl(s)……..Granted, the plot of this is as bad as you heard it considering it was predictable from the start and there could’ve been ways to solve it faster, but nope, they need that WHIMSY!!!…….Man, I’m glad this series is only 20 episodes instead of the usual 24 because while this isn’t as bad as most shows like this, it is still one of the most annoying anime out there.




NANANA’S BURIED TREASURE – animated by A-1 Pictures; distributed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA

Talk about a big disappointment this show is….Fuck, and they had a premise and appeal that just sounded so good….what went wrong? Well, this isn’t much of characters hunting for treasure and seeing how the adventure goes. It’s more like just the characters and how annoying/uninteresting they can be with a bit of treasure hunting. Hell, the one character that didn’t bother me was the maid character. A1, you did it again. You manage to fuck up another anime that had a good premise and yet the only thing different is that thankfully this is a short anime (and also, how the fuck is this a Notanima anime?) only at 11 episodes. Wish this could’ve been a better show though.




DAIMIDALER – animated by TNK; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment

I dropped this show after one episode because I don’t want to watch anymore of this, so this is going to be short. The usual eechi bullshit you see and to top it all off, penguin dicks!!! Yeah, you heard me penguin dicks. I don’t blame you if you want to see for yourself but I say avoid this shit as all costs.



PING PONG THE ANIMATION – animated by TATSUNOKO PRO; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment

Alright, like I’ve said in the past, I don’t give a shit about sports anime in the past and I probably won’t in the future. To tell you the truth, I only watch this because of Masaaki Yuasa’s name on it and for what it is, this is pretty good. It’s something for a lot of Yuasa fans to look forward to and watching it has been an okay experience. The show got some thrilling moments time to time that has a lively feel to it.

FINAL SCORE – 7.5/10 – Low SOLID B.



This is definitely something needed for this season. A bittersweet romance anime that’s not technically a romance anime but it’s more in the form of friendship… a friendship anime? I don’t know. Anyway, there is some bittersweet moments in the show but it doesn’t feel as forced or melodrama as some shows tend to be and I find myself to enjoy most of the characters in there. I can’t think of a single character or element I disliked. Maybe the premise seems a little far-fetched and I know some people don’t feel the same way as I do about this show but hey, sometimes the emotions get to you in this anime (And note, I didn’t say FEELS.)


FINAL SCORE – 8/10 – Solid B.



And now since those shows I just listed have ended/ending, I have 2 leftovers to carry on into the Summer season where hopefully it can outshine the Spring season and from the looks of it…..Sailor Moon Crystal, the return of Space Dandy, Terror of Resonance, Aldnoah.Zero……already, it looks better than the Spring Season.


And now, so far, what I think is the best show of the Spring Season… far.


CAPTAIN EARTH – animated by BONES; distributed by SENTAI FILMWORKS

I am so glad that this show exists because this is a mecha show that actually didn’t need to go into some convoluted dark territory as I felt most of Sunrise mecha anime has been trying to do. The tone of the show is set right with it being more light-hearted, colorful and heroic with some characters that I do care about from the start. I will say some of them are underwritten and I like for them to be expanded more during the latter half (well, mainly Hana) but the handicaps of the show doesn’t distract from the pluses it gets and I like the fact the show does take its time setting it up rather than just go clumsily fast and out of control. So far, this show is one of the good things about the Spring anime and it is worth checking out.




And now, this last one I’m looking at….is the worst anime of the season and could be a Runner Up if SAO2 screws up even more than before.


And ladies and gentlemen, that show is……



Oh, Mahouka…….fuck you. Just fuck you so hard. I’ve heard how bad this show was going to be as this was first compared to Sword Art Online on how hype can kill an anime and the fact it was adapted from a light novel and just as SAO, I hated everything about this show from the blank slate bland protagonist to that whole bloom vs. weed discrimination and the “He’s the best of the school even though nobody wants him to be a part of their group” element felt like a fanfiction writer wrote this. Most of the characters are bland well and oh…..yeah, they added unnecessary incest into the show as well with Miyuki being obviously so in love with Tatsuya. They joked about it but man, they can’t be any more obvious of that bullshit and of course, wish fulfillment character meaning most of the girls will become affectionate for him.


You know what, fuck this show and as for Madhouse, what the fuck happen to you, man?

You used to be beautiful.

But now, you just make a bunch of mediocre produced anime and yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you got Hunter X Hunter, but I’m talking about shows that I can finish because I don’t got time to shit like this.

You’re pitiful, you’re pitiful, bitch.

I don’t even feel right saying those words, man.

Because you made shows I like, shows I love and even some shows I can have fun with but now, damn……


Go fuck yourself. GO FUCK YOURSELF, AND GO FUCK YOUR FANS and whoever else, cause you’re just about as necessary as most long-running anime out there. That’s how unneeded you are.

And unless you got something good coming in later seasons that isn’t some shonen-type shit everybody jizzes all over because it’s that, then we’re done.


Oh yeah.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format and thank Based God this season is over. Damn, man!!!


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