Anime Discovery II: LOVE HINA Double Review – Love Hina Again & Love Hina Spring Special / #112 & #113

Welp, I’m back in this god awful anime franchise.

I get that comedy is a subjective art form and there are many different ways to make people laugh, from the most high-brow comedy to the lowest of the low (and people tend to see/watch that the most; don’t believe it? Two and a Half Men lasted this long. There’s your proof) but it all depends on what you thought as funny because many people have different tastes and all that. I know that can tolerate Love Hina and all its….*ahem* glory and I question them why and wonder what people see in this show.


For Love Hina Again:

Keitaro needs some time to evaluate himself and his goals, so he goes onto a trip with Seta to attempt the life of an archaeologist. However, not all is safe at the Hinata Inn while he is gone. A woman claiming to be Keitaros sister comes and claims right to be the manager of the inn. Life gets complicated when Keitaro returns, and attempts to deal with his sister of yesteryear.


For Love Hina: Spring Special

The tests have come, and Keitaro can only hope to succeed. However, in the final stretch, he fails miserably and daydreams through the test. Assuming that he has failed, he runs away, so the rest of the cast hunts him down on a remote desert island to bring him back.


For Love Hina Again:

I’ve read some reviews saying that this is here the franchise has fallen from grace and how this might be one of the worst entries of the Love Hina franchise. But then again, if you really thought Love Hina was good or poignant or touching in the first place, then you really needed to re-think your thoughts on the show. Yeah, they’re right on this OVA being absolute shit because it is. Most of the time, they have these ridiculous plotline of Keitaro’s younger sister Kanako staying in the Hinata Inn in order to be closer…..*vomits a little*… her brother. Yep, it’s another one of those stories and of course, it drives a wedge between the “ever so progressing” relationship between Keitaro and Naru because it’s not like it wasn’t much boring or annoying than before. Oh wait…….

Yeah, there is a bunch of fan service thrown in there, but in the wrong and mostly turned-off way as possible but then again, it wasn’t the fan service that annoyed me (even though it was one of the factors), they just have a clumsy way of doing comedy along with transitioning to the serious and “touching” moments this show has. I’m sorry but if you expect me to feel some sympathy for those characters especially after a scene of bullshit fan service, the ever popular Naru beating up Keitaro for something that was a honest mistake, more torture shit and Kanako trying to bone her brother, then you’ve failed to be given a shit about.

Speaking of Kanako, oh God, she was one of the most annoying characters in the show, granted she is not as bad as Naru or any of the girls (nix for Shinobu and Haruka) but her constant efforts of making Keitaro fall in love with her is just super creepy to me and like I said, I could not give less of a shit about this character.

For Love Hina: Spring Special

I might as well call this special, “The FUCK IT ALL” special because we’re just going through the same shit again with Keitaro trying to pass his entrance exam to be in Tokyo U for the umpteenth time but manages to fuck that up and ended up being at a desert island.

Sorry if I don’t have much to say on this because they’re really isn’t much to say about this. Keitaro is going through some shit we’ve seen before. Shinobu’s storyline isn’t that much vital anyway considering that whole “this guy likes me but I’m obviously in love with Keitaro” plotline isn’t referenced that much in the OVA and of course, there is another character, this island girl named Nyamo, who is basically a darker skinned version of Shinobu and her plot of finding her father or grandfather or something…….yeah, the OVA didn’t have much care about it so why should I?

And yes, those Keitaro/Naru moments are back and still annoying as ever, especially with one scene where she’s chasing him throughout the desert and even when she’s almost exhausted, she still tries to hit him. Stop with that shit!!! It wasn’t cute nor funny the first time and it’s not going to be this time either, it’s just an annoying gag that got overused way too much in this franchise and it only justifies as why should we care if these two idiots get together in the end. Even if there was a conclusion to that story, I still wouldn’t care that much about it. Yeah, as I said in the Again review….their problem isn’t the fan service, it’s their comedy and their schmaltzy attempts of getting sentiment from the audience. You want to make something with enough laughs and heart? Then don’t follow Love Hina’s example!!!


As for the animation and sound, they are about as equal to the series and the last OVA, The Christmas Special, and they isn’t really nothing new to add on the animation front. It was daring and new at the time it come around but it’s just mostly the standard as of……well, a few years ago. Music is just the same cutesy yet annoying tone but it gets worse during the Spring Special and worse of all, The English dub is just so horrible…….my god, this is a bad one. All the voices sound too high-pitched and girly even when it’s the voice actresses giving it their all and while I may like some of these actresses, I think their talents were abused during this OVA.


FINAL VERDICT: I’m so glad I’m done with this franchise. Just so fucking done. I hate Love Hina within all my heart and this is never going to change. You don’t give a shit about the story, the characters, and you wonder why you even thought of going along with this in the first place.

Fuck this series, fuck the OVAs, fuck Xebec for animating this, fuck Production I.G. for being partially involved with this, fuck Ken Akamatsu for making these horrid characters come to life and fuck Bandai for licensing this in the first place…….oh, and fuck Funimation for rescuing it.

Oh, and fuck Kanokon, too!!! Yeah, I hate that shit as well.


And that’s for both OVAs – And yes, this is CLOWNSHOES!!

Awful to its core!!!


And until then—

Oh, wait, I’m supposed to tell you the whole “who has it in the U.S. or Streaming Rights” spiel.




Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



3 thoughts on “Anime Discovery II: LOVE HINA Double Review – Love Hina Again & Love Hina Spring Special / #112 & #113

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I have a very personal dislike over Love Hina. It’s like it sent a shitty vibe for the current trend of haremshits to come out in the last decade and that still come out to this day.

    I’m usually never negative about a show or genre, but when it comes to haremshits, I’m usually very spiteful, especially with this piece of shit.

    1. Yeah, I’m also usually never negative about a show before but this one just made me cringe and I thought about not even wanting the OVAs after watching the series but I needed to finish what I’ve started.

      Glad you liked the review. 🙂

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