KILL LA KILL English Dub Cast Announcement: The Blue Hybrid’s Thoughts

Well, folks, MAK2.0 doing a special report on the announcement of the English dub cast reveal of the Fall 2013 anime hit, Kill La Kill, and I’m very ecstatic to do this as I’ve said before in various tweets, reviews and regular talk that Kill La Kill is my top favorite anime of 2013/2014 and I’ve even said that it tops Attack on Titan as one of the best and epic (and I don’t use that word when describing awesome things) shows to come in anime for a long time and believe me, the wait to see who’s going to be in this dub has been most tense for English dub fans such as myself.


Now what is Kill La Kill you ask?

Kill La Kill is an anime television series produced by Trigger. It follows vagrant schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father’s killer, which brings her into violent conflict with the iron-fisted student council president of Honnouji Academy, Satsuki Kiryuin, and her mother’s fashion empire.

The series is Trigger’s first original television anime project, directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima, both of whom had previously worked together on Gurren Lagann.

The anime is licensed by Aniplex of America and I also predict many people to bitch about the price range of the DVD/Blu-ray Sets because “They’re too expensive!!” As many people bemoaned at that even though most of those people would spend that much on cheap FUNimation S.A.V.E Edition DVD/Blu-rays.

Now there has been many speculations of who’s going to be in the cast, some have made predictions of which cast member is going to be in it based on who either re-tweeted the announcement or gave away some hints.



And here’s the main cast:



Well, this is a pretty interesting cast with some Bang Zoom regulars in there (well, duh, what did you expect? It’s an Aniplex anime) and mostly they are a mix of their newer talents, rookies and some veterans in there. So far on the cast they have listed VAs for the Elite 4, Mikisugi, Senketsu, The whole Mankanshoku family, Satsuki and Ryuko and so far, no info on Ragyo or Nui for now. That announcement will come on a later date.

Patrick Seitz as Ira Gamagoori is a good fit, honestly, because I feel Seitz does have this role made for him, although at first, I felt like it was going to go to Kyle Hebert or Jamieson Price but hey, I like Seitz, I think he is more than capable to perform that part greatly. Sarah Anne Williams……I’ve only heard her only on Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Sayaka Miki) and Accel World (Scarlet Rain) and I can see her voice fit into Nonon, maybe even better than her Japanese counterparts. Grant George, I have heard in enough dubs to recognize his voice and him being Sanageyama…I can sense he’ll just be decent in it and as for Steve Cannon……yeah, I really have no opinion of his voice acting considering I haven’t watch enough shows with him in it or he’s barely noticeable in it. Hell, the one show I do recognize him in was in Buso Renkin and I was watching that out of boredom.

David Vincent as Senketsu……I think he might be the weak link of the voice cast; Vincent is a decent voice actor but never really at the point where he is a household name (in the anime sense, that is.) He’s OK in there but I hope later on in the show, he’ll be acceptable.

Mr. Matthew Mercer as Aikuro Mikisugi…..Now he’s the wild card here and this isn’t a bad thing. Mercer can and already did prove himself as a great voice actor in the past year with Fate/Zero, K, and more recently, Attack on Titan…..Hell, I bet he’s now Levi and Mikisugi, there’ll be a lot more fangirls to him, if you get my drift.

And now my favorite part of the show, The Mankanshoku Family………Lindsey Eaton as Mataro Mankanshoku & Michael Sorich as Barazo Mankanshoku. The former is what I think a new talent….and I like that. That’s what I actually like about Bang Zoom dubs; they give their new talents a chance to show off what they got and yes, their veterans are showcased, too, but I think it’s important to give a star in the making a chance. As for Sorich……yeah, once again, don’t know much about him. I see that he’s been in episodes of Bleach, Naruto, Monster and other various shows but we’ll see then. Erika Harlacher as Sukuyo Mankanshoku….You know what? Yeah. I’ll take her as Sukuyo and she’s proven to be decently good in the past BZ dubs and now for the character whom many like myself loved and others didn’t like (well, they’re fucking morons, so there), the energetic ball of whimsy and fun, Mako Mankanshoku and she will be played by…..CHRISTINE MARIE CABANOS!!! I’ve predicted that she will played Mako in the dub and hot damn, I was right!!! And yes, this is a tough role for Cabanos in my opinion due to mega-hyperness of awesome that is Mako but however with roles like Squid Girl in the past, she can capture that charm in Mako and I know that she is pretty capable of doing that.

Finally, the main two stars of the show, Satsuki Kiryuuin & Ryuko Matoi. First off, Satsuki will be played by Carrie Keranen. I’ve seen Fate/Zero, I’ve seen Berserk and yet the only role where I say she was ‘meh’ was Madoka Magica but Carrie Keranen as Satsuki does sound fitting. It’s probably the last person people suspected would play her but hearing her in the trailer (which I’ll get into later on), I think she’s plenty capable and now the voice of Ryuko Matoi……that person is…..ERICA MENDEZ!!!

And this is a role I would have never pictured her doing in the first place and she’s good at keeping that role a secret from everyone. Already, she started out doing her second anime in a lead role, the first being Magi and the upcoming dub of the sequel series and of course, I’ve watched the trailer and yeah, the girl sounded good in the dub. So, I got no major worries on that.


Now, for the trailer, yes, I know it is pretty much the original trailer that aired when the show first aired in Japan but with English dialogue but the voices sounded fine to me. It has a few weak parts but what dub doesn’t? (Shut up.) I’m sure in the final product, the dub is going to be good. Hell, I know once I’ll get the dub, that’s all I’m going to listen to anyway. I always do have faith in English dubs to be good and they have been good for the past few years with some bad ones in between but that is bound to happen anyway.


The pricing and SKUs…..yeah, they are releasing the show in 5 Volumes in the U.S. and at first, I’m not really a fan of that, per se, as I thought we’ve moved on from the days of Anime Singles but this is Aniplex of America, a company that most people either bitch about on a regular basis due to their expensive products and how they can’t afford it and they don’t follow the market trends and all that……..people do notice that AoA is relatively small compared to FUNi, Sentai & Viz, right? Even if they are part of one of the biggest anime producers in Japan, they only have like 5 people working there, as I last recall.


I think this video (Why Aniplex Sells $500 Box Sets) explains this more clearly than I ever could.


However, the LE Blu-ray costs about LE: $75, RE: $50, DVD: $40, but that’s like retail prices but in sites like RightStuf, they would cost like $60 LE, $40 RE, $30 DVD and for me, I would get like 2 LE at first but I would get the rest in RE, but that’s just me.


In short, I’m fine with the dub cast and the trailer, a bit iffy on the whole 5 Volumes thing (yes, I know Anime Limited is releasing it on 3 Volumes but yeah, I don’t have a region-free BD player and I really don’t care for one. Maybe in the future though.) But the prices aren’t exactly crazy. Well, for Aniplex of America, that is.


That is all for me. This has been a special presentation. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.

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