HM Movie Reviews (MARVEL MAY) – Captain America: The Winter Soldier (or HAIL HYDRA: The Motion Picture)

Now back into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where there isn’t a bad movie in the bunch.

“But what about Iron Man 2 or 3 and Thor 2 and–“*gunshot*

Like I said, there isn’t a bad movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and yes, not all of them are fantastic but they are still plenty fun and engaging to watch and seeing how this franchise has definitely earned its hype by building it up since 2007, you can see why these movies are most anticipated whether you’re a comic book fan, a comic book movie fan, or just a general movie fan overall.



But enough about that, let’s talk about Captain America……you see, I didn’t know much about Cap when the first movie was released in 2011 and overall, the story does offer a very interesting storyline about how the first Avenger came along and went from a scrawny kid from New York City to a built-up super soldier and also that Chris Evans played an excellent character out of Captain America and also forgot that he was in that bust of a film franchise that is The Fantastic Four (The 2004/2007 movies).



For Steve Rogers, awakening after decades of suspended animation involves more than catching up on pop culture; it also means that this old school idealist must face a world of subtler threats and difficult moral complexities. That comes clear when Director Nick Fury is killed by the mysterious assassin, the Winter Soldier, but not before warning Rogers that SHIELD has been subverted by its enemies. When Rogers acts on Fury’s warning to trust no one there, he is branded as a traitor by the organization. Now a fugitive, Captain America must get to the bottom of this deadly mystery with the help of the Black Widow and his new friend, The Falcon. However, the battle will be costly for the Sentinel of Liberty, with Rogers finding enemies where he least expects them while learning that the Winter Soldier looks disturbingly familiar.

I got to say as many fans of both the films and the comic book will be ultimately satisfied with the overall product. The direction of the storyline is actually handled greatly in the care of the Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, who is primarily known for their comedy work (Community, Arrested Development, and to a lesser extent, You, Me, and Dupree) and you couldn’t tell that they directed this or not and once again, Marvel’s strategy of getting a bunch of different and unique directors for their projects worked. It felt like part espionage spy thriller and part superhero movie. One factor doesn’t overshadow each other but equally combine it into a well-made film. I will admit it has gotten a little slow sometimes in the middle and I’d never felt bored. I did close my eyes once while watching this although one of the scenes was very dark that I couldn’t tell that if it was me or the movie.

There is a lot of great action sequences in the mix and it was shot and edited with no to little flaws, at least in my opinion and honest, I couldn’t tell if some of the effects was either CGI or practical…I know that most of the scenes aren’t all CGI and I like that it wasn’t that; it might be my eyesight but hey, the action was all phenomenal from start to finish.



Acting and character-wise, all the cast delivered outstanding performances in the movie, especially with Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow, who we really got to her vulnerable side in most moments into the movie. I did enjoy Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / Falcon and him and Chris Evans’ Captain America do share some great chemistry and brief comedic moments between them. Robert Redford gives a great performance as Alexander Pierce, Emily VanCamp as Agent 13 was also plenty good, too, and of course, the usual players Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders & Sebastian Stan give out great performances well as their respective counterparts.



FINAL VERDICT: Hell, this completely takes over the first Iron Man movie as my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie but it sits between that movie and The Avengers. It manages to convey both compelling story and characters with great action, just like most of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Should you see th—well, no shit, you should see the movie. Hell, most of you already have and probably did the second time….which is good but that’s what the movie is.


And The Winter Soldier stands at attention with:




And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the—HAIL HYDRA!!—in one format.


CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – courtesy of Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios

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